What is Bookmark & Share

Use these links to bookmark stories you find interesting on popular aggregator websites Digg, Facebook, del.icio.us and StumpleUpon. Once bookmarked, you can then uses these websites to access your favourite links from any computer, and also share the stories you think are interesting with people all over the web.


Digg.com is a story recommendations website. By clicking on the Digg symbol, you recommend the story you're reading to others using Digg. Digg users then vote on how interesting the story you've posted is.


If you are a member of Facebook, post articles you want to keep or recommend to your friends directly to your Facebook profile page by pressing this button.


This website tracks what people are bookmarking so you can see if other people are reading the same stories.


Using a 'thumbs up/thumbs down' rating system, StumbleUpon.com users promote links they recommend. Send a link here to share it with others and find out if they are interested. You can also discover related links from fellow 'stumblers'.