The False Classmate
Lelouch faces the third prince of Britannia, Clovis. The two are stepbrothers. Lelouch’s past is revealed—Lelouch is formerly the eleventh prince of Britannia Empire. When he was in court, his mother was assassinated. He lost his place and was sent to live in Japan with his little sister Nunnally, who lost her sight and mobility during the incident.

Lelouch uses his newly obtained power, the Geass, to interrogate Clovis about the persons responsible for his mother’s death. And then he points his gun to his blood brother.

Back at Ashford Academy, life went on peacefully as if nothing happened at Shinjuku Ghetto. Lelouch faces Kallen, one of the members of the terrorist group. Kallen is suspicious that the voice that ordered them at Shinjuku Ghetto belongs to Lelouch. Both are cautious of each other finding out about their secret identities. That is when the death of Prince Clovis is announced, and the suspect shown on TV was Suzaku Kururugi.

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