The White Knight Awakens
Among the battle at Shinjuku Ghetto was Kallen, a student at Ashford Academy. Lelouch maneuvers the terrorists so they could escape the Britannian Forces. He uses the power he obtained from the mysterious girl and steals a Knightmare from Villetta, a Britannian soldier. He pilots the Knightmare and moves the terrorists as if they were chess pieces. It was his first battle, but Lelouch was certain he could win.

But an unknown Knightmare Frame stands in his way. It was Lancelot, a new weapon developed by the Britannian Forces. Highly skilled in combat, Lancelot fights against Lelouch’s Knightmare. Lancelot is piloted by none other than Suzaku, but the old friends do not know they are fighting against each other. Will Lelouch be able to escape?

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