GetClicky GetsMad
by Michael Arrington on November 9, 2008

Web analytics startup GetClicky sure was happy when we linked to them a couple of months ago to show early Google Chrome usage stats.

And now they want more.

They’ve got a new user-translation tool to make their site available to non-English speakers, modeled on the the Facebook approach. The first I heard of it was a couple of days ago when the founder emailed us about it.

But instead of just letting us know about the feature, he unleashed a barrage of criticism about our Facebook-love (Facebook would disagree), accused us of bias and says we’ll forever lose his respect if we don’t write about them:

Clicky analytics ( released a crowd sourced translation framework back in April, and we have just now made available the results. Our service is now available in 12 languages, all contributed and voted on by hundreds of our users.

I know you’re thinking, that’s great, now why the hell do I care? I’ll tell you why. Earlier this year, Facebook released a similar system, and you thought it was SO AMAZING that you had to write FOUR stories on the topic:

Many people think you write way too much about Facebook (myself included), and/or that you have a major bias towards them. Well I want you to prove us all wrong. Prove that you wrote about this feature on Facebook four seperate times, not because it’s Facebook and you love them, but because it is in fact a really cool feature that would be amazing for any site to implement.

Prove that you write about stories not because it’s a company you love, but because the company is doing something cool, even if it’s not the first of its kind (by the way, interesting factoid, Clicky is 100% programmed by ONE person (that’d be me), I wrote this entire framework myself. How many programmers does Facebook have? Probably a couple of hundred?)

Prove your integrity by writing us up for the same amazing feature, or you will simply prove that you do in fact have a major Facebook bias, and you will have forever lost my respect. I’m being completely serious.


Ok Sean. I have no idea why you didn’t just email us about the feature minus the insults. I won’t mention the fact that this me-too feature isn’t nearly as interesting as you think it is. Or that Facebook’s initial launch of the translation tool propelled them way past MySpace to 160 million monthly unique visitors around the world (which is why we continue to mention it). Or that polite emails tend to lead towards better results than this. No, insulting us was definitely the right approach. Here’s your post.

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getting mad is undervalued. i find this site neutral on the most basic fundamental values it promotes (potential). pop the clutch on this baby and put a potential meter on every startup in crunch base. Hot or Not would be a start. crunch base startups should have a TC potential meter rating. justice-no peace


All that by a single programmer! Sean definitely is a brilliant programmer and an equally brilliant writer…. He got what he wanted after all, a post on techcrunch and lots of visitors… off I go to getclicky ;)


I am no journalist, I just can’t write, it’s too clouded up there…
So I love this site, because you can write and that keeps me entertained!

BUT shouldn’t a journalist be neutral all the time. And you were, up and untill your last sentence…

I don’t claim to be a journalist, and I’m never neutral.

If you are “never neutral”, does that mean you are bias as Sean said in his email, does that mean you only write about sites/ technologies you have interest in?
If that is the case Michael - Myself and millions of users visiting TC everyday to read your reviews would probably agree that we dont want to be here reading what Facebook or Google paid you to write about, neither do we want to spend hours reading stuff about YouTube because you are friends with them and you are doing them a favor by writing about their new tool. Write about cool stuff either by big fish or little fish - As long as they are cool, you will have our eyes.


“Neutrality” is a myth. Unless you are a robot or dead, then you are biased towards one particular viewpoint or another.

If the media was as open with their biases as bloggers are, I would be more inclined to watch them.


“neither do we want to spend hours reading stuff about YouTube because you are friends with them”
Geez, man, who the heck is this “WE” — Just speak for your stupid self and also, save the ‘lecture’ for yourself!! Moron.


@CJ - speak for yourself man. I come here to read what this site has to say, neutral or otherwise. Why shouldn’t Michael write about what he likes (and of course you are insinuating that he only likes what he is paid to like, which pretty dumb on your part).

Oh yeah, that letter. Who writes stuff like that? Well deserved.


Not to question the validity of what you’re saying Mike but to quote you from CrunchNotes:

“Dare, it isn’t what you wrote, but WHY you wrote it. You are a representative of Microsoft and you just trashed a journalist who wrote about your company. And you didn’t even read the damn post very carefully - I defended MS.”:

Unless I’ve taken something out of context but I believe you are referring to yourself…just thought I’d mention that.


“BUT shouldn’t a journalist be neutral all the time” — Yes! But only in fantasy-land… “Neutral” became an elastic term long time ago: liberals call The New York Times “Neutral”

Can you people remember this a blog and that a blog is written by someone and it is usually their opinion. Anytime I write something in a blog it is my opinion, I can care less what people think. So STFU!


“can you people”? Sorry… I’ll go f**k myself.


I do not know if anyone from techcrunch would read this but if you do then there’s a small problem with posting comments on techcrunch using opera.. just not able to post comments.. gives me some sort of an error!

Oh, well “some sort of error!” I’m sure they’ll get right on that.


Use another browser you idiot,

Just because Nishcal wants to use Opera, he is an idiot? EH, looks like you are an idiot, and a jerk on top of that….


In fairness to Clicky, they have a good product, and some very strong tools, like the real time traffic monitor called Spy, which I’m using right now to monitor the traffic to my blog.

I think we can forgive Sean for being a little tired & emotional…


Google has used user translations for many years, way before Facebook.

And i am aware that meebo has been doing this for a while (im sure before facebook)


Good on you, Michael. This is absolute gold. Another tech business plan building on TC reviews.


pwned. learn from this mistake, sean. and hey, you still got on tech crunch.

for what its worth, clicky is a fresh anayltics platform. the spy feature is great!


Thanks Mike..

I’m still chuckling as I type this..


Major LOLZ… Great title, I never expected this to be posted. I guess you proved me wrong though.


I think you posting this is a bit harsh. I’m sure you get lots of comments from readers about them disagreeing with certain biases you hold. IMO Sean is sending that email not only as the owner of getClicky, but also as a reader. He just didn’t separate those very well.

Still, Sean were you drunk when you wrote that? :P

Sorry, didn’t mean to post that comment as a reply to Sean.


I’d probably had a few, but I think there would have been some F-bombs in there if I was drunk.


Um, yeah, Sean, we’re going to have to ask you to go ahead and move your desk back a little farther. You’re frightening the other people here.


What a douche…go fuck yourself SEAN

Screw off. I know Sean, he’s one of the chillest people around.

Actually I agree with the original poster, it’s pretty easy to tell from his email that Sean is a complete Cock. Nice one for letting us know and avoiding your service.


@Alex Wilhelm. Of course! It clearly shows from the email…


Actually - Sean’s email to you seemed somewhat tame. I don’t think he was insulting you at all. He seemed to be asserting that he thinks you might be biased. Seems like a fair question to ask of any media outlet. He didn’s say anything mean or nasty. No explatives etc. The “respect” thing may have been a little bit over the top (he clearly is passionate about his own product) - and was willing to lay it on the line knowing that you might actually publish he email. Go Sean! And Michael - I think you need to grow a little thicker skin.

And back to the journalism - so what do you think of GetClicky’s user-translation tool?

I think this was some amateur tactic to goad TC into posting about his tool.

Guess what. It worked :)


Even if they “insulted you by email”, I think posting it on your blog is definitely not the best way to go about it!
I’m the same, mind, that’s what *I* would have done, perhaps. But this is *not* what *you* should do on TechCrunch: it’s extremely unprofessional. Your blog claims to be THE best source for Web 2.0/startups news, and yet it still features frequent unprofessional rants.

Stop moaning and try to run a professional blog — or let someone else do it for you, incidentally these things happen only when you post!

Sorry, I’ll go wipe my hemorrhoids


Michael is a cry baby, anyone who reads his posts should know it by now. He thinks he’s some kind of a king of this tech blogging jungle. This post is on the level of a 10-year old who needs to punish the offender. Pathetic.


What an arrogant ass.

The first prominent time someone does something nifty is newsworthy. Copycats are not. Sean may be very proud of his system, but he needs to get over himself.

No sir. I think Michael and his TC crew should give newbies more write ups than just writing about itty bitty things that Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter over and over and over again. I get on TC everyday to read about newbie companies with promising projects, not Twitter or Facebook adding color features to their user profiles or other little tools they bring out.

Shutup sean.


Yes, is like watching chickens trying to fly. It is not happening dude…
[newbies? You must be in Canada...]


Michael, feel free to email me for details on a different stats company which found a different way to translate their site.


Slow news day ?

TC is really going down hill lately.


It looks like you fell hook, line and sinker for his tactics Michael. Clicky is a fantastic product - Sean works hard! Arrogant ass? I think he’d agree with you.. he’s proud of his product, and isn’t ashamed to tell the world it’s the best.

The croud sourcing model is a great one - good to see places like Clicky adopting it. Would love to see mroe places do the same.

Adam & Sean, two peas in a pod… you guys are sucking the same weird juice.


I’m still laughing about this story. But let me give a bit of context to my email.

I agree with everyone, including Michael, who says this feature really isn’t that amazing. I mean, yeah it’s neat and all, but it’s not something to write home to mom about.

And this is exactly why I wrote to TechCrunch about it. I have literally zero interest in Facebook as a product or company, yet everytime I open up this site, there’s a new story about them. (I eventually got so annoyed in fact that I actually wrote a GreaseMonkey script that hides all stories on TechCrunch that have the word “Facebook” in the title. That’s probably going a bit far, but that’s just who I am: If I don’t like something and I can fix it, then I do.)

When TC posted 4 different Facebook stories about something as un-exciting as crowd sourced translations, I was like, OMG are you serious? 4 stories? I really couldn’t believe my eyes. It just seemed ridiculous to post so many stories about a feature that really is not that special.

To Facebook’s credit, these stories are what gave me the idea to do this on our own site. So I did that, but I wanted to test TechCrunch. Would they write about this same feature if another “web 2.0″ company did it too? Sure, it’s not as exciting when it’s not a new or unique, but the same thing could be said about every Facebook translation story posted other than the first one. There was just no need for 4 stories and that really got to me.

So I wrote that email to TechCrunch. It was simply a challenge: Do this to prove yourself. I don’t think I was insulting, but yeah, it certainly wasn’t a friendly email. I admit I am shocked they wrote about it because I was not expecting anything of it. Of course, it’s not exactly the type of post I was hoping for - but hey, any press is good press, right? :P

So now we know: GetClicky is a Facebook wannabe…
Behaving like a weird, abrasive lunatic will not get you anywhere, in any field. Yes, Sean got another two minutes in the TC limelight, but from now on he will be known as an irrational a****le and although this is not rare in the IT world, it will not take him far, unless… for instance, GetClicky becomes fabulously successful and buys Microsoft…


Agreed - I was, after seeing the previous post on TechCrunch, interested in finding out more about this interesting web analytics offering that claims to be better than Google Analytics.

Now I think fuck ‘em, they aren’t worth my effort or time. If that’s how the ‘man in charge’ represents himself and his company, then I don’t want anything to do with them.

So GetClicky, enjoy the hundreds/thousands of hits you get from this post, regret in months to come the fact that you did yourself more harm than good.



yeah, that makes sense… I think I’ll throw away my iPhone cuz Steve Jobs likes to park in handicap spots…. not.


@adam = “my iPhone cuz Steve Jobs…” You compare getclicky & sean with the iPhone and Steve Jobs?
Man, what are you smoking?


You’ll be surprised actually, that this kind of “bad” publicity rarely makes much difference. 99% of the people who get offended by this, are the people who were never going to pay for his product anyway. If the product fits your needs, there’s no way you’re going to be bothered by an arrogant developer - as long as they’re good, who cares?


Just because they had one feature I thought was a good idea and I implemented it on my web site, that makes me a Facebook wannabe? That’s a real stretch. So is calling me a weird abrasive lunatic and an irrational asshole based on this one email. But you’ve obviously made up your mind so I won’t try to convince you otherwise.


What I want to know is how Sean got the right email to Michael Arrington. That is like one in a million chance you’d get a CEO of a major corp on the phone., my friend. It’s right on the contact page!


Facebook is a far more high profile company, so anything it does will get attention. That’s just the way it works.


Lol, pure gold! As some freaks would say: pwned.


I like getclicky - shame they took this approach. What the heck were they thinking?


Pwned. Why do you try to make yourself look so good (OMG PROGRAMMED BY ONE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!)

Google was programmed by two people, you don’t see the founders talking shit about anyone.



“I won’t mention the fact that this me-too feature isn’t nearly as interesting as you think it is. Or that Facebook’s initial launch of the translation tool propelled them way past MySpace to 160 million monthly unique visitors around the world (which is why we continue to mention it). Or that polite emails tend to lead towards better results than this. No, insulting us was definitely the right approach.” — You just did. :)


I think Michael was double-bluffed by Sean. Sean sure knows how to get attention.

“I think Michael was double-bluffed by Sean. Sean sure knows how to get attention” — Yes, he does, for the wrong reasons.
With his attitude, Sean has become another member of the “Herbert Elwood Gilliland III” [see another post in TC] “Super-Lunatic Guild.”

If you guys out there think this is not too bad, you could also become “Honorary Members” of the Guild– All you have to do is keep posting strange/stupid comments…
Bad publicity/advertising is still “bad” for the product or service.


I think the problem is that developer(s) get so attached to their project, and when they make it themselves they think they are all encompassing, however they fail to realize that there’s a reason people hire business developer employees, and public relations employees so things like this don’t occur.

If he has visited TechCrunch more than a few times, he would have realized that an email like that is only going to be posted at his own expense (and myself being able to laugh out loud).

He definitely did not double-bluff michael either, you can say that any press is good press, but getclicky already had a presence for it’s intended audience. As any honest-dealing venture capitalist, or angel investor will tell you that people invest in people. This email alone let’s me know what kind of individual is behind such a product, and I will never visit their site again.

Postscript: I developed this entire post by MYSELF…. so if this html form wants to prove itself that it doesn’t bias posts, it will post this message!

C’mon guys… give Sean a break! The email is just the expression of an irritable, envious, needy, aggressive, caffeine-soaked personality, similar to those found in maladjusted lower primates…

If you mean stupid monkey, I agree!


I still don’t get why anyone would send an insulting email to the owner of a very prominent blog, asking to be written about…you’re going to get insulted in front of an audience of millions…

That’s why I’m suggesting that he was double-bluffing. He sent that email complaining that he wasn’t getting enough attention from Michael exactly to get Michael to respond. He knew that Michael publishes this stuff. Personally, I would have ignored the email rant and had a private smile to myself that I wasn’t giving Sean any attention.

Actually, maybe that was a bluff, rather than a double-bluff. My point remains.


No doubt GetClicky — got TechCrunch clicks!

A little bit of drama never hurt a blog …


Great and creative way to having TC review your site Sean. I should start thinking of better ways to insulting TC, maybe… Just maybe they’d review our site/ project for once… How does TC’s mentioning Twitter every single time i visit?


I really think Sean is right. TC should review every site/ project submission that comes their way, and report on the ones that truly makes difference in technology and/or unique concept. Until I read this post, I was starting to think that TC only writes about projects/ sites that Michael/his high powered friends invested in or already popular sites that probably paid them to.
For instance, and I say for instance - I’d read on TC that Twitter just launched a “tool that allows people to blink” ..some stupid stuff, but then they’d pass off writing about a newbie company that launched a service/ tool that “allows users to see in realtime what NASA people see when their rover visit Mars”.. You have an idea what i’m trying to say?


But it’s true. You TechCrunch assholes are Facebook whores

Then why do you visit it and comment like every day? You fail.

Because just like your dad, i like visiting whore houses.


Still trying to find your real mum eh?


Yes. She writes for TechCrunch.

silicon valley dropout - November 9th, 2008 at 2:28 pm PST

tech crunch does covered everything facebook but its michael arrington blog he can do as he feels.


F***! - why don’t you write about the fantastic site I manage !
CanadianCafé rocks ! (maybe…) ;-)
Great job Getclicky…


Why? Really. Canadian sites and start ups suck big time

Yeah Flickr and Stumbleupon’s millions of users would have to agree.



For what it’s worth, Clicky is a great (maybe the best) way to track visits on a site. Woopra: noise. Google Analytics: updates once per day?!

One wishes Sean would implement hourly trend tracking, but I’m still a happy paying customer.


A good example of wow your personal identity and business should be kept apart - I do not think M.A should have posted Sean’s personal email to him publicly. I’m assume it’s legal (Mike would know!), but it’s not cool - a little childish, like some of the commentors here.

Sean should have reworded his email to be more professional, but M.A should not abuse the obvious power he has in the blogosphere.

Of course, they both got what they wanted - it’s some of the readers here that worry me more…


After like 10 of these posts it seems like I’ve found a sure way to get coverage!


As I always say “We are the cause of our own bad criticism and feedback.”



Michael, dont you think that posting this comment is a way to promote repetition on this guys behaviour?


I just totally checked out getclicky now just for that.

Hey, stupid letter.

But no publicity is bad publicity.

Even britney spears is toppin thecharts still after her fiasco lol


U know what’s neutral ?

Sean - you are cry baby and you should never write in puppy way like , if the big dog has more water then I should have too.

Michael- You shouldn’t really release such stuff publicly after all you either write about the new feature or not.


So the general consensus here from reading through the comments is that Sean is an ass with an amazing product. Sweet, I’ll check it out.


app looks like a piece o crap design wise.


Squeaky wheel got the oil. Simple.


The big question is that will Google try to convert Google Toolbar users into Chrome users??? :O


this really doesn’t deserve a post. You should have handled this differently and only makes you look like an ass as well.


We use getcliky last year, and really works for us.

Santiago @


A bit churlish posting the email and the post, but it would seem that GetClicky have picked up some new users from it… Have you seen that Sean has apologised for sending the email in the Clicky blog?



Sean of getclicky has always been friendly and responsive whenever I’ve emailed him. Nobody was really hurt and what he said wasn’t even that offensive. Clicky is the best analytics tool I’ve ever seen and I wish it continued success.



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