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Peter Bills

Peter Bills

Peter Bills is an award-winning, widely travelled writer for the Independent News & Media group, operating in a variety of fields including sports, travel, politics and general features.

Recently, he has worked on a series of interviews with South Africans from all walks of life including famous freedom fighters, authors, lawyers, teachers, sportsmen and women plus ordinary citizens who have exceptional stories to relate.

This series is entitled 'Peter Bills meets...' and will be published on the Independent website on a weekly basis.

In Britain, Ireland and France, outstanding names roll off the tongue; O'Driscoll, Fitzgerald, Cipriani (pictured), Care, Sackey, Shane Williams, Heymans, Jauzion, Medard and Elissalde.

Time for rugby's best to stop short-changing us

At the end of a week of hope, a week when one man reminded us once again that the pursuit of individual belief can bear fruit whatever the apparent odds, it is rugby football’s opportunity now to rise Obama-like from the malady in which it has stagnated for too long.

Inside Peter Bills

Peter Bills: 'If I am dead, there will be people singing the same song'

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The view from South Africa where Peter Bills meets Nocawe Mankayi

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