Q: What is a trading card game?
A: Traditional card games like poker or bridge are played with identical decks. Every deck has the same number of cards, hearts, clubs, queens, kings...you get the idea. Trading card games, or collectible card games, are played with card decks customized by each player. Each player creates his or her deck from a wide variety of cards that help achieve the goal of winning the game. There is a high amount of strategy that goes into customizing your deck. Each card affects the game play in its own unique way. Many cards have stronger effects if used in combination with other cards. There are millions of possible combinations of cards and decks, so no two games are ever the same. The Bleach Trading Card Game features characters, events and other elements from the popular series so each game unfolds much like a battle from the show.

Q: What does it mean to be a "Gamer" or a "Player?"
A: Players or gamers, as they are often referred to, are avid enthusiasts who play trading card games on a regular basis. Typically a player enters the playing Community as soon as he/she picks up a pack of their favorite cards at the local store. Soon they are building decks of cards and trading among friends. Deck building is a continual process since new expansions are released regularly. Players keep up with new card types to make more powerful decks by sharing information and strategies on the message boards of their favorite card game's website. Depending on their level of interest, players participate in the playing community through local leagues and tournaments. As a result players make friends across the country and through their shared interest create a community of passion-filled TCG fans.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Start by downloading the rules and demo decks. In May 2007, when the game releases, take a trip to your local comic book or games store. Pick up a Bleach Trading Card Game starter deck and start to play!

Q: When will the game be available?
A: The Bleach Trading Card Game hits stores May 2007. It should be available at your local comic book or games stores where other collectible card games are sold. For a list of stores supporting the game, please visit our Tournaments page to find a Host near you.

Q: What are promo cards and where can I find them?
A: Promos are cards that are typically not available in packs. They can be reprints of fan favorite cards with updated art or a whole new card altogether. Promo cards are distributed in magazines, DVDs, toys, tournaments, league kits, conventions and through our wrapper redemptions. These are only some of the ways to get promotional cards. Keep checking the Official Bleach TCG website for information on how to get each new promo card as they become available.

Q: What is the wrapper redemption?
A: A wrapper redemption is an opportunity for players and collectors to earn promo cards just for purchasing the Bleach TCG. On every wrapper and starter deck there are points that can be cut out and collected. These points can be exchanged for promo cards through the redemption form on this website. Just fill in the form, print it out, submit the requisite amount of points for the cards you want and then mail it in to us. Keep collecting those points, the promo cards that we offer will keep expanding as the game progresses.

Q: How do I become a Judge?
A: Are you interested in becoming a Judge for Bleach TCG? Do you have what it takes to run tournaments, provide rulings, and perhaps even run major events!

Here is what you need to do. First, if you do not already have a SEVEN ID and password, then click here to register. Once you have a SEVEN ID and password, then go to www.ScoreEnt.com/JudgeTest/ and login using your SEVEN ID and password to apply to become a judge. The Judge Test is currently not available for the Bleach TCG, but check back soon for more information.

Q: How can my store location hold registered events?
A: If you would like to become a Bleach TCG Tournament Host please download the Host Registration form, fill it out, and send it in. For more information on our Organized Play system, and benefits of becoming a Host location, please visit our Retailer information page. After receiving the registration form, Score Entertainment will contact you regarding Hosting tournaments.


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