1 Thing

Rich Harrison produced "Crazy in Love", so we know that he knows something about horns, big glorious ascending heavenly anthemic horns. With "One Thing", Harrison wants to let us know that he also knows something about drums, huge sweaty riotous back-and-forth second-line old-school Clyde Stubblefeld drums. The drums on "One Thing" slam and ripple and move. Harrison throws in an occasional guitar stab or synth wash, but the song is all about those amazing drums. Harrison is a D.C. native with a background in go-go, but go-go drums almost never sound as clear and sharp and propulsive as the drums here. Amerie has a thin, sharp, high-pitched voice like Mya or Ashanti, but she sounds more like a prepubescent Michael Jackson screaming for joy on top of a dusty monster break like this one. It's hectic.