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Saturday, June 14

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Juicebox likes cherry tomatoes, polka dots, big bows, her yellow truck, Oliver James, Gossip Girl, sugar, surprises, Volkswagen Beetles and other cute cars, Uncle Toby's Fruity Bites, being easily amused, romantic things that makes her squeal, her little brother.

Juicebox dislikes being poor, being unemployed, getting her periods (and all things to do with periods, such as PMS), her tutor, being stressed out, violins, standing on public transport, shopping trolleys, and being unable to find toilets.

Juicebox goes high on sugar cubes, shoes, being in Commerce and IST classes, cute stationery, and juice (of course).

Juicebox dreams of having a massive walk-in wardrobe with shelves and shelves of cute shoes. Or of owning a juice factory, built next door to a dandelion factory. And of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Juicebox does not have any realistic dreams. She only likes shoes. And juice. And dandelions.

You can't find Juicebox anywhere else on the internet, because she likes being mysterious and stalker-like.

Teacup likes many things, including her red glasses, dark chocolate, boots, vests, Project Runway, festive things, fashion magazines, staplers, her blog, Victorian wallpaper, cameras, Tchaikovsky, sales, scarves, chick-lit, sad movies and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Teacup dislikes tweed, queues, waking up early, politics, close-minded people, headbands that dig into her skull, Maths, being short, being judged, tacky animal prints (leopard, cheetah, tiger), and high waisted pants that make butts look fat.

Teacup goes high on avant garde photography, chocolate sauce, haute couture dresses, typing in capitals, and music class.

Teacup dreams of becoming rich and moving to Paris or New York. Teacup is a big fan of unrealistic dreams, but she does have many back-up plans (too many in fact), including being a costume designer, interior designer, fashion coordinator, and starving musician.

You can also find Teacup at Blogskins, Deviantart, and her old blog