"Comin to Getcha" [MP3]

New Music: Kool DJ Dust: "Comin to Getcha" [MP3]

Long time ago, galaxy far far, and all that jazz. A variety of dancefloor DJs and producers-- mostly European-- dug through an eclectic stack of crates, pulling from krautrock, prog, electro, and fusion to create what Pitchfork contributor Dominique Leone neatly nametagged space disco. In the tradition of Todd Terje or Idjut Boys, Sweden's Kool DJ Dust re-edits scraps of disco past-- only this Scandinavian's tastes run more toward obscure party joints, and he's apparently arranged the tracks into a "galactic drama" on Service debut The Disco Opera.

Like first single "The Quest", "Comin to Getcha" stands up to the dark side of the force with funk grooves, scratchy sampled horns, Philly-style strings, and falsetto disco vocals. It's almost as if the Avalanches, 'stead of taking you to paradise, decided to have the damn thing right here, tonight. And then destroy the Death Star through the power of good times. 'Til the next episode...

MP3:> Kool DJ Dust: "Comin to Getcha"
[from The Disco Opera; out now on Service]

Posted by Marc Hogan on Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 9:00am