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Welcome to GURPSWiki

GURPSWiki is a collective project whose aim is to build a comprehensive and constantly evolving resource website for GURPS players and gamemasters. For more information you can visit the welcome page.

Use the left-hand menu to browse GURPSWiki. It will guide you through the main sections of the website. At this point, you should be able to follow the links up to what you're looking for. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always edit the page on which you expected to find it, and leave a note for contributors to add the missing piece. See UserFeedback for more information, or post directly on the GURPSWikiForums. There are a lot of ways you can contribute to GURPSWiki. Whether you're an enthusiast with some spare time ahead, or you're in a hurry and you're just looking for information, you can still be useful to the project! Find out HowToContributeToGURPSWiki.

About GURPS Wiki

If you're new to WikiWiki, you should learn the basics. This includes knowing what a Wiki is and knowing that YouAreEncouragedToChangeTheWiki ! The OneMinuteWiki page might be useful too. And before you ask, FlexWiki is the Wiki engine that runs GURPSWiki.

If you want to play around with pages, don't do so on this page. Use our PlayPage instead.


If you have questions about GURPSWiki, please contact LordAbdul or THONA.

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Welcome to GURPSWiki, the ultimate project for GURPS resources.

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