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The science

Not convinced about the Special K Slimmer for Summer Challenge? Here's the research.

The research

We asked scientists at a leading University to test the Special K Challenge by looking at what the effect of consuming a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal for breakfast and either lunch OR dinner for a maximum of 2 weeks has on body shape and fat percentage.

In this study, overweight volunteers could choose between three Kellogg’s cereals: Special K, Special K Red Berries and Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. Fruit and Special K bars were advised as alternatives to more indulgent snacks.

The third meal was nutritionally balanced; following healthy eating principles such as being low in fat and high in fibre, containing plenty of vegetables plus a source of protein such as meat, fish or other alternatives.

Carbohydrate was also included in the form of jacket potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. Body shape measurements and trouser size selection by personal preference was collected before and after the 2 week programme.

After 2 weeks up to 75% of subjects had slimmer waists and hips. The university’s scientists concluded that the majority of this was due to fat loss.

It’s important to remember that this eating plan isn’t for long-term use, but simply a 2 week kick-start to a healthier lifestyle.

Hooper R. (2002) Body Shape and clothing size changes following Kellogg’s "Slimmer Jeans"(internal report). Dept Human Sciences, Loughborough University.