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Welker & Gostkowski are Patriots Pro Bowlers

Posted by Mike Reiss, Globe Staff December 16, 2008 04:00 PM

Receiver Wes Welker and kicker Stephen Gostkowski have been voted to the Pro Bowl, it was announced today.

It is the first Pro Bowl berth for both players. The game will be played Sunday, Feb. 8 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, HI.

Four receivers are selected in the AFC, and Welker, who ranks second in the NFL with 102 receptions, was named a reserve behind Houston's Andre Johnson and Denver's Brandon Marshall.

Gostkowski is the AFC's lone kicker. He is 30 of 33 on field goals this season, having hit all 34 of his extra-point attempts. His 30 field goals are tied for most in the NFL are are two shy of the Patriots' single-season record (Tony Franklin, 32, 1986).

Some quick facts on the Pro Bowl honors for Welker and Gostkowski:

  • Welker is the fifth Patriots wide receiver to earn Pro Bowl honors since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, joining Randy Moss (2007), Troy Brown (2001), Terry Glenn (1999) and Stanley Morgan (1979-80 and 1986-87).

  • Welker caught at least six passes in each of the first 11 games of the 2008 season, becoming the first player in NFL history to begin a season with that many consecutive games of six or more receptions.

  • Gostkowski is the fourth Patriots kicker to be named to the Pro Bowl since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, joining Adam Vinatieri (2002, 2004), Tony Franklin (1986) and John Smith (1980).

  • Gostkowski is on pace for 142 points this season - a total that would set a post-merger Patriots record.

  • The Patriots had eight Pro Bowl selections a season ago: quarterback Tom Brady; receiver Randy Moss; offensive linemen Matt Light, Logan Mankins, and Dan Koppen; outside linebacker Mike Vrabel; nose tackle Vince Wilfork; and cornerback Asante Samuel.

  • For the entire list of Pro Bowl selections, click here.

  • 43 comments so far...
    1. Mayo should be there

      Posted by gick December 16, 08 04:03 PM
    1. I'm so glad Welker got recognized. He's been the team's MVP this season.

      Posted by Mike Shea December 16, 08 04:09 PM
    1. MAYO DEFENITELY SHOULD BE THERE! I remember when everyone was calling for heads to roll because we didn't re-sign Vinaterri! Gostkowski has made us forget about him pretty quickly!

      Posted by Deluxbury December 16, 08 04:19 PM
    1. No Moss?!!!! Wow. What a joke.

      Posted by Brent December 16, 08 04:28 PM
    1. Wes is the man. He deserved to go last year as well!!!!! Way to go!!!!!

      Posted by bledsooo12 December 16, 08 04:29 PM
    1. Congrats to Wes and Gostkowski. Well deserved.

      I thought Seymour and/or Wilfork would make it.

      Incredible that Favre made it, and the leading passer in the AFC, Phillip Rivers, did not. I guess it is the equivalent of Greg Maddux and the Gold Glove Award in baseball.

      Very Honorable Mention: Matt Cassel.

      Posted by Jersey Patriot December 16, 08 04:35 PM
    1. What a joke, JETS have 7 players in and NE only 2. Moss or Cassell should have been in.

      Posted by Hayo December 16, 08 04:45 PM
    1. Wasn't Welker a first team All Pro last year, meaning he was THE best at his position? I believe he, Brady, the left side of the offensive line, Koppen, Light , and Mankin, Randy Moss and Vrabel were all All Pro.. How did Welker not make the Allstar game if he's the best at his position? I know I'd rather be an All Pro than make the Pro Bowl. To me it's insulting. He was their best receiver in the big games, not Moss. who disappeared in the games down the stretch and particularly in the playoffs. No excuses that he was double covered. I grew up here and spent many years in San Francisco, and I saw Jerry Rice's whole career. You could cover him with 3 guys and he always made the plays. Big
      players do that no matter what. Welker was the only receiver doing it in the big games. Congratulatipns Wes!

      Posted by quasi1981 December 16, 08 04:46 PM
    1. I know hes not considered an every-down (feature) back but is there any back in the league who picks up the blitz, catches the ball, and runs the draw as well as Faulk has this season? They let special team players go, why not a 3rd down specialist for both offense and defense? One more reason the pro-bowl is a joke.

      Posted by Mike December 16, 08 04:48 PM
    1. Moss: Hello?
      Welker: Hey Randy, its Wes. I wanted to thank you for spreading the field so much, I was allowed to catch another 100 receptions and pick up so manty yard after the catch.
      Moss: How many TD's you got?
      Welker: Well, two!
      Moss: I got 10 and almost a 1000 yards, lead the teams in points scored, but hey I am happy for you.
      Welker: Yeah, you should be there instead of me or Wayne, or Marshall.
      Moss: Who is Reggie Wayne or Brandon Marshall? Never heard of them.

      Posted by Disgruntled fan December 16, 08 04:50 PM
    1. These choices were a forgone conclusion. They both are great players.
      However, I believe Mayo should be the NFL rookie of the year. What an outstanding young talent he has become. Just a great choice Scott Poili made for our team !!!

      Posted by Richard Corrinne December 16, 08 04:51 PM
    1. Favre! You have got to be kidding me!

      Posted by Aaron Rodgers December 16, 08 04:52 PM
    1. Wes definitely deserved it over Moss. I thought it was ridiculous that Moss was in the top 5 all year in fan voting and Wes was no where to be seen. Typical of Welker to come out of nowhere and make it happen.

      Ghost has definitely made up for the loss of Vinnatieri.

      As for Mayo, he is no where near as good as the two ILB that made it. Ray Lewis and James Farrior have both had excellent years and made plays other than rack up a bunch of tackles. If Mayo had made some big plays this year (i.e. sack, int, FF, FR, etc.) he would have more clout. Mayo has been awesome for us though, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this guy.

      Posted by Billy December 16, 08 04:52 PM
    1. Glad to see the recognition for two fine players who deserve the honor. Don't know that I could make the case for Mayo - since the Pro Bowl roster is based on a 4-3 alignment, there is only one starter and one backup for inside linebacker. The selection of Ray Lewis and James Farrior are pretty good choices, Moss - that's a tough one to call. While his own numbers this year are not in the range they were last year, he makes Welker and all the other receivers for the Patriots better because of the coverage he receives. Favre making it is a joke.

      Posted by Jim in SC December 16, 08 04:53 PM
    1. Congrats to Welker and Gostkowski! They both deserve the recognition.

      Makes you want to say:
      "Deion who?"
      "Adam who?"

      Posted by Ritchie December 16, 08 05:02 PM
    1. Pro Bowl process is a sham. The good news is that now there is a group of fired up Patriots who will take it out on their remaining opponents. Just like it was back in 01-04.

      Posted by Gregg S December 16, 08 05:02 PM
    1. I was very happy to see Wes Welker got named to the Pro Bowl, he's been the Patriot's MVP and deserves it.

      Randy Moss is having a fine season, but I don't think you can really make a case for him being named to the Pro Bowl this season. The four receivers from the AFC that made it are having better seasons, I'm sure that wouldn't be the case if Brady was playing though.

      Phillip Rivers should have made it over old Brett Favre, that selection is an absolute head scratcher.

      Vince Wilfork or Ngata from the Ravens should have been named at DT instead of Shawn Rogers from the Browns. If there is a silver linning to Wilfork not being named is he is a free agent this summer, and needs to be re-signed. two back to back Pro Bowl selections would have only increased his value on the open market

      Posted by Paul Pedersen December 16, 08 05:06 PM
    1. I didnt see Jerod Mayo on the team....seriously, when is the real list going to be published?

      Posted by Matt December 16, 08 05:11 PM
    1. Wilfork had a better year than Kris Jenkins, hands down. Maybe besides Albert Haynesworth in Tenn, he's the best nose tackle in football. I'm sure his dirty reputation didnt help the cause.

      Posted by Tuna Gates December 16, 08 05:15 PM
    1. Favre! You have got to be kidding me!

      Posted by Aaron Rodgers December 16, 08 05:19 PM
    1. Congrats guys! Moss, Wilfork and Seymour should all have made it, too!

      Posted by MrWright December 16, 08 05:21 PM
    1. SMH @ there being no BenJarvus Green Ellis argggggggg!

      Posted by Miceandmen December 16, 08 05:40 PM
    1. come on guys...mayo is a stud...but a rookie stud...not in the class of ray lewis , joey porter or james farrior...moss is joke not being on.....brett favre give me break...pro bowl is a joke most guys dont even go....but mayo does not belong on afc roster

      Posted by smooth December 16, 08 05:47 PM
    1. For sheer 2008 performance, I'd consider Pennington over Favre.

      Favre is neck and neck with P. Manning for the "Never Met an Endorsement Deal I Couldn't Live Without" award. May the best hick win.

      Gostkowski holds the record for Pats points, post-merger. Congrats, big time, but it again reminds me that Gino C. - the Pats and the AFL's overall points leader belongs in Canton. (that's Ohio, my south-of-the-border compadres...)

      Posted by mikeinNH December 16, 08 06:02 PM
    1. Wow, what weak QB choices for the AFC.

      Posted by lbb December 16, 08 06:07 PM
    1. Did anyone notice Jon Beason ILB for Carolina made the pro bowl? He was drafted right after Merriweather. Maybe the Pats should have drafted Beason instead.

      Posted by AC December 16, 08 06:09 PM
    1. Mayo, great as he's been, doesn't deserve it above Ray Lewis or James Farrior. And Moss hasn't had a Pro Bowl season either... the stats are impressive, but they've come in spurts, rather than a consistent week after week run of good play.

      Welker thoroughly deserves it... any true football fan knows that WW has been the Pats saviour this season, and probably our best overall performer. That run of consecutive games with 6 or more catches was truly special.

      But I'm most happy fir the Ghost. He's been a revelation, thoroughly vindicating the decision of Piolo and Belichick to let Vinatieri go. Ghost could turn out to be one of the Pats' best ever draft picks, if he can continue to be so much of a sure bet on placekicks.

      Posted by Ben December 16, 08 06:15 PM
    1. I was a little worried when the fan voting did not include Wes Welker and Stephen Gostkowski. It is good to see some sanity in the picks. However, it would have been nice to see Vince Wilfork going as well.
      You can make arguments for/against most of the choices, but at least none are laughable.

      Posted by leeryonemore December 16, 08 06:16 PM
    1. Cassel have better year then Farve, and he is in pro-bowl.. hehehehehehehehe.. if we had brady and AD healthy, jets would have been out of the playoff by now :-) .. what a joke.. shame on people who pick pro-bowler... another overrated player is ray lewis.. can't stand him...

      Posted by Pawan December 16, 08 06:40 PM
    1. The Biggest surprise of all this evening was Trey Wingo even said Matt Cassel should have gone to the Pro Bowl before Brett Favre. We all know how much ESPN as a whole hates the Pats, so that was a VERY surprising comment. Oh, and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

      Posted by Craig December 16, 08 07:42 PM
    1. How is it that an undefeated regular season team from a year ago put 8 players in the pro bowl, but an good, not great jets team with the same record us our pats, puts 7 players in--its mind boggling..

      Also its good to see that the league leader in INTS is our 3rd qb for the AFC, can't tell me Brett Favre has played better than Cassel.

      Posted by Mike December 16, 08 07:56 PM
    1. mikeinNH said -- Favre is neck and neck with P. Manning for the "Never Met an Endorsement Deal I Couldn't Live Without" award.

      I am not familiar with New Hampshire sayings but "couldn't live with" or "could live without" seem more precise to me.

      Posted by DennisinMB December 16, 08 08:29 PM
    1. None of them should be there. Doesn't anyone remember the pratriofrauds lost the freekin Super Bowl last year. They owe us 4 more legit non-cheating Super Bowl wins before they are recognized for anything other than stinkin up the joint.

      Posted by jaminjm December 16, 08 09:55 PM
    1. It would be funny, I think, if the Patriots with their two Pro-Bowlers make the playoffs and the Jets with their seven don't.

      Mike, is there anyway you or someone at Boston.com could filter out hateful idiots like jaminjm? They don't offer anything to these comment boards.

      Posted by Ritchie December 16, 08 10:26 PM
    1. comment # 33 by jaminjim , sucks, I can see that this guy , HAS-NOT been
      educated , you must have brains of a monkey, I , fill sorrow for you .
      I'm sure you talk like that , because the PATRIOTS bit you team all the time.

      Posted by joe December 16, 08 11:18 PM
    1. really happy for welker..think we have other deserving players for sure...but glad welker made it. He really is indispensable to the team!

      Posted by Jill December 16, 08 11:56 PM
    1. Come on jaminjim! You keep harping on an issue that is so old and nobody, even on espn, are talking about it anymore. Is like talking about Clinton in the White House or Iran crisis during Carter's year. It's over. Move on! Stop living in the past and move forward. Imagine if the Pats won last year's SB, you are probably going to hang yourself. Crying about it is not going to bring the SB back to your team (whichever is your team, Philly, Carolina, St. Louis). Move on!

      Posted by JJ December 17, 08 12:59 AM
    1. Mayo's had a nice season, but not better than Farrior or Lewis.

      I don't think the Pats are under-represented, but it's a bit silly to have 7 Jets. Favre should not have been selected over Rivers, for example.

      Posted by RickD December 17, 08 01:26 AM
    1. If you look at the injury mess the patriots have had to deal with, it appears the defense has taken the bigger hit. That would maybe seem unfathomable to some considering the loss of Brady and Maroney, but Cassel is doing pretty good, and now that Morris and Jordan are rounding back into their own post-injury form, the offense is doing ok. The point I'd like to make is that with all the losses on defense, Mike Vrabel is quietly holding that defense together. Yes, Mayo is a huge bonus this year, but Vrabel is leading that defense. I think he deserves a pro-bowl selection and maybe the Patriot MVP nod....

      Posted by poteat December 17, 08 01:30 AM
    1. As usual, Pats get short shrift. The way Cassell has played the last two weeks, he definitely should be there.

      Posted by NoVa Pats Fan December 17, 08 09:45 AM
    1. For those of you who believe Wes Welker opened the door for white recievers, I have two words for you Wayne Chrebet...

      Posted by CN December 17, 08 10:08 AM
    1. Randy Moss is the best receiver in the NFL and is not on this list. Therefore, the Pro Bowl is a joke.

      Posted by Classless December 17, 08 02:10 PM
    1. Randy Moss should be there in front of Welker, Marshall, and Reggie Wayne. What a freakin joke!!!!!

      Posted by Brent from MN December 18, 08 10:48 AM
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