♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, September 30

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Juicebox ♥♥♥s:

1. My formal dress: I have finally bought it. I love it so. Another thing I ♥: OUR FORMALLLL~

2. kikki.K: I discovered it earlier this year whilst frantically searching for a diary. It’s a stationery store very much like Smiggle, but so much better. Everyone knows Smiggle, everyone shops there, but not many know of kikki.K, so you’d be able to own cute stationery, and be different! And not only are their products cute as, their gel pens have the perfect ink flow! (Yes, I do care about those things.) Want to see for yourself? Click here.

3. School holidays: I wake up at 11 in the morning, I sleep at 1 in the morning. Sure, I’ve turned nocturnal, that’s OK! I go through the whole process every holiday, and then when I suddenly need to wake up at 7AM again, I miss my train.

4. Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Omg, this is hilarious.

5. Tennis: Ok, I’m going to sound like a freak, but Teacup, Van and I decided that our non-existent tennis skills needed some fine tuning in preparation for our PE lessons next term. So, we were planning to go today, but the weatherman lied and told us it would be raining. Thanks to them, we never went in fear of getting muddy water splashed across our faces. Nonetheless, the whole idea excites me. It makes me feel very rich and high-class.