Excuse the Vegetarian-ness

Wednesday, July 30

About a month ago, I wrote a particular post about things that I would like to do but would probably never achieve. I didn't release this post on the day I wrote it, because I thought I'd save it in me and Jenny's 'blog-bank' for a rainy day (no wait, I meant for a blog-post drought). But judging by people's reactions to Jenny's vegetarianism, I think it's about time I finally release this post, and explain about this vegetarian thing. Here it is:


There are a great number of things in life I would love to do, but know I will never get around to doing. Which is sad, but true. I would never have enough self control or determination to achieve these things. Lets chuck in a list of things I want to achieve but never will, shall we?

1. Redecorate my room. I have been telling myself to do so since we moved in, but I never seem to have the time or money to do so. The first step to doing so would be repainting the disgusting walls (what were the old owners thinking?! Mint with apricot?!), next is re-tiling the floors, then fixing the lightings (I really like those nano-chandelier things they have in Ikea), buying new curtains, lamps, furniture, the list goes on.

2. Getting a job. I know I will have to get a job eventually, but I don't think it' s going to happen anytime in the near future. I'm just not bothered to go typing up resumes, phoning people here and there, and arranging transportaion. It's such a hassle.

3. Become a vegetarian. I often get lectures from Sophie about how bad for your health meat is, and I know it's true. I know that heaps of chemicals go into animals these days, and Van was telling me the other day about the cruelty pigs go through for us to obtain pork (something about pigs being skinned alive?), but I seriously cannot ever be a vegetarian. I love meat wayyy too much. I could never give up my KFC or lasagna or tacos. What would I eat everyday if I go vego anyways? I detest seafood, so that's not an alternative.

4. Learn to play the violin. I have felt the urge to play the violin for a few years now, but have never gotten around to actually buying a violin and arranging lessons. I've asked Ida to teach me but she has refused (I think she just doesn't want me to touch her violin. Musicians are like this with their instruments. I would chuck a tantrum if anyone scratched my piano.)

5. Learning to speak French. We learnt it in Year 8, but I can only remember the basics, une! deux! trois!. Jenny and I have also tried online lessons, but this has proved ineffective, and the only thing I remember now is Je veux un enfant de toi, which basically means I want to have your baby.

Well folks, the times are a-changing, and I'm actually making an effort on the vegetarianism one. Here's the full story. Sophie became a vegetarian ages ago, and has been attempting to convert us for ages. But I've always thought that I wouldn't have enough self control. Yes, meat is bad, but not bad enough for me to stop eating it.

But then I thought maybe it is a possibility after all. Maybe if I slowly decreased my meat consumption, I will eventually stop. I managed to limit my meat to one meal per day, or less. It was much easier than I expected. I found nice alternatives for everything, and it was wayyy healthier.

I was telling Jenny L of meat-consumption limits yesterday, and she thought that we should try and eat less meat together. Then we did a little bit of research on the disadvantages of meat and... we have officially been converted. Meat is disgusting, I can't believe I haven't realised it earlier. It makes me nauseous to imagine myself eating meat now.

Trust me, if you actually enjoy your meat, do not google 'meat is bad', or 'advantages of being a vegetarian'.

But Jenny and I are willing to give up meat for the rest of our lives. We are officially vegetarians. Well, Jenny's an ovo-lacto-vegetarian (a vegetarian who eats eggs and dairy products), and I'm a lacto-vegetarian (because I actually like my milk, but I hate eggs).

I know many people are sceptical about this whole thing (just look at the comments Jenny received in the last post). Some people believe we won't last. They think we'll constantly crave for meat. I believe this is untrue. When someone mentions 'McChicken burger', I think dying chickens, artificial hormones, blood, guts, grease. When someone mentions 'Juicy steak', I think dying cows, blood, cow pee, heart disease. Trust me, I have no desire to touch meat ever again.

Then there are others who think we'll have a deficiency of nutrients. Like my parents. They went ballistic when I broke the news to them. But did you know that you only need 45 grams of protein a day? Which you can get from one potato? It is highly unlikely that we'll have protein deficiency. And the iron? Well you can get that from many foods that I highly enjoy, such as beans, nuts or grain products.

But I won't bore you with the rest of the details. The point is, I believe that I can do this. I think I will be able to live without meat, it's a good choice for both moral and health reasons. Discouraging me from being a vegetarian won't work. Trying to contaminate my food with meat (yes I'm looking at you Jenny N) won't work either.

Reasons to Get a Sex Change

Tuesday, July 29

Being a girl is ever so difficult. I've compiled a list on why guys are so much better off:

1. The most obvious: That time of the month. It comes and haunts you twelve times a year. It plays with your emotions, gives you stomach cramps, annoys the hell out of you, and may even (god forbid) leave you with an embarrassing stain if your timing isn’t right. Girls have to deal with this every single month.

2. Giving birth. This is similar to the one above, but still. Why is it that females have to be the ones made to carry babies? Why do we have to be the ones who have to deal with periods and pregnancy? Oh, right, they're related, but why?!

3. There are more women than men in this world, according to Theresa. She says there’s something like 59% women and 41% men. So you see, there are more females, which just makes it even harder for them to find a partner.

4. It’s a stereotypical view that guys should make the first move. (Yes yes, I know, it’s just a stereotype, but still.) Guys are expected to make the first move. They can ask as many girls out as they like, and it’s fine. But if a girl does that, she’s automatically considered a ‘slut’ or something similar.

5. Girls shop more often. Girls spend more money. Girls need more money. Need I say more?

6. Guys have more control on how they look. They have a higher metabolism, and can gain muscles/lose weight more easily. This is probably why you hear girls complaining about their weight more than you hear guys.

7. Public toilets. There is always a long line outside the girls toilets, whereas guys can do their business wherever they want, leaving their share of the toilets completely empty. Seriously, there shouldn’t be public toilet for guys. It’s a total waste of space.

8. Shaving or waxing is a pain in the ass. Enough said there.

Being a girl sucks, but since I'm such a girly girl, I wouldn't want to be a guy. I like the shopping, and being able to dress up. Oh, and I do like the fact that we don't have the crazy sex drive as well...

ANYWAY. My life has reached a turning point! Yes it has! Guess what Guess what?! I have decided to stop eating meat! *nods* Why? Because meat is bad for you. It is filled with bad bad chemicals that farmers insert into their animals to make them grow faster. And also, did you know...

Take a piece of steak. Cut it open and the juice runs out right? and it's nice and juicey and tender looking? We know that the red fluid is BLOOD, right? and you dunk your bread in it. There is a clear fluid there too...now some of it is fat, and water, but one of the main components of that clear fluid is uric acid...(cow pee).

Ewwww. So yes. No meat from now on. I doesn't even seem as hard as I thought, I'll just think of all the cow pee next time someone tries to shove a piece of meat in my face.

Harajuku Lovers

Monday, July 28

I'm being an awful hog on this blog, posting when it's not my turn (my apologies to jenny), but I just had to break the good news.=D

Two words: Harajuku Lovers. Yupp, it's Gwen Stefani's latest fragance, and the bottles are AWESOME.

Aren't the bottles so FUNKY? GOD I'D LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF THEM ON MY DRESSING TABLE. But it's $25 US for a measly 10ml, so I don't think I'd be purchasing one any time soon.=[ Check out the rest of the bottles:

Sigh. Speaking of things I can't afford, anyone remember Christian Siriano from Project Runway 4? I absolutely loved his clothes when he was on the show, and his final collection has finally launched on bluefly.com-

You can buy it HERE, but most of it's sold out, and there are only very few pieces left. I wish I had enough money to snatch up the last few items before they're completely gone. Oh the pain of having an empty wallet! *Breaks down and weeps*

Okay I'm going to go and scavenge rubbish bins for coins now. Toodles~

Please Don't

Saturday, July 26

Funny how in the holidays, everyone blogs almost everyday, and they visit each other's blogs everyday. But school starts, then everything halts to a stop. But not earmuffed.com =D You can count on us to be faithful to our blog no matter what. But we'll have to stop blogging daily though.

To liven things up a bit, lets talk about the formal. Buying a formal dress can be very stressful, and many people opt to buy many many dresses (yes, I'm looking at you), which might be wise. Because you never know, when you're desperately looking for a dress days before the actual formal, your head will go corrupt and you'll choose a completely disgusting dress.

So here's me to the rescue:
What Not To Wear For The Formal
(please refer back to this before you go out and buy your dress)

Please prepare yourselves for the monstrosities below.

It's an absolute vegetable. Seriously, what were they thinking when they were designing this? Maybe it's for Halloween, for people wishing to dress up as a piece of broccoli.

Honey, a bra is all it takes. You shouldn't resolve to using thick silver cables for extra support.

Please, don't get too close to the car engine. The exhaust smoke might ruin your hideous zebra-leopard-dalmation dress.

She must've gotten attacked by tiger wanting its skin back. No wonder her dress is in the shredded state it's in at the bottom.

Watch out, it's a gigantic green melon. All it's missing are some stripes and some seeds.


Is it made out of tightly stretched boiled cabbage? And those little black bows remind me of sad little dead flies attacked to pieces of thread.

The Slut Dress #1. It looks like a hideous green bathing suit with a piece of fabric attached to one side. Please, no one wants to see your bony ribcage.

The Slut Dress #2. What kind of whore would wear this to their formal?! It's like something an Arabian princess from Aladdin would wear.


This dress is actually pretty nice, too bad the model looks like a drag queen with a white wig.

There you go, if you ever feel in doubt, please refer back to this guide, and if the formal dress you had in mind slightly resembles any of these dresses at all, then PLEASE DON'T. Save the grade from the terror and stick to something slightly less hideous.

School's Cool

Friday, July 25

So school has started again. In the four days I have been at school, I have managed to:

1. Miss the train. First time this year. I woke up at 7:58 to be exact, and managed to catch the 8:10 train. I’m actually very proud of that actually. ROFL. Needless to say, I didn’t brush my teeth properly, didn’t brush my hair properly, barely packed my bag properly, and spent my day in a daze.

2. Did a test without studying. At all. Usually, if I don’t study, I still flip through for a recap or something, but nope, not this one. I didn’t look at the book one little bit. I await my results.

3. Forget my PE uniform. This landed me with an essay on the topic of ‘Why PE uniform is a vital part of my education’. It was fun thinking up creative ways to attack the question.

4. Run around the school during all my recesses and lunches for subject selection signatures. In the time that I am not running around, I am lining up in long ass lines.

5. Hate the rain. Actually, I’ve always hated it. Whatever.

6. Hate school. Actually, I've always hated that too. Whatever.

School is not cool.

Documentary: TeenyBoppers

Wednesday, July 23

So the other day, Rosa popped over and we decided to do another vlog-type thing to get a few thoughts off our minds. Since my sister's horrific friends were over, we decided to make a documentary on the stereotype my sister's friends fall into: the Teeny Bopper. I am not stereotyping them, they wish to fall into the stereotype themselves.

So what is a teeny bopper? Well, it's a pre-teen who thinks they're a gangster. Anyways, here's there documentary.

Don't take it too seriously, it was just for a good laugh, that's all. It was hilariously fun to film. But very difficult. We kept getting the angle wrong, or kept getting interrupted. So many times, in fact, that we managed to compile a whole bloopers section, that was so long it couldn't fit within the 10-minute-Youtube limit. My cousins insisted they be part of our doco, so I guess this can be their contribution:

That's all for now folks, I can't be bothered to blog properly at the moment. I'm shivering from the cold, and I'm dead sleepy, plus I have a whole pile of homework to attend to. So ciao.


Monday, July 21

I was reading Theresa’s letter to herself in ten years time (yeh yeh, it was a while ago) and saw her mention of emos:

Wasn't it too long ago that the term emo was used to refer to a style of music?! Well now, people think that if they wear enough eye-liner and hate the world enough, they'll be able to join the exclusive world of emos, which, surprise surprise! Is not that exclusive after all. These people boast the fact that they are individuals and are different, but in actual fact, they all dress in pretty much the same way, cut themselves in the same places, and listen to the same commercialised bands.

I completely agree with that. Most emos are attention seekers.

There is however, a proportion of people out there (I’m not sure how big of a proportion), who truly suffer from some form of mental illness. I would know.

Before you go into shock, no, I do not suffer from a mental illness. But I have a friend who does. We’re not close or anything, simply ‘hi, bye’ friends, but I am close to one of her closer friends (confusing, much?).

She cuts herself according to her marks. So if she gets a 45/50, she’d cut herself five times. Now, no matter how smart someone is, you can’t expect them to score 100% every single time. She’s been doing this for a while now; you can imagine how many cuts she has on her hands/arms. I have no idea what her reason behind this is, maybe pressure.

Her friends know all about this (maybe not the full story, but they know enough), but what’s really sad is that they’re not doing anything to stop it. Sure, they may be telling her to stop, but that obviously isn’t working. They’ve been telling her to stop for over a year now; do they really expect her to suddenly stop?

Something else that’s really stupid is that her parents have failed to notice the cuts on her arms. They did ask her once, and she said that she scratched herself on a tree branch. Seriously, what kind of branch cuts in three perfectly straight parallel lines?

I don’t really know what to do because I am in no position to. I am hardly anyone to her. The most I’ve ever talked to her would be maybe a one minute conversation. All I can do is try convince her friends to take action.

On a different topic... school starts tomorrow. These holidays have flown by so fast, and I haven’t got anything done! I’m going to stuff the Geography RAP assessment tomorrow, and I still need to collect signatures for subject selections. Yet, I’m still undecided about what I want to do. Physics or no Physics?! I don’t want to decide, I’m scared I will make a mistake, like my electives for the past two years, except this is so much more important.

Numero ONE Vlog

Saturday, July 19

Before I show you that promised vlog, I'll recount what I've been up to since I last posted, since the past few days have been quite eventful.

On Thursday, the family and I decided to go to the city to await the pope's arrival. The city was so strange with pilgrims marching around everywhere, waving their flags around and singing their lungs off. Everything was so freaking festive and joyous, but in a good way. Here are a few pics:

It was crazy, when the pope arrived, everyone started jumping around, shrieking, waving their flags, hands, anything they had in their hands, and taking pictures like ballistic Japanese tourists. It was truly amazing, and it awes me how such an event could attract the attention of so many people from all over the world. I managed to get a pretty clear shot of the pope:

After that, we decided to wait on the lined streets for the motorcade, but ended up waiting close to two hours. Yes, two hours for this:

The backside of the pope's bullet-proof car. It moved by so quickly, and after he passed, everyone around me was complaining about him moving so fast, and were marvelling over the cameras of those fortunate enough to take a picture of the pope.

I took this trip to the city as an opportunity to hunt for the ever-so-rare Moleskine notebook (rare in Australia, that is). It was probably sold at about 4 places in the whole CBD, so I spent my time hunting down those stores to find a Moleskine. Three out of these four places did not sell the art notebook I wanted, but at last, I found the notebook in all its glory in Kikki. K.

It was such a cute store, I ended up spending over $50 in it. Which wasn't much, considering that the Moleskine alone costed $32. Here are some of my purchases (this is like major advertisement for this place, they should pay me):

And look what they have in the lining of their gorgeous bags:

Isn't that so charming?!

The Queen Victoria Building: I love that place. The exquisite interior design, the beautiful exterior architecture, the classy haute couture stores- all of it.

Mum & me- people often mistaken her to be my sister, which I hope is a good thing, hopefully, the youthful gene passes through me.

Oh, I don't love the lack of toilet though. It seems that the whole city seems to be lacking in working ladies' rooms. After 9 hours of walking and hydrating myself, my bladder reached its limit, and it was time to go to the loo. Only, I spent 30 minutes looking for a toilet. I kid you not, there were no working women's toilets. Not the QVB, not KFC, not Maccas, not the 4-storey Supre store, not even the freaking train station. They all had signs in front with some excuse or other about maintenance or something.ARGHS !

Anywhos, my fingers have tired themselves from typing, so while I go rest my fingers, you go watch the very crappy vlog I filmed last week:

Yes, it's a complete and total mess of bits spliced together, I pinky promise the next one will be better. =]

Before I zoom off, I need help desperately. Again. It's much more important- subject selections. My subject selection sheet is still as empty as my bank account, and I just can't make up my mind. I am on the verge of insanity, and if someone doesn't help me soon, I'm going to jump off a cliff. Okay, here are the choices.

To either do:
a) Music in Year 11 and drop it in Year 12, or
b) Extension 1 in both English and Maths, keep it for Year 12 and have 12 units altogether, have something to fall back on just in case.

Here are the pros and cons of choosing music:
- I enjoy it.
- It's easy, it's a bludge, it's fun
- Less study

- It's a waste of time, I wont continue it
- It's irrelevant to my future career
- Doesn't scale too well
- Leaves me with only 10 units- nothing to fall back on
- I rank well in my school, but my school totally sucks at it, so compared to the state, I suck.

Pros and cons of choosing Extension 1 for English and Maths:
- 12 units means I have something to fall back on
- Slightly more relevant to my future career, but not really required- it'll just look flashy
- Scales better
- 'Waste of brain if I don't do it', as I'm told by too many people
- It will challenge me. Yes it is harder, but I work better when challenged and pressured. If I do Standard Maths and Advanced English, I will laze around, I will bludge, I will be over-confident.

- I slightly enjoy English, but I hate Maths.
- I am not top for either of them. I am merely above average.
- I am not prepared to commit all that time to those two subjects. If I choose extension, it will mean I have both Maths and English almost every day. It also means that I will have homework for these subjects almost every night- these two subjects are the highest homework-giving subjects, mind you.
- It is hard, I am scared.

I am stupid and naive, whenever I balance my Pros and Cons, I always end up choosing the ones with more Cons anyways, please tell me what to do. I am lost and possibly insane at the moment, I am not capable of deciding. PLEASE HELP ME. I BEG OF YOU.

Project Impossible: Physical Features

Friday, July 18

Day 5; final day of Project Impossible:
If you could change one of your physical features, what would it be?

Jenny's response:

Well, I’m already changing my teeth (braces) sometime near the end of this year, so does that count?

But if I were given a choice to change something, anything about myself, it wouldn’t be my teeth. The only reason I am changing my teeth is because it is so much simpler than changing something like say, my nose or eyes for example. Seriously, it doesn’t involve any surgery (actually, mine does involve removing a tooth stuck in my gum through surgery, but that’s not really counted) or risks, or big money (ok, just not as big money).

So, if not teeth, I would change my eyes. I don’t exactly hate the way they look, although I don’t exactly like how they look either, but they are so bad. Bad, in that I am short sighted. I don’t wear glasses, but I still have to wear contacts everyday. It is such as hassle having to put them on and take them off everyday and night.

Some people take their perfect 20-20 eyesight for granted. They should try experiencing what it’s like having to wear glasses/contacts everyday.

Theresa's response:

Oh this is an easy one. It’s not really a specific thing, it’s more like… an area. Now, before you start getting any raunchy thoughts, I’ll tell you- the lower half of my face. I know I should be happy with what I have, but it’s not like I obsess over the bottom half of my face everyday or something. It’s merely an area I would change if I had the opportunity. Not that I would go as far as plastic surgery to get it fixed.

I just really hate my teeth. My teeth point in all directions (it’s something inherited from my dad’s side of the family. You should see our family group photos where everyone’s grinning.) I also quite dislike my lips. I don’t exactly mind them, but it would be nice if my lips were slightly wider (horizontally).

I also dislike my jaw and chin. My jaw is so sloped, and it’d be nice if it was more square. The whole sloped jaw thing makes my chin really pointy and angular too, and the effect of this seems to magnify in photos (especially side-on ones).

So if I could magically change anything physical feature of mine, it would be the whole bottom half of my face. I’m quite content with the upper half.

What would YOU do?

Okay, that's it people! Bid your teary farewells to this lovely blog project, 'cos it's not coming back! But don't get too sad, just know that whenever Jenny and I are bored out of our minds again, we'll start another blogging project.

Project Impossible: 5 Days to Live

Thursday, July 17

Day 4 of Project Impossible: today's question is-
What would you do if you had 5 days to live?

Theresa's response:

If I had 5 days left to live, first thing I’d do is tell everyone anything I’ve always wanted to tell them. If I hate someone, I’d tell them so. If I love someone, I’d tell them so. I’d say sorry to anyone I’ve ever hurt and never had the chance to apologise, or have felt that I have not apologised enough. I would tell all my friends and family how much they all mean to me.

Then I’d work to pay back all the money I owe my parents, and start giving my possessions away (I think this would be easier than writing a will). Yes, that means Jenny Lam will be getting my clothes and books =]

I’d make it clear that I want to be cremated. I would save my parents the burden and pay for my own funeral service, tombstone, etc etc.

Once that’s all over and done with, I’d start trying to fulfil everything on my list of things to do before I die (yeh, I actually have one!). This includes being given a bouquet of dandelions, sleeping under the stars on the beach overnight, have something legally copyrighted under my name, experience a white Christmas, make someone cry tears of happiness, getting a standing ovation, going on a shopping spree in New York and kissing someone passionately in the rain (yes, like in that scene from The Notebook or Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Yes I’m a hopeless romantic, nothing I can do about it.

Jenny's response:

I would probably worry about it, and get scared and more scared as the day approaches.

Hopefully, that wouldn’t be the case.

I wouldn’t tell anyone about it until the very last minute, because if I did, it’d be too painful. Ok, I’d probably tell one person though, so I wouldn’t be the only one crying if things get a little too sad to handle. =[

In the first few days, I would drop out of school and work on fixing up any bad relationships I had, and reveal any secrets I was holding, tell people things, basically fixing up my life.

I want to leave under a good impression. nodnod

In the last days, I would chuck the biggest party with all my family and friends, party hard, and simply enjoy life to the fullest, because isn’t that what life’s all about?

You’re born, and eventually you die. If you’re not going to enjoy what happens in between, then what’s the point?

What would YOU do?

Project Impossible: 3 Wishes

Wednesday, July 16

EDIT: Haloscan has just killed itself (again) =[, so you can comment, and we will receive it, it just wont show up in the comment box. So yes, do please comment, because your comments will show up again, once Haloscan fixes itself up.

Day 3 of Project Impossible- today's question is:
What would you do if you were granted 3 wishes (and no you can not wish for more wishes)

Jenny's response:

Aww, I want more wishes. Can I ask for other people who can grant me more wishes? I guess not.

Wish #1: Wisdom. I want to be a smart cookie! Because if you’re smart, you can do anything, right? I would be able to do whatever I want without my current stupid brain being in the way. See, if I was super smart at the moment, I wouldn’t even have to go to school. Then I’d have an extra six hours a day to do whatever I want! And that’s only part of being smart.

Wish #2: Just in case my “wisdom” doesn’t exactly get me very far, I want a job. A job that I would love. One that will provide me with a good income. So I can make big money doing something I enjoy. I have no idea what it is I enjoy at the moment, but since this magical person giving me wishes is so magical, it should be able to give me something it knows I will enjoy, right?

Wish #3: A happy family. What’s the point if I’m not happy?

And I just ensured my future. Being smart, having a job that pays well, and being happy. That’s everything, right?

Theresa's response:
I think 3 wishes are a bit too much. If I had three wishes, I would use up one and probably give the other two to people who really need it. First thing I’d want is something to keep me happy forever. Whether it’s a person, object or feeling, I don’t really care, but it’d be nice to be able to live the rest of my life content with everything I have, unaffected by other people’s opinions.

Actually, I take back the thing about giving the other two wishes away. I’d wish for world peace next. I know that’s very typical and all, but it would be very pleasant to be able to have the peace of mind, knowing that there aren’t people all over the world, at this very moment, sacrificing their lives over some stupid disagreement or for some ballistic tyrant.

And world peace isn’t just about all those large-scale fights. I mean the little disagreements and crimes too. It would be nice to have a crime-free world, without murder or rape or any of that. I know I’m being very delusional and any of this is impossible, but really, what are the chances of me finding a magic lamp with a genie to give me 3 wishes? So if the impossible happens, I will wish for the impossible.

Last wish: no more world hunger. Again, very cliché, but I’m not in the mood to think up some creative answer at the moment. Being able to eat without feeling guilty about people on the other side of the world having nothing to eat, would be bliss.

What would YOU do?

Project Impossible: Super Powers

Tuesday, July 15

Day 2 of Project Impossible: today's question is:
What would you do if you could have any super power?

Theresa's response:
That’s a hard one. It took me a while to choose between being able to read minds, and time travelling, but after much thought, I chose time travelling. That is, if all those complications wouldn’t occur (you know, like making mankind nonexistent, or wiping out a whole race of people. Oh, and that whole scenario of never being born).=]

But wouldn’t it be cool to never have any regrets, ever? Yeh yeh, don’t give me that look. Yes, you have regrets from past mistakes, and mistakes let you learn, but if you could turn back time and undo all your regrets, you still learn anyway. It’s like, learning the hard way, the easy way. You know, without any consequences. You’re still learning, non? You’re just able to fix them up.nodnod

Also, I’ve always thought that time runs are little too quickly for my liking. Everyone’s always rushing here and there to get things done. What if we could just turn back time, adding a new layer of time to think things over or to do things we don’t have enough time to do?

I have the memory of a goldfish, so being able to turn back time and relive memories that have been shoved out of my mind, would be nice. It’ll be nice entertainment, to be able to relive things long gone, or to see people who you haven’t met up with for years.

Jenny's response:

Without a doubt- I’d want to be able to teleport myself. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate travelling? Imagine being able to zoom yourself somewhere without having to wait in traffic. You’d never be late!

I would be able to visit any part of the world without having to wait a few hours on a plane (imagine all the time I would be saving), and I could come back, whenever I wanted to.

I’d also be able to pay people surprise visits. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise if I just appeared right beside you, right now? Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be for you, but it would be fun for me. LOL

And it’d be impossible to be able to trap me somewhere. I could go and commit as many crimes I wanted, not that I would, and I could very easily get out of jail.

What would YOU do?

Project Impossible: Lottery

Monday, July 14

Day 1 of Project Impossible- as a reminder for those of you who have forgotten, today's question is:
What would you do if you won the lotto (jackpot of $30 million)

Jenny's response:

I would do what a typical girl would do: shop. I’d tell everyone and take them out and shout them all a shopping spree!

I'd get a whole new wardrobe! And a big house! And everything else I've ever dreamt of.

I'd also drop out of school, because who needs school when they already have all the money they'll ever need?

I’d also spend it on something like, Westfield’s! Something that will provide me with even more money. Yeh, I’d own some big successful company and be big and successful myself.

I'd hire people to work for me. See? No schooling needed.

I’d make sure I spend it all as soon as possible. Because who knows what could happen to it the next day. Money can change people, and some people may come after me, so I’ll make sure it’s all gone to something worthy before anyone can plot evil things against me.

Theresa's response:

If I won 30 million, first thing I would do is run down the street shrieking ‘I’M A RICH BITCH NOW. YOU HEAR THAT? GOODBYE NEIGHBOURHOOD!’ I will call up the lottery company and have them give me the money in $100 notes, delivered in a big truck. Because I want them to fulfil their whole ‘you can win a whole truck load of cash!’ slogan. When the truck arrives, I’ll grab all the notes and throw them in the air, giggling like a mad woman.

Once I calm down a bit, I would deposit all the money into a bank account (compound interest please!) except for about $20 000, which I would use to buy myself a new wardrobe. And maybe actually get around to redecorating my room. And if there’s money to spare, I’d buy an apple green Sony Vaio laptop (they’re beeeaaautiful, I’ve always wanted a green one.)

Then I’ll finish school, live in the UK in a chic apartment whilst attending Saint Martins College of Art and Design (I’m sure a generous donation of money would secure me a place). I’ll graduate with a degree in fashion design, move to France and start my own massive fashion label (I’m sure I’ll still have heaps of money to spare).

Once I reach 50, I’ll retire in some nice country beach town where I’ll build my massive dream mansion (yes, the one with 10 bedrooms and lots of indoor plants and fountains. Oh, and the salt water pool with a running fountain.)

What would YOU do?

Project Impossible

Sunday, July 13

Yeh, so we both got a little bored with our unproductive holidays, and decided to liven this place up a bit by starting a joint blogging project! For the next 5 days, both of us will be blogging on what we would do if a certain impossible event were to happen (hence the name Project Impossible).LOL

So the schedule goes as so:

What would you do if you:
Monday: won the lotto (jackpot of $30 million)
Tuesday: could have any super power
Wednesday: found a magic lamp, rubbed it, and a genie flew out who wants to grant you 3 wishes (and no, you cannot wish for a million more wishes)
Thursday: had five days to live
Friday: could change any physical thing about yourself

It's going to be a challenge thinking up answers for these things (seriously, I've never thought through any of these things before), but it'll also be heaps of fun, so stay tuned!

P.S. Today, EARMUFFED.COM is officially one month old- extra reason to celebrate, non? nodnod If you're starting to fear that we'll celebrate every minute milestone on this blog, don't you worry. I'm not the biggest fan of celebrating monthly milestones- it's just that this is the first month. 11 more months until we have to dish out another $5.30 to keep this domain up and alive.

Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle

Saturday, July 12

As you can see, I'm out of ideas for blog titles, so please bear with my random blog title for now. I promise this is only temporary. nodnod

I may or may not have mentioned that I planned to make a vlog. I have a vague memory of saying so, publicly somewhere, but that could just be my imagination. Anyways, I spent most of last night filming a vlog with my cousin Rosa, a fellow blogger. It took us about 3 hours as we were rudely interrupted by our other cousins on numerous occasions.

And the vlog is very random and disorganised as well, since we had to restart over and over again, then just gave up and decided to go wit da flo. But that didn't work out either, so now the vlog is going to have to undergo intensive editting on the very crappy Windows Movie Maker.

Yes doctor, I think we'll have to perform some plastic surgery here, then we'll undergo some procedure to stick those two parts together, oh, you can completely throw that bit away, its of no use. Zap that together, stick that there, and VOILA !

Yes darlings, it's a complicated process and will probably take me a while, but I shan't procrastinate for too long. I promise that the vlog will be up next Saturday =D

For those of you who are impatient, here's a sneak peek:

Yea yea, we were both a bit crazy and high after large dosages of caffeine, but don't let that scare you off.

N2S: Do Homework

Friday, July 11

Ok, so the let’s-crash-Sophie’s-house plan three days ago didn’t entirely work out. Jenny Nguyen’s mum suddenly decided not to let her “play” with us, and Sophie decided to take back her offer of having us over because apparently, she had visitors over that day and simply wasn’t up for messing her house up anymore.

So we decided to pay her a visit the day after (which would have been… two days ago. Yeh, I'm a little slow), when she would have already sobered up, and her house would be nice and tidy again, so we could make another mess. Except this time, Jenny G was off to China already, and Theresa & Vincent’s parents wouldn’t let them out.

Jenny Nguyen was allowed again though (confusing much?), and so Sophie forced us to wake up at 9 in the morning (I usually don't get up until around 11 in the holidays. I am such a lazy bum.) and we caught the 9:29 train to Bankstown which Jenny, as expected, would have missed if I hadn’t bought her a ticket.

Highlights of the day:
  • We all watched Hancock without any knowledge on what the movie was actually going to be about. Seriously, the only thing I’ve ever seen/heard about it was the promotion poster with Will Smith in sunnies. The movie was a lot better than I had anticipated I guess, and is it wrong that I got teary numerous times throughout?
  • We opted to walk back to Sophie’s house. Yes, up a very steep hill back to Sophie’s house. That damn hill was had like a 45 degrees slope. I felt like I was going to slip down any minute. One thing I learnt from that is, if you ever happen to be walking up a hill, and you also happen to be carrying food, never allow Jenny Nguyen to carry the drinks. (That would be drinks from Maccas. You know? The ones that could very easily spill.) She will run with them, leave them on the ground when she’s having one of her scratching sessions (she does this very frequently. She blames the “morning chill” makes her skin itch) or insist on drinking from them every few minutes.
  • Sophie’s house has changed a lot since I the last time I’ve been there. She has fake walls! No, seriously. She has inserted walls into house to make for more rooms. She insists they’ve always been there, but I remember very clearly that there were definitely no walls there a year ago.
  • One thing that hasn’t changed though is that it is still big, cold and empty. Seriously, there is no food in her house. Nothing. She tells me she never eats at home.
  • Who knew Sophie used to Mongolian dance? I opened her wardrobe to find this green traditional dress, complete with a hat, dripping in shiny jewels. She told me she learnt Mongolian dancing for about five weeks last year, but she refused to dance for me!
  • It was so cold (did you know it was the coldest day in four years? ^^) that we decided to all squish onto Sophie’s tiny single bed. It involved a lot of kicking and blanket pulling, but it kept us warm, and Sophie’s beanbag is so comfortable.
  • I suck at DDR. No, we all suck. We split the mat into three, played with three people, and we still sucked.

No pictures, but I wish I had bought my camera. There were so many moments where taking a picture would have been so appropriate.

Someone remind me I still have a tonne of work to do~

EDIT: Hello hello there, Theresa heere. Just sneaking in and adding some updates before Jenny posts this. =] DID YOU SEE THAT? Yes! That's an emoticon. Honestly, Jenny and I have gotten quite sick of typing =]'s and ^^'s all the time, so we just thought it was about time to make this place slightly less drab and to add in some emoticons. =D

And for those of you who still haven't noticed, this place has undergone a major makeover, and we now have a new layout! Yupps, that's what I was working on while Jenny was over at Sophie's partying hard. I swear, I seriously hate Firefox-IE clashes. Like, when something works in one, and doesn't work in the other. I pisses me off bad, trying to figure out how I can possibly fix it, and frustrates me to tears.

But it's all done now, yipppeee~! Does pelvic thrust at whoever invented Internet Explorer.F YOU!

I Have Won The Lottery

Wednesday, July 9

This morning when I was scanning over my Junkmail inbox, I found a pleasant surprise:

We are pleased to inform you of the final announcement of the UK ONLINE PROMO
AWARDS, held on the 5th JULY, 2008. You have be awarded the sum of £1,200,000

To process for your claim, you are advise to fill the form below and send to our
fiduciary agent for your Claims verification:

1. Full Names:
2. Address:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Marital Status:
6. Occupation:
7. Phone numbers:
8. Country:

Mr Maron Alvis.
Email: processingunitt01@yahoo.com.hk

Yours Truly,
Co-ordinator(Online Promo Programme)
Wow that's awfully nice of you, but seriously, I think I have won this lotto like three times in the past already?! And no offence, but if you're all that mighty and powerful with millions to offer me every month or so, why are you using Yahoo to email people? Shouldn't you have like a company email or something?

I swear, I have received phishing emails for even more absurd reasons:
Dear Friend,
Good day, I am Mr.Song Lile, staff of Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, I have
a business proposal of $19,500,000, for you from my bank. Finally after
that I shall provide you with more details.


Song Lile
Good day to you too Mr Song Lile, while I would absolutely be thrilled to help you run your supposed bank, I am sorry to inform you that I would make a very very bad business partner, and I will run your business bankrupt (Have I mentioned that I don't pay attention in Commerce? I have absolutely no skills to help me run this business, and will be a nuisance to you). But if you still want to give me the money, I would ecstatically accept.

These supposed business people are thinking very highly of me.







First of all, I am not your dearest, secondly, I thank you for thinking that I had something to do with yielding positive fruit, oh, and thanks for the money you're offering me, but I don't think we've ever met before, nor have we even communicated before, so I don't think I would have managed to help you transfer your money to some Italian bank (unless this was in a past life, of course, though I have no memory of this). Oh, and you were never my bosom friend. Who do you think you are? Shakespeare?!

These emails make me laugh, but seriously, who has the time to write up these things and send them?! If these emails were real, I would be a very rich woman right now. Sigh. If only they were real.

My So-Called-Holiday

Monday, July 7

So, my holidays officially start. Well, technically, it started two days ago, but I had this major grading test at tutor yesterday, and I’ve been studying for it like crazy throughout the weekends. Most people will probably call me stupid for nerding over a tutor test, but you can’t blame me for conforming to the rest of my class who, might I mention, can kick my ass even without studying.

And I have another reason, this is a grading test, meaning all classes will be reshuffled, and I do wish to remain in the highest class. I’m not sure that’s possible, but you can’t blame me for trying right?

Turns out the test was a lot easier than I had anticipated, so hopefully, I’ll go ok.

My holiday plans are pretty empty at the moment, but I plan to do a lot of studying/homeworking. Well, I don’t exactly plan to, I have to. The school has decided to work-orientate my holiday life, and I shall make a list of to-dos, just so I have a record somewhere. I need to do:
  • Geography RAP assessment
  • Commerce assignment
  • PDHPE Fitness Testing report
  • Maths Spreadsheets booklet
  • Science table of acidic/basic foods
  • History factsheet and articles that I failed to complete last lesson

What's the point of a holiday if we're still bombarded with homework?!

As for notes, our whole group, along with Van, have decided to make study notes. Do you sense our dedication?

So as you can see, my two week holiday will probably be filled with school stuff. I have such a life.

Just so I at least enjoy some of my holidays, tomorrow we all plan to crash Sophie’s house where we shall fry Mars bars and go crazy before everyone goes off to their various holidays. Well, before Jenny Guo and Sophie go off anyway.

If everything works out, I assume either Theresa or myself, or maybe even the both of us will blog about it afterwards.

Drunk on Happiness

Sunday, July 6

I have managed to scab some of the neighbour's wireless internet, so now I'm blogging away! from Bateman's Bay! (That rhymes ^^). And as the name suggests, the town is a friendly country-coastal fishing town, where literally everyone knows each other, and everyone greets you as you walk past (seriously, you will not believe the number of G'days I have received today).
I love this place. It's like a second home to me, and I haven't felt so happy in months. There's something about coastal towns that brings the best out of me. I've been on a constant high for the last 2 days.

But first thing's first. My little cousin, Anna, seems to get cuter and cuter each time I see her. I remember about 3 years ago when she was still a fragile little alien-like thing. I remembered thinking 'Ew this is one damn ugly baby. Lets hope she gets cuter some day', and so she has.

She's growing into such a bossy little kid. We were playing 'doctor'- the session went like so:

Me: Doctor doctor Anna! I think I have an incurable disease!
*she takes out her little stethoscope and starts jabbing it at me*
Me: Doctor! What can possibly be wrong with me?!

She's also developed quite a talent for pulling faces at the camera. We played 'Lets Make Faces for the Camera' for ages, and she always seems to have a new face to pull off.

Anna's grown to love many things, and insists that the rest of us love them to. Such things include Dora the Explorer and Hi5 (she has all their DVDs and insists we watch them over and over again, and to sing along to their songs).

I have always suspected my sister of being a giant camwhore and a TB, but I never knew that she was so greatly infected. However, after spending 5 hours in the backseat with her and her camera, I am deeply shocked. Who knew one could take such pleasure from taking pictures of oneself?!

I knew that she would upload most of these pictures of herself onto Bebo (she does so religiously. She has like 10 albums on her Bebo, all filled with pictures of herself), so I made it my task to stick my head in and wreck as many of her photos as possible.

But then my sister got pissed and bit me.

Speaking of taking photos, I've been aching to get back into photography, and this holiday has been the perfect opportunity to do so. Today, my sister and cousins wanted to go to the beach to fly kites, and since I was getting too old to go around wrestling a piece of string, I decided to seize this opportunity to take photos.

I suddenly have this crazy obssession with taking photos of birds. I spent a lot of my time stalking birds with my camera, hoping that they wouldn't fly away.

I also insisted that my dad take me to the beach where I took photos for this art competition in Year 8 (the beach was gorgeous, and I really wanted to go back and have a lookie again ^^). The beach has these stunning piers and rock structures.

My dad was taking pictures of me taking pictures of everything:

Yes, that's me removing the sand from my stockings and flats in that last picture. I should not have worn flats to the beach. I wasn't intending on getting my feet wet, but the sand was so squishy and loose that my feet kept sinking in. Yes, don't wear flats to the beach.

House of Gravy

Thursday, July 3

So I’m back from a three hour long intense study session at Jenny Nguyen’s house. Shocked? Surprised? You should be.

Anyways, that’s beside the point. I learnt a lot about Jenny today. Let me introduce you to the home of Jenny Nguyen.

Her house contains a lot of food. No seriously, imagine my shock when she opens her pantry to get something to eat, and I see approximately fifty packets of liquid Gravox gravy, all lined up in boxes labelled according to their flavours. There’s mushroom, beef, and god knows what else.

There are also two separate freezers in her laundry room. (Separate in that they aren’t connected to her fridge. Seriously, who needs two extra freezers?). I looked in them once, and she keeps everything frozen inside. There’s meat, pies, even bread. Yes, frozen bread.

She tells me I will be regretful for laughing at her when the world runs out of food. Ironically, whenever we go over to her house, she refuses to feed us and insists we bring our own food.

She also has a pen holder on her desk that contains pens that have run out. She keeps a collection of pens for no apparent reason other than the fact that “they look nice there”.

Jenny watches the ABC Kids channel everytime she eats dinner (that would be right after school), but she only watches “the pictures”. Our conversation in front of the TV went like so:

Me: *Laughs at the lameness of the TV show* Omgs, how can you watch this, it is so lame.
Her: Huh? Oh, I don’t actually listen to what they say. I just look at the pictures. They’re pretty.

She also religiously brushes her teeth after drinking soft-drinks in fear her cavity will come and haunt her again. I had no idea.

Jenny's kitchen has a hole in it's ceiling. No, not a hole hole. It's supposed to be a sun roof.

Her backyard also contains a punching bag that one one touches. It is simply hung there to gather dust. And apparently, it can be seen on Google Earth, but don't quote me on that. I will try it one day. Yes, I will go on Google Earth and hunt down the poor punching bag

To: The Future Successful Me #1

Tuesday, July 1

Because I have nothing better to do with my time, and because I'm crazy and like talking to myself, I have decided to use this new blog as an opportunity to send the future me monthly letters. In hope that one day when I'm older and wiser (and hopefully taller), I can read back on my adolescence days and find amusement. So here goes:

Hi there.
I realise that you probably will have forgotten about this whole ordeal in about 10 years time, and you would be so successful and rich that you won't have time to read letters from your silly 15-year-old past, but if you happen to somehow bump your head and remember these letters, please allow me to steal some of your time.

Or maybe you're not all that successful. You can't be living in some gutter somewhere right? Because that would be all my fault for blogging when I should be doing my homework, which would cause me to fail, then I'll become a hopeless hobo, then you'd become a hopeless hobo. Yes. It's all my fault.

But I ensure you that won't happen. I will do my homework right after I finish this. I promise.

Right now, I can't help but feel that you are so much better off than I am at the moment. Because you are older.

Gee, teenagers these days. Where do I start? About 80% of people my age either believe that they can cripwalk or shuffle, or whatever it's called, or that they are emo. In case you've forgotten I'll gently remind you that cripwalking/shuffling involves wearing baggy pants with a big metal ring over your backside, and 'dancing' (I've always thought that it looked more like an epileptic seizure than dancing) to horribly loud music that is extremely repetitious (have they never heard Ms F's lecture on not repeating the same musical ideal too much otherwise the audience will get bored?). Yes. Many people my age seem to believe that they possess the talent to look like they're having an epileptic fit.

And in case you've forgotten, you have no idea how many people think they're going emo these days. Wasn't it too long ago that the term emo was used to refer to a style of music?! Well now, people think that if they wear enough eye-liner and hate the world enough, they'll be able to join the exclusive world of emos, which, surprise surprise! Is not that exclusive after all. These people boast the fact that they are individuals and are different, but in actual fact, they all dress in pretty much the same way, cut themselves in the same places, and listen to the same commercialised bands.

I truly hope that the teenagers of the future are an improvement.

But if they're only getting worse, then take care of your children when they're teenagers. Please do not allow them to become trend whores, and do your best to stop them from hanging out with people who are likely to convert them and make them turn into one of those people you used to hate when you were their age.

Okay, toodles for now~