♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, September 30

Juicebox ♥♥♥s:

1. My formal dress: I have finally bought it. I love it so. Another thing I ♥: OUR FORMALLLL~

2. kikki.K: I discovered it earlier this year whilst frantically searching for a diary. It’s a stationery store very much like Smiggle, but so much better. Everyone knows Smiggle, everyone shops there, but not many know of kikki.K, so you’d be able to own cute stationery, and be different! And not only are their products cute as, their gel pens have the perfect ink flow! (Yes, I do care about those things.) Want to see for yourself? Click here.

3. School holidays: I wake up at 11 in the morning, I sleep at 1 in the morning. Sure, I’ve turned nocturnal, that’s OK! I go through the whole process every holiday, and then when I suddenly need to wake up at 7AM again, I miss my train.

4. Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Omg, this is hilarious.

5. Tennis: Ok, I’m going to sound like a freak, but Teacup, Van and I decided that our non-existent tennis skills needed some fine tuning in preparation for our PE lessons next term. So, we were planning to go today, but the weatherman lied and told us it would be raining. Thanks to them, we never went in fear of getting muddy water splashed across our faces. Nonetheless, the whole idea excites me. It makes me feel very rich and high-class.

Milan Fashion Week

Sunday, September 28

Yay, it does get better and better! Milan Fashion Week has been A-MA-ZING. I’m a lazy bum- uploading pictures is such a pain in the backside, so I’ll keep this short.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua: Exceptional. Lots of neutrals and nudes. I am in loveeeeee with the third dress. It's so pixie-like. Ok, where the hell did that come from.

Burberry Prorsum: Not as good as I expected, actually. The whole collection all looked so gloomy and .. dull.

Very retro and OTT, but I loved it nonetheless.

Bell skirts = uber cute.

Giorgio Amarni: The last dresses literally blew me away. I love the colours, I love the flowyness of them all. Pretty dresses *sighs*

Luisa Beccaria:
The designers must be obsessed with neutral colours this season. Not that I mind. There were a lot of flower prints + ruffles = LOVELOVELOVE

Versace: Short and sweet. And colourful.

Next up, PARIS~!

Milan Fashion Week

Saturday, September 27

I think Milan FW is, so far, the best RTW S/S 09 fashion week. The standards were much higher, and there were so many legendary designers showing. Here are my faves:

Blumarine: The colours were very vivid, the structure was pretty and most of the pieces were beautifully draped, not to mention the fact that they're all very wearable:

D&G: I thought the collection was charming with all the whole nautical theme, with neckties, roses, bows, and lots of fishnet. I absolutely adored the scallopping on the bodice on the more formal dresses:

Derercuny: I loved the use of different textures and fabric, the almost bubble skirts and the overall silhouette:

Dsquared: their collection featured my favouritest items of apparel: blazers and goddess gowns. I thought the earlier denim outfits were very funky, and the elegant draped white gowns were very very pretty.

Emilio Pucci: once again, his colours and prints amaze. I loved the coloured lining on that first blazer/cardigan, and the patterns on the necklines of the second and third dresses.

Fendi: the silhouette was beautiful, and I really liked the structure and shape of the skirts. I literally squealed when I saw that second dress. The lace pattern on the skirt was ingenious.

Francesco Scognamiglio: the folds and ruffles on the dresses should've been tacky, but they weren't. I loved how sculptural the dresses were. They almost remind me of those pretty white round Ikea pendent lamps.

Georgio Armani: I loved the colours- it was all very washed-out water-coloury and all the dresses flowed nicely. I particularly like the first dress, how the bodice is all architectural and hard, and the skirt is very feminine and soft.

Gianfranco Ferre: I LOVELOVELOVE the whole silhouette, sculpture and architecture of this collection. The skirts were amazing and the detail on some of the folds were captivating:

La Perla: I would gladly wear any piece from the collection. We all know how madly in love I am with necktie blouses (or pussycat bow blouses), and off shoulder dresses. All the pieces were very soft and feminine:

Luisa Beccaria: again, a collection where I could gladly wear any piece. Very feminine and floaty, and the belts used were charming:

Moschino: I'm not usually a bit fan of ruffles, or checkers, but the whole surreal Alice In Wonderland feel of this collection was amazing:

Salvatore Ferragamo: The coats were beautiful, and the collection in general was very well structured and I loved the lines and colours.

Versace: The collection made a gradual change from white and very architecturally structured, to vivid, flowing and draped. I loved it so.

Milan Fashion Week was fantastic overall, although I couldn't help but feel let down by Prada. The pieces were nothing amazing, the models were too thin, and what was with the fish on the catwalk? Apparently, the catwalk was so slippery that several models slipped and one even stopped halfway and hobbled back before she embarrassed herself. Click here for the full story + video.

Next week: Paris! Usually my favourite, so I look forward to it with great excitement. I can't wait to see Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Chanel, Valentino, Elie Saab (*squeals!*), Chloe, and Louis Vuitton.

What did you like from Milan Fashion Week? What did you think of Prada?

5 Reasons Why You Should Come to the Formal!

Thursday, September 25

Our formal is coming up, and there aren’t as many people as I anticipated who are actually going. So, this is for those who go to my school:

1. It’s a formal. You get to dress up, buy pretty dresses, be girly for once! Ok, that’s my main reason for going, and I do realise that some people aren’t as excited about the whole prospect of dressing up as much as I am, but hey, no one said you need to go in a dress! Feel free to come in a tux. I heard some people are. You won’t be alone~ And if anything, you'll get to see other people who you'd never expect to wear a dress be in one!

2. Do you know how many people are leaving at the end of this year?! Yes, I think you are aware of the number of people who you will probably no longer ever see again. Why? Because there is that many people leaving. So pay them some sort of tribute to them, and party as a grade for the last (and first) time.

3. This one's for all those who say 'Oh, but I have tutor or somethingsomething'. I do too! Do you see me missing out on my formal just for tutor? Whatever your reason, the formal has to be better than whatever you normally do on a Friday night. Seriously, unless it’s your wedding, or something, I’m sure whoever’s organising it will understand.

4. It is a universal law that all guys under the age of forty looks hot in a tux. And yes, I do know that no guy in our grade could go anywhere close to "hot", but it'll be an improvement, no?

5. Ok, Van's going to kill me, but how would you like to see Van slow danceeee? If you come, I can almost guarantee you, no, I guarantee you that you'll see her do so, with more than one guy too ;D (Yes Van, I promised them, you promised me, you better stick to it!)

There. 5 reasons. I don't even know if you can still come, but it won't hurt to try!

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, September 23

I ♥:
1. Formal dresses: The topic of formal dresses, the process of shopping for formal dresses, and trying on formal dresses. It's probably the first major dress in a girl's life, one that needs to be chosen through a painstakingly thorough process of elimination. Now that the formal nearing, everyone is suffering FFF; short for Formal Frock Frenzy. Symptoms include buying an excessive amount of dresses because every dress looks better than the last, constant talk of what everyone is wearing, and relentless questions on whether this dress makes my butt look fat. What about my formal dress you ask? Well darlings, my dress is coming to life, and- of course- it is superior to all other formal dresses. Count yourself lucky if you were one of the few people who managed to see a drawing of my dress.

2. Dear John by Nicholas Sparks:If you're a hopeless romantic, you'll love this book. It's probably the saddest, most romantic book I have ever come across. It made me teary on more than one occasion. There is supposedly a movie adaptation of it to be made sometime in the future, and I hear that Channing Tatum will be starring =]

3. Neck Tie Blouses: I have some obsession with high-necked tops, and these neck-tie blouses are just another thing to add to my 'list of things to compulsively buy next time I go shopping'. They're so feminine and romantic. *Sighs*

4. Love Heart Sunnies: I used to own a pair when I was four. I stopped wearing them when my skull grew too big for them. But who's stopping me from buying a newer, bigger pair now, HUHHUH?

5. Mozzarella Cheese: I'm quite sure that constant eating of shredded mozzarella cheese straight from the pack, and constant craving of shredded mozzarella cheese when not constantly eating the shredded mozzarella cheese, is a sign of an unhealthy addiction. Someone chuck me in rehab.

London Fashion Week II

Sunday, September 21

Okay, my turn to cover London Fashion Week! I really liked so many of the shows, which means- long post coming up (trust me, uploading forty-something images was no joke, so appreciate it):

Chris Cane- all his looks had semi-circley things, and I just thought that they were so modern and architectural, and definitely very different.

Erdem- very romantic and floral- heaps of lace, colourful dye and big flowers.

Giles- I loved this. All the looks were so sharp and crisp, and the finale dress was beautiful.

Graeme Black- it was all very chic and wearable, and I thought the trench coat was so cute!

Issa- simple, feminine and floaty. I loved the fabrics, the colours and the occasional statement snake necklace.

Jaeger London: modern romantic, very very cute and the silhouette was beautiful.

Louise Goldin- I LOVED IT. The looks were all so romantic meets modern with all the fitted bodices, slim skirts and foldey architectural bits.

Luella- very very pretty and varied:

Marios Schwab- modern, white and chic- and I thought the white dresses on the contrasting models was very very clever:

Nathan Jenden: again, very architectural and structured, and I am infatuated with that first blazer:

Temperley London- failed to disappoint, it was very pretty and fluttery but modern and structured:

Vivienne Westwood Red Label- I loved the metalics that started appearing towards the end. The whole order was very cool- from soft flowy pastels to hard shiny metalics-

Next up: MILAN! I am anticipating Missoni, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry Porsum, Prada, Marni, Gucci, Fendi and Versace. Watch out: even longer post next week LOL

What are you looking forward to?

London Fashion Week

Saturday, September 20

As London Fashion week starts wrapping up, let’s look back at the favourites:

Charles Anastase: I love the skirts. I also love how they’re all wearing eyewear. Makes the outfits all looks very nerdy; I have no idea how that works, but just it does.

The whole collection was made of really nice floaty fabrics and colours. And that first dress is love.

House of Holland: Polka dots, flowers, patterns patterns patterns, and more colour colour colour.

Luella: Candy colours!

Fashion Fringe: I especially loveloveloved the first pieces, all very white and fluttery.

Temperly London: Temperly herself called her collection “Romantic Odyssey” and the name says it all.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label: Stripes, prints, metallics:

It gets better and better! Milan next! I believe we will be covering that too, and I'm looking forward to ittt~

The Mystery of the Chocolate Cake!

Friday, September 19

This is what I saw when I opened my fridge yesterday:

It’s is huge. It measures 60 x 40cm. Oh, and see the indents there? They're the fingerprints we left whilst checking whether the cake was actually real. Yeh... we got a bit carried away...

I have no idea how it got there, and my parents do not wish to tell me either. They insist it is their anniversary, but it isn’t! That’s in March!

And my brother wishes it is his birthday again. (The candle was left over from his birthday.)

Ahahahhas. I love my brother.

And I’m sure no one actually baked it either. We don’t have an oven big enough for that!

Well, wherever it came from, that was one hell of a delicious chocolate cake.

Project Runway Finale

Thursday, September 18

As some of you may or may not know, the grand finale of Project Runway Australia was on Monday. So here's earmuffed.com's cover of it. (Excusez moi for being 3 days late, I don't have cable TV like some of you, so I have to wait for it to be uploaded to the internet =])

Here are my faves from Juli's collection:

From Leigh's collection:

And last, but (quoting Kristy Hinze) definitely not least (unquote), Petrova's:

And for those of you who didn't watch it, Juli won. I thought her collection was very pretty, but it was also very typical of her, and similar to everything else she has made on the show.

If I had my way, Leigh would've won. His collection literally took my breath away. No wait, that might've been due the hot topless male models. But despite that, his collection was very dramatic, and I'm smitten with his final dress.

And Petrova's collection was beautiful. Last week when I watched it, I thought it was rather average, if not hideous. But on the runway, it was stunning, and the colours were so... exuberant (oh god where did I learn that word from).

Who do you think should've won?

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, September 16

♥ du jour:

1. Assignment free period: Every year, during the first and third term, teachers from all the different departments meet up and plan assignment due dates in attempt to make them as close as possible so to make us all suffer. I know it. So now that that stupid Science assignment is over, yay to no more assignments until next term. Well, at least that’s what I hope for. I mean, it would be pretty unreasonable to give us another assignment when we have our yearlies first thing back, right? But then again, they’re teachers. They’re unpredictable.

2. Baking: I’ve always loved baking; I just haven’t baked something in a long long time. So, when we were bored out of our minds not long ago, my sister and I went out, bought home heaps of cake mix and went crazy.
Note: the above picture is not baked by me. (Hah, I wish!) There wasn’t enough time between ‘take cake out of oven’ and ‘oh yum! Cake! *stuffs in face*’.

3. High quality paper: Call me crazy, but I actually pay attention to the feel of the paper in my books. I was walking around just this afternoon looking through a bunch diaries and notebooks. There’s was this one particular brand (I ripped the tag off, I don’t remember it anymore, dammit!) whose notebooks were made of really nice feeling paper. And so I bought it. I’m going mental.

4. ‘I ♥ earmuffed’ badge, here is my dedication to you: Hello there, how are you doing? I hope you’re liking your new environment. Swimming in the river I so kindly dropped you in, I mean. And I hope you’re grateful that I taught you to swim before I let you go too. I felt so sorry for you, you see. I could clearly see that you disliked being stuck to my bag. You made it quite clear my inflicting two painful bite marks into it, and I guess your voice is heard. I hope you live a fun-filled life, and make good use of the river, you still need to serve your purpose as a floating advertisement, you know.

5. Mac and cheese: Did you know… macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular comfort foods? But that's beside the point, because not only are they supposedly comforting, they’re extremely addictive too. I don’t know, I go through many oh-let’s-eat-this-everyday phases. It was cereal not long ago; I went to the supermarket and bought a whole variety of cereals and ate them every morning, every night. And I think I’m sort of over cereal now, so hello mac and cheese~

New York Fashion Week

Sunday, September 14

To continue from Teacup’s post yesterday, here’s my share of the craze.

Some favourites:

Oh, I love fashion week. I'm looking forward to more!

Note: You do NOT know how much time I spent on this post. I had a whole collection of lovely pictures saved, but then I accidentally closed it, and WOOSH. They were gone. I was soooo pissed. So, I had to go around and through all the collections again and crazily upload them again.

New York Fashion Week

Saturday, September 13

New York Fashion Week is nearing it's end, and farewells are always sad. Well, I'm not exactly sad, because London's next up (and that's quite terrific actually), but I must admit I am slightly disheartened. This year's Spring/Summer Fashion Week was fantastic, so here's a recap of all my favourites:

First up: Anna Sui. I absolutely loveloveloved it! It was all very oriental-boho-chic, and the colours were beautiful.

Carolina Hererra: Black. White. Loved the classic silhouette:

Diane von Furstenburg: very hippie-chic, very nice shoes, and very very lovely dresses (particularly that first dress)

Erin Fetherston: feminine, pinks whites and blues, and what I think was very cloudy. Look at the third dress. Cloudy, non?

Marchesa: I LOVE MARCHESA. Their dresses are very fairytale-esque, and are mostly Asian-inspired, especially their latest collection. I am madly in love with the oragami-like deets:

Tibi: quite orgami-ish like Marchesa. That second dress is so cute.

Tommy Hilfiger: didn't you love the Olympics Ceremony uniform that Tommy Hilfiger designed for the USA team? I thought it was rather cute LOL And we got stuck with that ugly, shiny, dipped in blue... jacket? I wouldn't even call it a jacket, but that's the most fitting word in my vocabulary. Anywhos, back to Tommy Hilfiger's collection:

Last but so not least: Zac Posen. The dresses were beautiful and the colours were so pretty!

And, I'm not sure if it was just me, but are the models getting skinnier!? I swear their legs were less stick-like last time...

Next up... London! I'm excitedly waiting to see Temperley and Vivienne Westwood Red Label nodnod

What were your favourites for New York Fashion Week?

P.S. If you know me personally, go to my school and would be interested in doing a workshop at the Whitehouse Institute of Design on Fashion Design (or if you know someone who would be interested), please tell me so. I need to round up a few people before I can tell the Careers Advisor to do a group booking. For more info, go here.


Thursday, September 11

Hi, hello, howdy ho?

My name is Juicebox and my fellow blogger is Teacup. You figure out who's who. We are hiding from certain people. Don't ask, we're weird like that.

Oh, and please do refrain from referring to us as _____ and _____. You know, who you think we really are. Your unfortunate jokes may lead to our untimely death. And you don't want that, do you? Of course not.

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, this place has undergone a HUGE revamp. So please, make yourself at home.

Anyways, I'll start off by congratulating you. Yes, congrats honey, you survived the night! I bet you were scared out of your wits last night, weren’t you? Of course! And you’re very grateful and relieved to be alive and on earmuffed.com this very minutes, are you not? Of course you are!

Talking about sleeping, I realise people can’t fall asleep either because of disruptions coming from outside, or because they’re worrying about things inside.

On days where my neighbour’s rooster is behaving like a proper rooster and not crowing like a mad cow in the middle of the night, I find it hard to fall asleep because I find myself thinking of the most random topics imaginable.

I mean, if I was worrying about more serious things like say, homework maybe? Then that would be pretty normal right? But no, I find myself rolling around in bed thinking about things like ‘Why can’t humans fly?’ and last night, when I was staring outside the door, I thought to myself, ‘why is the door called ‘door’?’

Yes, random. And these things don’t even bother me normally in the day. I mean, why do I care why the door is called 'door'?!

And it isn’t even that I’m not sleepy either. I stay on the computer chatting away for so long (yeh, another bad habit of mine) that if I got off any later, I would wake up the next morning with keyboard marks on my forehead.

I don’t know, maybe the whole process I take to get off the computer and drag myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth wakens me up so much that by the time I’m actually in bed, I’m so wide awake; it’s impossible to go back to being sleepy, like I was only a few minutes ago.

And so, this is why I have not mastered the skill of being able to get out of bed when my alarm tells me to, and until I know how to fly, or figure out why the door is called ‘door’, it doesn’t look like I’d be mastering the skill of falling asleep anytime soon either.

Someone help me, I’m going mental!

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, September 9

At the moment, I'm ♥ing:
1. morphthing.com: have you always wondered what your baby with Chad Michael Murray would look like? Well now you can at MORPHTHING.COM By 'making babies', I mean morphing your face with someone else's. Jenny and I thought we'd make our own baby:

We named her Therenny (nicknamed 'hiddy', short for 'hideous')

And because she was so hideous, we thought we'd give it another try:


That's Jenesa (nicknamed 'dissy', short for 'disturbing')

We take this as a sign that we were never meant to be. It shows that we will be bad parents, who will give hideous offspring.

2. Lady Ga Ga: I heard her song 'Just Dance' on the radio a while ago, and thought that it wasnt exactly my forte, but recently heard 'Paparazzi' on Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1, and decided to have a listen to her whole album. It's surprisingly awesome. Her album 'The Fame' is fantastic. I command you to listen to it. One of my faves from her album is 'Poker Face':

3. J'aton Couture: the other day, I was looking around for formal dresses when I found the designers of my future wedding dress: Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino- the Melbourne Guys who created J'ATON COUTURE. All their dresses are gorgeous, and they don't just design the typical fairytale wedding gown. Their dresses are modern yet very very pretty and the details on all their dresses are beautiful. My absolute favourite is the dress Dita Von Teese modelled for Harper's Bazaar last year. I love the colours and all the layers and layers of pink, peach and black chiffon in the train.

4. Tofu: I have developed a liking for tofu. I used to think it tasted weird, but I find myself craving for tofu nowadays. Supermarkets are selling such strange tofu products - the other day, I saw 'tofu nuggets' in Woolworths. They're like normal chicken nuggets, but they're made from tofu.

5. The current weather: The weather has been very pleasant since the Moon Festival, non? It's nice to be able to look up into the endless stretch of blue sky without a single cloud in sight. Or when there happens to be a stray fluffy cloud here and there, it's alright, because those clouds still have a few days to go before they morph into mean grey rain-leakers.

One thing I dont ♥: that disgusting biotechnology assignment. The school seriously needs to stop passing crap off as assignments.

Asian Celebration

Sunday, September 7

Once a year, Asians around Sydney come together and rejoice the moon at its fullest. The gangster-wannabe kiddies all cream each other, the adults all haggle with pride, because everyone else is doing it. And people like us?

Well, we walk up and down John St looking for Van, then we stalk people by stumbling through the dark looking for their houses to realise that they are even more stalkerish than we are,when we find them on a swing alone in a dark spooky park, and we also get our tofu stolen when we hurriedly abandon the tofu to watch the fireworks. But I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking:

The True Pigs We Are: (Sophie managed to take spectacular shots of us stuffing our faces with cotton candy)




During our quest to look for Van, we came across the Sandmen and their giant sand/mud sculpture. Helen (who we adopted for the night), suggested that we threw a stick at the sculpture and let it topple over.

As Jenny had earlier predicted, due to our group's vegetarian-domination, the rest of the meat-eaters would have to follow along and eat non-meaty things as well. This proved true last night when everyone ended up eating fish-buns from Breadtop and this fried tofu thing from a vegetarian booth:

A few minutes into eating the tofu, we heard the fireworks bang and everyone stood up and started running to the streets when we all suddenly stopped and contemplated whether or not to abandon the tofu. But we all reached a mutual agreement: that the tofu would be alright on it's own, and continued our mad dash to view the fireworks.

We ended up right under the fireworks, we had to crane our necks at the greatest angles. I'm sure everyone woke up this morning with a sore neck.


The streets were packed:


The streets immediately emptied as soon as the fireworks ended, so we returned to our tofu to find it gone! =[, so we all decided to call it a night. Not without group pictures of course =D


Jenny and I started making our way to our parents, and I decided that Jenny looked like some super agent and all, and hence, the following pictures were taken:
Caption: (above) Jenny Lam strutting her Super Agent strut at top speed (so top speedily that she's a blur), with the hands in the pocket

Caption (above): Super Agent Jenny taking a casual stroll down a deep dark alleyway.

Did you go moon fest, and if you did, what did you do? =]

Things To Do Before Summer Strikes

Thursday, September 4

Now that mother nature's starting to turn up the heat, remember to do the following before the summer hits:
  • Check that the dormant air-conditioning system still works. You wouldn't want to find yourself stuck on a sweltering day with a broken air-con.
  • Start packing two of the three doonas you have on your bed. It's starting to get quite warm, you don't need that many.
  • Wave farewell to early-morning steaming cups of coffee.
  • Wax your legs in preparation for letting them see the light of day for the first time in months.
  • Stock up on sunscreen, sunnies, sunhats, and other sun-things, to avoid sunburn LOL Red peeling skin is so not cool. Neither is skin cancer.
  • Buy yourself a new swimming costume, after you fail to locate the one you bought last summer, which was worn approximately zero times.
  • Start packing up those boots and make way for clogs and sandals.
  • Cut all that long hair off, to save yourself from having to tie it up in summer. Unless you're the kind of person who likes having strands of hair plastered to your forehead and neck, of course.
  • Exfoliate! Get rid of those layers and layers of dead skin, that has accumulated all winter long.
  • Stock up on deodorant. You'll need it. Lots of it.
  • Test the hose. Now that water restrictions are looser, you can hose yourself all summer long.
  • Buy lots and lots of ice cream.
  • And those little mini umbrella-on-a-toothpick things, so you can stick them in your drinks to make them feel extra summer-y!
  • Start packing for that holiday that's just around the corner. You know it's coming, you just don't know when.
  • Buy gumboots, so you can go dancing around in the summer rain.
Anything else you can think of, to add to this list?

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, September 2

2 hour strike today. I just woke up. We should have more strikes. I feel so much more awake. Seriously, I'd do so much better in school if I wasn't forced to wake up so early. Anyways...

5 things that I ♥ at the moment:

1. ‘The Lovely Bones’- Alice Sebold: This book is awesome. I’m doing it for my Directed Extended Response. I love it. It’s about a fourteen year old girl who gets raped and murdered, and watches her family in heaven and observes how they deal with her death. Read it! Read it! Read it!

2. Goggomobils: I saw these things on TV, and I bursted out laughing. They’re sooo cute. And sooo tiny. And sooo hilarious. They look like toys! They can go under my very short list of 'Cars I Like' right under the Volkswagen Beetle.

3. Uncle Toby’s Fruity Bites- Wildberry: Jeannie bought a bunch of these to the English Excursion, most probably intending to eat them, but I ate them for her. I couldn't help it. I'm sorry, Jeannie! I don’t even know why I like them so much, but I’m addicted. I’m going to go buy some very very soon.

4. Meeting complete strangers: Yeh yeh, we've all learnt about “stranger danger”, but when I went to pick my sister up from her tutor the other day, there was this other girl there too, and she was starting tutor after my sister came out. We started a conversation, and she was very extremely friendly. I guess it just reminded me that there are a lot of nice people out there, and it was a nice feeling meeting someone randomly.

5. YOU. I received a request from both Jenny Nguyen and Sophie to include them in here, so here is one dedicated to anyone who’s planning to ask for a dedication. Ta-daa, there you go!

To: The Future Successful Me #3

Monday, September 1

It surprises me how quickly time passes by, and by doing this monthly ritual, it makes me realise how quickly I change, over such a small course of time. This whole monthly letter shenanigan started out as a little joke, but it has allowed me to reflect on all the changes that have taken place since I last wrote.

In the past month, I have endured many ups and downs. Sadly, I can't remember any of the ups at the moment, because the downs like to take over. But I suppose it's these downs that make the ups more enjoyable. They have also taught me things about myself and about others.

And this month, I've learnt many things about myself, not all are very pleasant. I am quick tempered, but often bottle it up until I simply explode. I tend to be overly melodramatic, over imaginative, and to over-think everything. I do irrational things that I end up regretting.

And I say 'I' too much.

One thing I recently learnt was that no matter what situation I'm in, someone somewhere in the world is always in a worst situation. It doesn't have to be someone across the globe. In fact, I found out a devastating piece of news today, involving people who I consider quite close to me.

This particular person I know has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and has approximately one year to live. He is holding back from telling his daughter, as her HSCs are nearing, and he doesn't want to disrupt her studying, or for her to worry.

I often read things like these in books, or watch them in films, but it has never occurred to me that something this serious could happen to people I know so well. It makes me realise that I'm too selfish and that I should stop thinking about myself when so many other people are suffering greater problems.