The 100th

Saturday, November 29

The Before
12:30: Juicebox and I are let off Work Experience early. We grab the train to the main shopping district in the city

12:45: We arrive at David Jones in the city. We stall around the makeup booths, deciding which lucky brand would get to be worn by us

1:00: Armani for eyes. We work hard on making our eyes look symmetrical, while shooing away assistants harassing us to let them help us.


1:15: We duck away from the Armani counter while no one's looking, in case they ask us to buy something. We arrive at the Dior counter for our lipstick. I made the mistake of asking the assistant for the right colour. She buzzed around us like some annoying fly, then almost demanded that we buy the lipsticks we tried.

1:30: Juicebox and I get the hell out of David Jones in fear of chasey assistants. We head over to Myer where we smell perfume until our noses start dysfunctioning.

2:00: We catch the train back to Jenny Nguyen's house. This is wear I lose track of time.

At Jenny N's house:
It was complete mayhem.

When Juicebox's dad arrived to pick us up, half of Sophie's hair was still straight, I was frantically sewing Jenny N's dress so that it'd fit her, and Juicebox was was desperately sticking double sided tape on every interior surface of her dress.

Sewing my hairpiece

In the car:
We give ourselves 40 minutes to get there. By the time 7pm rolls around, we realise that we are going to be late, but promise ourselves not to miss the entree.

As 7:30 comes, we bid our entree farewell.

At 7:40, we burst into argument about everything from smart limos speeding up the bus lane, to using maps to hop out of the car and walk there.

We arrive at 7:55 and run the last block.

The During
We enter fashionably catastrophically late. I even heard someone whisper 'One hour late?!'. I bury my head in shame.

Anyway, the rest of the night turned up very quickly. We ate our delicious vegetarian meals with vigour (until we bloated. That was when I started passing my rice around the table for other people to eat), and danced the night away.

Jenny and her drink: Orange Juice, Lemonade + Coke

Partaying 'til the AM:

Moi, Sophie and Juicebox


Cutie pies, Aimee and Van

The People Train. There were many throughout the night. I specifically remember joining 4 of them, but there may have been more. My mind is a bit fuzzy at the moment. That's what loud music and dim lights do to my brain.

Before the night ended, Juicebox set up a goal for us: to take as many pictures with as many people as possible. And so we did:
With Van

Amanda, Me, Juicebox

Juicebox, Shirley, Moi

Us & Cynthia

Juicebox, Jenny N, Nazan, Susan & Me

Us & John

Me, Van, Khai + Juicebox

Us & Matt

Us & David

Us & Another David

Van, Me, Jeffrey + Juicebox

Us, Sophie and Franchesca

Van, Jenny, Gary, and the Side of My Head

But then, my aim started getting a bit off, especially with the tall guys:

With Anthony

Bradley's Chin

Elic's Chin

Michael's Chin

Sameer's Chin

Daniel's Chin (I think)

You know what amazes me?! The fact that I can recognise all these people by their chins. It can be my new talent or something. If there was a gameshow called Guess Them By Their Chin!, I could totally win.

Anyway, I'm off to bed again. I woke up this morning looking like a raccoon (from the eyebags and the smeared eye makeup that I wasn't bothered to wash off last night) and limping (from dancing for 2 hours straight last night, on 10cm stilettos). Then I need to shower again (properly this time, I don't think I finished washing all the sweat from last night off yet. It was so hot and packed on the dancefloor, and I kept sweating and sweating in places I didn't even know I could sweat).

P.S. Notice that this is our 100th post? Yep, check the archives if you must. We have reached our first milestone. Hurrah!

Night Of Your Life

Thursday, November 27

Yes, I realise that Juicebox and I may be a little over prepared for the formal, but really, you have to make the best out of everything in life, and that includes your first formal. How often do you get to dress up, go out with the rest of your grade, and see everyone else dressed up? Seriously, go and try to imagine half the guys in our grade, in a tux. Go on. You see?! You will find yourself unable to imagine them, and on the night of the formal, you will get to see them all dressed up, and it'll be an experience to never forget.

So you'd want to make the most out of it, non?! Here's a list of things to do, to enjoy the formal to the max:

1. Be comfortable. Don't wear a dress too tight or too short if you're going to be feeling self conscious, don't wear a strapless dress if you're going to be pulling it up constantly, and don't wear towering heels if you think you'll suffer vertigo.

2. Eat as your heart desires. You're paying $135 or so, so don't let that food go to waste. Eat it up and eat it well.

3. Dance like nobody's watching. If dancing isn't your forte, join in anyway. No one's going to judge your dancing abilities, so say yes if someone asks you to dance with them, dance if the dancefloor is packed, and ask someone to dance with you if none of the above happen (yes, you!)

4. Live in the moment. Don't worry about the crappy day you had, don't contemplate the freezing shower you're going to take at 1am afterwards- enjoy the moment

5. Have an awesome girly session beforehand. Go to your friend's house, give each other pedicures, curl each other's hair, and giggle together. Yes, not all of us are girlie girls, but you don't have to take it seriously. Well; you could, but if you don't want to, just do it for the laughs.

6. Take a mother lode of pictures. Put it on your blogs (you can count on us to!), upload it to your bebo/myspace/facebook, cherish it forever and ever

7. Look amazing. Do all those finishing touches to your outfit, even if you don't think anyone's going to notice. It's not about what people think of you; it's how you feel.

8. Stay sober. This probably goes without saying, and I know the venue doesn't serve alcohol, but every year, people sneak in alcohol. So stay away from the temptation- you wouldn't want to trip into a wall or something.

Do the above and I can guarantee you an amazing night.

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, November 25

I’m on work experience this week with Teacup at a fashion company in the city, and although I am so damn tired at the moment, I am enjoying every single second of it. So, as my ♥ du jour this week, I’ll tell you all about my joys at work experience.

1. The clothes: There are literally racks and racks of clothes in there, all colour coordinated, all very nice. It is my dream to be able to walk in there and dress myself every morning. I want to live there!

2. The freebies: Teacup and I have already taken reels of fabric home. We've gathered a lot of satin, silk chiffon, lace and tulle, with which Teacup is going to turn into tutus for the both of us. The whole process was very sneezey. The fabric room upstairs is very dusty and we constantly sneeze while inhaling a heap of dust. But that’s not the best part! Our supervisor has promised us free clothes at the end of the week! I am so excited.

3. The environment: The people there are extremely friendly. It’s a family business. The parents are in charge of the whole company, and each of the children take a different sector. Isn’t that so sweet? I wouldn’t mind working there at all.

4. The city: I love how everything’s so busy. All hustle and bustle. I guess the negative side to this is the crowdedness of the trains every morning/evening, but once you find yourself a seat, it’s all good.

5. The laughter: We had to take down racks and racks of clothes and hang them on the racks downstairs in time for the sale next week. Our work can be seen here:

But that picture shows nothing. You have no idea how much effort and trouble we put into taking all those dresses downstairs. We had to wheel them, rack at a time, down a very steep slope, up a kurby thing, through a door, and then take them off the racks, and put them onto those racks you see above.

Certain misfortunes include the whole rack collapsing, causing all the clothes to fall off in the middle of the street. What's worst is that a woman walking her dog happened to walk past, and I swear the dog was going to pee on all of the dresses if it wasn't so confined with its leash.

So whilst we grew bored of putting clothes on racks...

We saw this dress and we immediately thought of you, Jessica. It's very you. Especially the pattern at the bottom. What do you think?

How To Reward Yourself

Saturday, November 22

So you've just accomplished something big and need to find a way to congratulate yourself. Here's a list:

- Trudge down the the supermarkets, buy a 2L tub of your favourite icecream, and eat it straight out of the tub while watching your favourite movies
- Give yourself the chance to just lie down and think through things properly.
- Pamper yourself
- Give yourself a new look- haircut, a new wardrobe; whatever it takes
- Roam the streets and tell a completely random person of your latest accomplishment
- Buy something extravagant that you wouldn't normally buy. It doesn't have to be expensive: just something you think would be cool to have but don't think you need. Like a gumball machine. Or cute polkadot shower curtains. Or a disco ball. You get my drift, right?
- Get a massage
- Go out to a fancy buffet and eat to your stomach's content
- Make sure no one's home, blast the music and run around the house singing/headbanging/air guitaring like a rockstar
- Chuck yourself a party
- Bake yourself super cute cupcakes with lots and lots of sprinkles
- Go to your nearest department store and ask one of the make-up girls to give you a makeover

Go reward yourself, you deserve it.

Follow Us

Thursday, November 20

Just dropping by to tell you to follow our blog with bloglovin´. Frankly, iGoogle is stuffing up too often and I'm getting sick of it, so now I'm using bloglovin' to follow all your blogs. It's really easy to use, the design is pretty cute, and it can follow all blogs with and RSS feed, so go join and follow us nodnod

Fill The Gap

Wednesday, November 19

Hi, I know I promised some of you a post on Tina's birthday party today, but some unfortunately, I haven't received all the photos yet, so I must stall for more time. So I'm going to show you a little something I did today, to make up for it.

I know Juicebox and I haven't really been around all that much these days, with all the guest bloggers. And when guest bloggers aren't blogging, we're releasing posts that we wrote about 3 months ago, but we're back to keep you updated properly now.

Yesterday, I received a shiny new super slim camera, and decided to take it to school today, to test out its flashy new features. Fortunately, Juicebox and I were given the opportunity to test the camera when we were pulled out of Commerce class to sort out the almighty book room:

Welcome to the book room:

The book room is a world of wonders, where many fun exciting tasks can be performed, including:

Peering over atlases:

Balancing them on our heads (our faces were masks of concentration. Our aim was a bit off, so you can't really see Juicebox's magnificent mask):

And using the GeoActive CDs as eyes:

We also did other fun! adventurous! things with the book trolley and the giant maps, but let's not venture into there...

Next stop, the Year 7 toilet:

Yes that is toilet paper on her head. Don't ask me where she got the idea from

Juicebox pretending to throw up in the toilet bowl:

Isn't she a fantastic model? She managed to make the toilet look appealing.

And that ends my highly exciting adventure with my flashy new camera. Before I go, let me show you something else that's highly exciting: Van's mugshots:

Aren't they wonderful? I think van makes a fine criminal. Okay thats all for now, I promise to get that other post up soon

♥ Du Jour: Guest

Tuesday, November 18

Since Juicebox and I are both lazy bums, we've decided to christen this month guest contributor month! So meet this week's guest blogger: Ida.

The 5 things I like...
Well, apart from my special someone. There are other things I like... possibly love <3. style="font-weight: bold;">Cooking: especially cupcakes and desserts.

Maths: As most people know, another wonderful passion I have is Maths! J'adore maths <3. style="font-weight: bold;">Friends: they're the necessity for life, they are there to keep you grounded and to have FUN!

My iPod: it's another thing i can't live without. PLUS, it's engraced with my name!

Roxy: Very last but not least. I meant, Roxy the brand. The surf brand. One of my favourite things is Rozy stuff!

Anyways, that's all... for now.


Saturday, November 15

Expectations; they’re inflicted upon us everyday. Some surprise us and don’t act as expected, but the majority of us abide by them. While we’re not forced to do anything, the former isn’t usually the safest avenue to explore.

Upholding expectations are easier said than done. I am fortunate enough to have a very influential person in my life. This person however, is but inspirational to me. I do not aspire to be anything like them- if anything, they are the last person I would like to be when I’m older.

Despite my negative impression upon them however, I say I am fortunate because they inflict upon me a great sense of expectation; expectations greater than that of my parents in some aspects. They expose me to seemingly unreachable levels of achievements, and then raise them to even higher standards once I reach them.

And each and every time, I feel it my duty to perform to expectation. Maybe because I know how disappointing it is to have someone fail you.

I was presented with one of those situations only recently. I had expected a certain close friend to act accordingly given a certain situation, but that certainly wasn’t the case, and things had ended a little messy. I have learnt not to expect too much from that certain person anymore. Call it fear of disappointment or what you may, but I feel it pointless to invest any more hope upon them.

And that is exactly what I fear. I fear of having others lose hope in me.

Childhood Escapades

Thursday, November 13

We all have things we remember doing in our childhoods, things we wish we could still do, but things that we are afraid to do, because people will laugh at us.

Which is really sad, because what people think should not stop you from reliving your childhood. So the next month or so, you should get out and do those things that you have been aching to do since you realised you were old. Here's a list to get your started:

  • Ride a carousel
  • Put on rubber boots and jump in puddles
  • Dress up as a fairy princess
  • Blow a dandelion (highly recommended LOL)
  • Jump on your bed until you fall asleep
  • Ask 'are we there yet?' on a long car ride
  • Stop pretending that you think Christmas carols are corny
  • Eat a giant lollypop
  • Shoot people with waterguns, pretending that you are some Super Ninja
  • Join a colouring competition
  • Watch all those Disney movies you once loved (The Little Mermaid anyone?)
  • Have a tea-party with all your stuffed toys
  • Pick flowers out of your neighbour's garden and wear them in your hair (strictly your neighbour's garden. Where's the fun in picking out of your own garden?!)
  • Play hide-n-seek
  • Read a picture book
  • Stick a fake tattoo on your arm
  • Make a sculpture out of play-doh
  • Sit on a swing and try to do a 360 degree swing
  • Hold hands with a friend and spin around until you both fall over
  • Get your face painted
  • Take a bubble bath
You know you want to do it, so go. Oh, but before you do, is there anything you'd like to add to this list? =D

♥ Du Jour: Guest

Tuesday, November 11

Ok. So, it’s supposed to be my ♥ Du Jour day today, but I have a surprise for you all! (Gotta be spontaneous sometimes, you know?)

No, I have not abandoned tradition, and no I am not going to ditch this week’s segment. Well, I sort of, kind of am. Only kind of, because what we have here darlings, is a guest blogger!

Let us all warmly welcome Miss Jenny Nguyen. Have fun, sweetie!

1. Sneezing: One of the most desirable actions to perform when you’ve got a strong urge to keep it in and prevent your heart from jumping out of your nose. The satisfaction it grants you afterwards is extremely rewarding and can sometimes bring you to the brink of tears. Sneezing, in a peculiar way shakes me from my depressing mood and puts me in a more alert state. It is a message from god who warns me that I will soon get sick. Oh I love sneezing.

2. Jensen Ackles: otherwise known as the character who plays Dean on Supernatural. Oh he is so hot. What can I say? His features are admirable and I just want to stare at the TV forever.

3. Gothic lolitas:
I’ve always appreciated their existence, but now, they’ve grown into an obsession. With the formal coming up and me having nothing to wear, they have been the idealistic style of dress that will catch my eye. Its so mysterious and sexy and lacy and gorgeous looking. Oh I hope I get one for the formal.

4. Maple story:
This is the game that have both placed meaning into my life and adversely ruined it. I’ve played maplestory since year 6 but stop for a while because having other people steal your money due to having such a laggy internet is an EXTREME PISS-OFF. So when I finally got broadband, maplestory continued its reign on my life. There’s so much to love about it. Meeting people, scamming people, pissing people off, making money or just training around to level up makes my heart swell with utter delight. With the privilege of getting to play such a fun game, I’ve also realise that my brain matter is slowly decreasing to zero and my stupidness contributes to my marks. So, however much I love maplestory, I will stop at the end of this year unfortunately. But I still love it nonetheless and will resume playing in 2 years.

5. Sleep:
Sleep, the next best thing to sneezing, or it can be classified before sneezing. I love sleep. It makes the world a whole lot better of a place to live in. If I didn’t have sleep I wouldn’t be able to get the countless depressing matters concerning my life out of my head and it would’ve accumulated and exploded my brain. It’s a world that you can create and can shapeshift it however you like, which is why I love it so.

Yes, that's Jenny Nguyen for you this week. Don't you love her?

Anyways, do you
want to contribute to our blog? Tell us if you do, and we'll get you to blog for us whenever we're feeling a little lazy.

5 Meaningful Presents to Give

Saturday, November 8

Anyone can go into a store and pick out anything to wrap up and shove into their friend's arms. It takes someone special to actually bother to find or making something meaningful. Isn't it better to give a present that a person would remember for life, as opposed to some bought piece of crap that will be forgotten in 3 days?

So Teacup is here to rescue all her lovely readers from the doom of gifting drab presents. Here's a list of five meaningful presents you can give to someone:

1. Jar of $5 Hearts: The group and I have given this to the beloved Mandy, and I must say, it was the best present I've ever given anyone. I am proud to say that we all chipped in 20 $5 dollar notes, folded them into little hearts, and stuck them in a pretty jar. Learn how to make paper love hearts by clicking here. Finding it difficult to fold the money? Well you should, because it is plastic. Try using a hair-straightening/iron to press the money- don't melt the money though (like JG did), and don't burn yourself either (like I did.)

2. Scrapbook of Memories: If the receiver is someone who you have known for a while, collect photos of all your years together and paste them in chronological order + write comments. Extra points if you put it in a nice book (not just any old scrapbook.) Find a leather-bound album, or even better: get it professionally printed and binded, like here.

3. Star Jar of Messages:Write messages in little strips of paper, fold them up into a star and display them in a glass jar. It's the oldest trick in the book, but very fun!

4. Write them a song: If you're musical + capable of singing without imploding people's eardrums, then this is a definite do. Compose a song, record it, print your face on the CD (or their face, whichever's preferable), and tell them to play it on repeat.

5. A hug: If everything else fails, a hug never fails.

What's the most thoughtful gift you've ever received/given?

Spice of Ice

Thursday, November 6

Did you know…

There is now such a thing as savoury ice-cream?

I had no idea.

French gourmet ice-cream company Phillipe Faur has introduced savoury flavours inclusing foie gras and white surgeon caviar.The “parfums sales” (salty flavours) collection- which also features chives, saffron and chilli- doubles as dips and melts into sauces.

I find this very… disturbing. By “[doubling] into dip and [melting] into sauce”, does it not mean that we’d be eating… sauces… alone? Wouldn’t that taste a little funny?

Yes, it would... That picture looks like sand and poop blended together, and shoved into the freezer.

What do you think? Would you ever try it?

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, November 4

1. My soon-to-be Anna Sui wallet:
well technically, it's already mine. It just has yet to reach my hands. I discovered it on ebay last week and after much contemplating, ordered Van to buy it for me. FOR $40(AU)!!! The original selling price was US$169, and at our current economic crisis, it should've costed me $252. Isn't it looooovely?

2. Going shoe-shopping: Last friday, I went to buy shoes for the formal. It was so fun. Yet so tiring. I literally stepped in and out of dozens of shoes, and if you know me well enough, you'd know that I'm very very undecisive. Meaning that before I buy something as expensive or as important as my formal shoes, I would have to try on every pair of shoes that fit the criteria, in every single shoe store before I could decide. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy the shoes that I fell in love with the moment I laid my eyes on them. Thats because they were 14cm high (completely unwalkable in), and $120 (completely unspendable on.)

3. Black lace: I have this thing with black lace. I don't know why or how, but I absolutely love black lace, and will fall completely head over heels in love with most things containing black lace. Is that weird? Do normal people like black lace with such passion?

4. If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern: forget the book, I love Cecelia Ahern herself. All her books are so... WONDERFUL. They all contain whimsical themes and modern fairytale-esque plots. However, my favourite book from her is If You Could See Me Now, which explores the possibility of invisible friends. It's about a young woman who is too caught up in her work and too closed minded to accept new different things, but eventually learns to let go of her insecurities and what others think of her. It's so sad and melancholic, yet playful. All her books feel make me feel somewhat nostalgic. You have to read her books. I could go on and on about her, or write a whole post about Cecelia Ahern, but I'll leave it up to you to do some research on her.

5. click here to lookie. It's an online store, stocking heaps of Australian designer including Anna & Boy, Bowie, Rachel Gilbert and Fleur Wood. They sell all types of clothing, from swimwear to formal dresses. Items I'm loving from leblackbook: satin dress from Rachel Gilbert, black jacket from Shakuhachi, and I LOVELOVELOVE this white Velerie Tolosa dresss.

To: The Future Successful Me #5

Saturday, November 1

Hi. Me again. I don't know about you but I am really excited about my formal that's coming up. Maybe you'll look back on this and laugh at your own silliness. But this is my first official formal function, other than weddings which don't really count. Maybe at your older age, you don't find these things as exciting. After all, you're probably rich and famous, and you get invited to soirees and garden parties every other day.

But really, this is my first chance to be with people my own age, who are all glammed up in pretty dresses or cute tuxes. It has to be perfect, right?

So I have made myself a list of what to bring/buy/do:

  1. Buy a dress. Or in my case, make. The reason why I decided to design my own dress, as opposed to buy one, is because the dresses I find at the shops are never perfect. They're either the wrong colour, the wrong size, or there is something about them that makes them a few points off perfect. Hence why I make my own dress- I choose the colour, it fits me perfectly, and it's exactly the way I want it. For those who aren't privileged enough to view my lovely dress (HAHA don't even try snivelling up to me now), here's a hint- it's one of my favouritest things in the world. A Grecian goddess gown. *swoons*
  2. Get shoes. Which I still have yet to do. Juicebox, Van, Jess and I have made this mutual pact to wear heels of height equal or greater than 10cm (4inches).
  3. Jewellery! I'm planning to make my necklace and earrings as well, so the beads will match my dress exactly. I'm thinking extravagant, layered and beaded. I get to, because my dress is strapless =]. You can quote me: if you're wearing a strapless dress, you must wear a necklace. Otherwise the space between your shoulders will look wide, expansive and like a blank canvas. Which is not good.
  4. Make-up: At first, I wasn't planning on wearing any, but now that I've given it a good though, I think I will. Minimal though. Juicebox and I are thinking of leaving Work Experience early on the day, to go to the superMyer in the city (which probably has a whole floor dedicated to make-up), and just sneak some from the MAC counter.
  5. Hair: okay this one doesn't really apply to me, because it's too short to have anything done to it. Not to mention the fact that I plan on giving it a little snip again before the formal.
  6. My Emergency Teacup-To-The-Rescue Kit: because we're planning on meeting at a friend's house before the formal, hell will break loose and everyone is going to panic, then everyone will panick moreso because everyone else is. Therefore, my emergency kit. Including: double sided tape, thread (in both black and white!) and needle, hairspray, sanitary pads, tissues, lots and lots of bobby pins, clear nailpolish (this does wonders for stray bits of thread), and scissors. Oh, and pepper spray of course (in case someone makes an attempt to ruin my dress).
I am totally prepared for this. 28 days, and counting.