♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, December 9

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1. Kris Kringle: So it’s finally over. And it was, THANK GOD, a success. Only two people managed to forget their presents despite both Teacup and my constant reminders throughout the week. They have their chance to redeem themselves tomorrow, and another reminder will be going their way soon enough.
I received a pair of bleach washed skinny jeans from Phuong, which I adore. Thank you, sweetie!

2. Christmas: Following on from above, I am loving the Christmas spirit! Teacup has got me into listening to Christmas carols on repeat, and they are absolutely impossible not to start singing along to. Even if, I get weird looks thrown at me from my sister every now and then.

3. My new wardrobe: I received a tonne of new clothes from work experience recently, and I LOVE getting dressed even more than I used to.

4. Owned on Facebook: I am addicted. It is so stupidly addictive. And a waste of time. And pointless. But I am addicted to it nonetheless. The idea of making big money, even if it is only “lunch money”, is drugging me.

5. Anticipating the school holidays: For once in a very long time, I actually have things PLANNED. Well, I’m not entirely planning anything, but there are things planned. Which I plan to attend. Like Van's beach outing.