Friday, December 19

The year is coming to an end, and Juicebox and I have been thinking of steering into a different direction for the coming year. A physical makeover is already underway, but we thought we'd ask for your opinion before we make any drastic personality makeovers. So please help us make a better place, and answer whatever questions you can below:

1. Should we blog more or less?

2. Should we continue our love du jour posts every Tuesday?

3. Should we play music on our website?

4. Here's the big one. We're thinking of making more ~cultured~. Which means that we would still write about fashion, and our lives, but also about other aspects of life that we fail to write about, including music, art, and inspirations. So what do you think? Yup or nup?

And lastly, 5. What do you want to see more of? Less of? What should we introduce, and what should we stop doing? How can we make better?

Guns, Liquor & Synced Stomping

Wednesday, December 17

As you may or may not be aware of, last Friday was my sweet 16th. Being the party animal Teacup is, she organised a birthday party for me last Sunday. I don't know why I'm not blogging about it, but here's Van's version of it:

I have a really strange habit of choosing outfits to wear on the day that I am due out with it. It’s also known as pure, disgusting laziness. Whilst I have never doubted my sense of style, I have hardly ever been particularly proud of things I wear out because it was pulled together at the last minute. It surely doesn’t help when nature acts against you and give you overly crappy weather which makes outfit choosing even harder because you’ve got limitations.

When Alex, Gary & I finally arrived at Sophie’s house, after many minutes of walking uphill and trying to avoid getting mugged by Bankstown gangsters, we were greeted by the rest of the crew. Sophie’s house is very cool (temperature-wise), which is nice and allowed us to recover from our heat strokes, or maybe it was just my largely and rapidly deteriorating state of fitness.

Dance Dance Revolution.
Those are the priceless moments that no words can describe enough, you must see to believe. Thank God Teacup had the synced stomping recorded so I can freely muse over it for the lonely days to come.

Truth or Dare/Spin the Bottle (well, in our case, it was Spin the Gun)
Well, if I told you the game went perfectly fine and smoothly, I’d be lying. In fact, there were a lot of interruptions and pauses which we could have done without, but nonetheless it was memorable. I think I was the only one that chose truth – I just wanted to stand out.
Someone was dared to go ask the next door neighbour for toilet paper. Another person was asked to go tell the gangster downstairs that his hair makes her hawttt. Someone also came up with the idea for Sophie to shove her hands in the smashed wall, and swirl around, which could have been potentially dangerous but then again, we are dare devils. Besides me. Whatever!

Jessica with her new-found roll of toilet paper

Self explanatory! See photo, please. We weren’t quite successful, and shall attempt again to get a perfect pimp shot next time the opportunity arise.

All the girl's faces had to be blurred out. Everyone either looked drugged, drunken, or recently punched in the face.

Buffet Dinner
It was unreasonable that we paid $19 + @2 drinks for dinner, but we are young and we are stupid. It was not bad actually, considering the amount of food (which were good quality as well) made available to us. Not only that, it wasn’t time constrained like many other buffet places. They had like many categories of food and a large variety. Too bad I’m such a stupid idiot who is too choosy about her food to take full advantage of everything on offer.

Hike to Jessica’s House
I’m not sure why we decided to hike to Jessica’s house in the first place, but I think it was a combination of many minor reasons. Anyways, Teacup, Juicebox, Gary, David & Daniel tagged along with Jessica & I to Jessica’s place

After disgraceful flying abouts of skirts everywhere due to hefty wind, we decided that we would change to something less scandalous. And so, Jessica & I did. I borrowed her colourful sweetheart cut dress and she got into short shorts – they were somewhat scandalous still if you had asked me but it was much better than hugging your hem to avoid flashing unnecessarily and embarrassingly.

Liquor Store
It’s kind of intimidating that a family friendly video store is located at the heart of a semi abandoned liquor store but that was exactly how it was. We got into the store, to the shock of Daniel, David & Gary.

“You’re underage!” says Gary
“OMG, it’s a liquor store!” says someone else
*Daniel silently slips away in fear & shock*

That was before we told them that it was a video store if you look closely – they came in silently and amused once they realised this was true.

Now I'll leave you with the rest of the photos:

Alex the pilot preparing to crash his 20 passengers

Jess being shot while shooting Jenny N's butt.

David and the Blue Bonds Panties.

Moi, Jess, Van wearing his paedo face, and David

A toilet paper fight erupted when night arrived and people started getting high on sugar/drunk.

Classique partaye game, Twister

Last but not least, the Birthday Girl =D

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, December 16

Strawberry licorice: it's getting stuck between my teeth as I speak, but that's okay because it's lovely taste makes up for all the sticky business

Twister: We were playing this at Sophie's house just the other day (more of this on Thursday), and even though it feels like you're doing yoga with people's limbs intertwined into yours, it's great fun..

Fairy lights: I love the look of fairy lights in shop windows, front of houses and on Christmas trees. this website manages to make me laugh out loud, cry, and melt inside. Some of the postcards are so sad, whilst others are so sweet. It makes my day every Sunday.

Black sequins: they're glitzy and glamorous at the same time. It's a newfound obsession.

Change The World

Saturday, December 13

Isn't it funny how you can know someone for years and hardly notice them. Then suddenly, they catch your eye and you fall in love with them? Or, how you suddenly become friends with someone you've never really talked to, after you get the chance to find that you have things in common?

It's because you haven't given yourself the chance to know them, or you stuck with previous impressions or judgements. Imagine this: everyone accepts each other wholly, no one judges each other, and first impressions aren't really important because people would give each other the chance to express themselves fully. Wouldn't the world be such a nice place?

So starting from today, go out there and change the world:
- do not hold people to the first impressions they give you
- do not hold expectations upon others
- accept people for who they are, imperfections and all
- forget and forgive
- remember that people change, for the better and the worse
- strike up conversations with people who you normally wouldn't talk to
- keep your mind open, accept other people's beliefs and opinions, and state your own
- accept that people make mistakes
- learn that people can learn from their mistakes
- make mistakes of your own, and learn

It's not that long, and it's not that hard, so GO.

P.S. We reach another milestone! Today, officially turns half a year old!

Life Lessons

Thursday, December 11

So, as of tomorrow, I will have been alive for 16 years. The little life lessons I have learnt in that time:

If you know you’re not going to able to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, then for Pete's sake, don’t set the alarm to ring at that time! You may think that maybe, maybe this time you’ll be able drag yourself out of your warm cozy bed, maybe. But you’ve never been able to, and it’s about time that you know you’ll always stay in bed until it is absolutely necessary that you get up.

Your grades in year 7 do not count in the real world. Neither do detentions. And surprise surprise, your future employer is not going to want to know what mark you got for your Science report either. Save yourself the eye bags for when you’re that rich and successful business woman. In the meantime, go to sleep.

Browsing clothes online has got to stop. It brings you nothing but depression for lack of affordability.

People change. So when your first ever best friend turns up with a boyfriend all of a sudden, don’t be offended. There is no need to remind her of that pact you made when you were eight about growing old together in the absence of the male specie.

Should you ever have the bright idea of stalking someone, then for the love of god, don’t tell them! You will only scare them off. It’s a natural reaction.

You and shopping trolleys. You guys are just not meant to be! Don't push it!

Next time you write yourself a sticky note reminder, make sure you actually understand the meaning behind the strange codes you make up for yourself. Honestly, “medi m+c” either means you can’t understand yourself, or you need to take mac and cheese as medication.

So your brother likes olives. Just because you picked them out everytime you ate your food when you were his age, doesn’t mean you get to steal his now!

♥ Du Jour

Tuesday, December 9

1. Kris Kringle: So it’s finally over. And it was, THANK GOD, a success. Only two people managed to forget their presents despite both Teacup and my constant reminders throughout the week. They have their chance to redeem themselves tomorrow, and another reminder will be going their way soon enough.
I received a pair of bleach washed skinny jeans from Phuong, which I adore. Thank you, sweetie!

2. Christmas: Following on from above, I am loving the Christmas spirit! Teacup has got me into listening to Christmas carols on repeat, and they are absolutely impossible not to start singing along to. Even if, I get weird looks thrown at me from my sister every now and then.

3. My new wardrobe: I received a tonne of new clothes from work experience recently, and I LOVE getting dressed even more than I used to.

4. Owned on Facebook: I am addicted. It is so stupidly addictive. And a waste of time. And pointless. But I am addicted to it nonetheless. The idea of making big money, even if it is only “lunch money”, is drugging me.

5. Anticipating the school holidays: For once in a very long time, I actually have things PLANNED. Well, I’m not entirely planning anything, but there are things planned. Which I plan to attend. Like Van's beach outing.

All I Want For Christmas...

Saturday, December 6

Santa's coming, so I think it's about time we all compiled our wishlists (you know, in case we're on Santa's good list this year). I realise that I'm a greedy person who wants too much, but if you're reading this Santa, give me one of the below, and I promise to be a good girl for the whole of next year:

  1. A really cute blazer.
  2. 'Influence' by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
  3. A super soft and comfortable robe from Peter Alexander
  4. Fred Flare black lace gloves
  5. Gwen Stefani's fragrance collection: Harajuku Lovers
  6. Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior
  7. White pendant lamps from IKEA
  8. 'The Gift' by Cecelia Ahern
  9. Fred Flare super cute necklace (it comes with the key too!)
  10. Valerie Tolosa cream lace dress
  11. Bloom Lip Balm (the packaging is adorable)
  12. Kookai jumpsuit (I thought I was against all jumpsuits in existence, until I saw this)
  13. An apple green Sony Vaio
  14. A pretty sleeping mask (I went with Van to buy this really cute mask that said 'Love Is Blind'. Ngawww!)
  15. Juicy Couture Sea Salt Soak (I really have no clue what to do with this, but I fell in love with the goblet)
  16. 'Beauty in Bloom' by Natalie Bloom
What do you want this Christmas?

Reasons Why I Love Christmas

Thursday, December 4

1. The festivity: It’s all about the spirit of things! Everyone gets into it, whether they celebrate it religiously or not. You get to shout out “Merry Christmas” to anyone everyone who passes by, instead of your usual silent passing bys.

2. The shopping: Walk into Westfields and you’re greeted with tasteful Christmasey interior decorations. Not only that, it’s the season where store windows are graced with discount offers that just beg you to walk in. It’s a chance to overdose on the shopping, whether it be for yourself or others because this time, you actually have an excuse; it’s Christmas!

3. The presents: It’s always nice to be able to open a present you received from someone and absolutely love what’s inside. It’s even better to be able to find the perfect present you know someone else would totally adore.

4. The Christmas lights: It’s the only time where a drive out in the middle of the night can give you a warm cozy feeling. The streets are adorned with countless multicoloured little twinkling lights that promise to melt any heart.

5. The family time: My family always has a Christmas BBQ where everyone gathers around and fills each other in on the little adventures of life. It’s one of the very few opportunities to do so throughout the year. We don’t chuck that many big parties.

I can’t wait until Christmas. Another 21 days.

To: The Future Successful Me #6

Monday, December 1

Hey future me. Your year 10 formal is probably a distant fuzzy memory that you think back on occasionally, and I hope it makes you smile, because the formal was the best night of my life (so far). It opened my eyes in so many ways, and I now view the world, my fellow classmates, and even myself differently.

I am somewhat a control freak. My piano and violin teachers tell me so. They say that I should allow myself to make more mistakes instead of aiming for perfection. My parents think that I often make plans and stick to them too strictly.

Now, as I view back at these comments as post-formal me, I can see how right they are. I simply plan too much. Before the formal, Juicebox and I were coming up with conversation starters to make the atmosphere at our table less awkward, we were planning on how we would eat as to not wreck our lipstick, and we planned on arriving looking fresh as daisies, and departing equally poised.

But of course, our arriving one hour late wrecked the grand master plan, and at first, I thought this kind of sucked. But then I realised that the people on my table are interesting as they are, and don't need my prompting to start a conversation. I realised that once I licked off my lipstick and simply stopped caring about how my face would be wrecked, I had so much more fun. I realised that if I simply let go and stopped caring about what other people thought of me, I could dance for the fun of it, be carefree, less self-conscious and seriously have fun.

Who knew that breaking plans could be so refreshing?!

When I look back now, I'm proud of the wild and carefree me that is somewhere deep within me. I am also so glad that the rest of the people in our grade broke free of my expectations, and deep inside them too, were wild carefree party animals. The fact that everyone stopped caring and let loose made the formal so much better than what I expected.

That's why the formal was so perfect for me. It was completely unexpected; the way I was, the way everyone was, the way it turned out. I hope that sometime in the future, there can be some other event that can bring out that wild and carefree side of me again.