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Advent calender ideas from Crafty Computer Paper


Christmas Course

Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar was created using Microsoft Photo draw but any Image editor can be used. I have not used any special graphics but just the Clip art provided with the program.

To begin you need to open your editor and select a sheet of A4 size paper. I inserted different Christmas graphics using the clip art provided. I chose a border design and then added other images and arranged them on the paper until I reached my desired effect. You can use your imagination, use photos of the kids or any type of artwork.

We printed this design using the Watercolor paper found in the Artists paper product catergory.

For the next stage open another page in your editor and draw 24 squares. Draw one square then copy and paste it 25 times, this will give you squares of the same size. Within these square add numbers from 1 - 25. Print this image off using ordinary paper

After you have printed off stage 2 you can work on stage 3. I selected 25 pictures from my clip art selection then reduced them in size and positioned them into each square. I then selected the square and deleted it leaving behind the image.

I used Silver Stacey glittery paper to print off this image.

You are now ready to assemble the calendar. You have 3 sheets of paper

1- watercolor top
2- Plain paper square images
3- Skicky glitter silver paper with small images


This is what the watercolor looks like when it has been printed off. The paper is quite thick and has a lovely texture, it takes the ink very well and produces a good quality hand painted effect.

Take the square printed paper and position it exactly on top of the watercolor paper. Place both pieces of paper on top of a cutting mat.

Use tape to secure all 4 sides of the paper.

With a Craft knife cut around 3 sides of each square
After you have cut around all the squares we are going to pick out the numbers which have been placed inside the squares. To do this easily we are going to use The Magic hot foil pen.

Still with the paper secured with tape, carefully slide the foils between the squares paper and the watercolor paper. Press hard with the heat pen and trace over the printed numbers. This will create a professional finish and will ensure that all the numbers are the same size and positioned in the right place. The heat pen will add a little sparkle and create an inlaid effect on the watercolor paper. Even if you used a gold pen or paint you would not produce as good an effect as the Hot foil pen.

When you have finished peel back the squared plain paper and discard.

To make the bottom half of the calendar I stuck the sticky glittery paper onto plain gold card. The silver sticky glittery paper with produce an original effect, If you print yellow onto this paper it turns to gold.
Using glue I covered the back of the watercolor paper then positioned it exactly over the top of the sliver paper base.
To make it more christmassy, I used an ordinary hole punch and punched a few holes around the border of the calendar, you could use any shape it you want but I only had a round punch.

Then using the holes I threaded wrapping paper ribbon through the holes to form a border. At the top I tied a bow and this doubled as a hook to hang onto the wall.


Here are some pictures of the finished calendar. This Calendar took me 1 hour to make from start to finish and the cost of it was £2.50. This method could be applied to different styles, why not make a round calendar like a clock with 1 cut square that can be moved around each day revealing a new picture.

If you have any questions concerning this project please e-mail me or ring 01434 689 582

I hope you enjoyed this weeks course and I look forward to seeing you next week.


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