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GEASS Director Taniguchi-san Discusses English VA

Code Geass is lined up for broadcast on Adult Swim this spring! The cast members for the English version have been announced in rapid succession. And for the selections of the main cast, the localizing studio ZRO limit met directly with Mr. Taniguchi to ask for his thoughts. Before beginning, Mr. Taniguchi pointed out that in Japan and America, even if the voices and music are the same, they would create different impressions, so he was not necessarily sure that his own opinions would hold true for American audiences.

The director told them about what he placed the greatest importance on when selecting the Japanese cast, the necessary elements of each character, and the special qualities of the characters' voices. Bearing all this in mind, ZRO Limit began making its casting selections. Here, we'd like to introduce you to some of Mr. Taniguchi's comments on the key elements of Lelouch, Suzaku, and C.C.

First off, Mr. Taniguchi spoke of Lelouch's (Imperial-born) noble sophistication, intellect, and occasional theatricality as being essential parts of his personality. Also, the gentleness deep below his cold willingness to use any means necessary. He explained that, while the character may have strong negative elements, the nature of the character's voice has to contain the good part of the character which the audience would never hate, and this is an integral part of a hero.

With Suzaku, contrary to Lelouch, it is necessary for his murderous intent to be present in the nature of his voice, and that aspect of him is threatening to Lelouch, Mr. Taniguchi said. Also, the balance with Lelouch's voice is also important.

And with regards to C.C., it is important that the impression given isn't that she's beating Lelouch in terms of power politics when she criticizes him. Accordingly, it is a key point that the impression created by her voice is that she is not older than Lelouch in age. Also, the limited range of the emotions she lets show is a critical element of C.C.s personality.

After consideration of the key elements of all the characters in this way, the full cast was selected, and from here on out it will be up to them to carry the tale of Code Geass in the English-language version! We wait with anticipation for the cast to bring the English Lelouch and Suzaku and each and every other character to vivid, spectacular life!!


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