The Messenger from Kyoto
Shirley is flustered about the relationship between Lelouch and Kallen. She gathers up her courage to ask Lelouch out on a date.

During that time, Kyoto, the organization who controls the terrorists behind the scenes, was requesting to meet the Black Knights in person. Lelouch decides to turn down Shirley to go see Kyoto. The representative of Kyoto orders Zero to show his face, even though he doesn’t show his own. But the other members of the Black Knights wanted to see Zero’s face too. Unperturbed, Lelouch takes off his mask. Lelouch already knew who the representative of Kyoto was. His name is Kirihara, a man who knows Lelouch and his background.

Meanwhile, Shirley is waiting for Lelouch. Lelouch is surprised to see her long after their appointment. Shirley just came back from Narita where she identified her father’s body. Lelouch comforts Shirley in the rain...

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