Geass vs Geass
Lelouch had lost consciousness in the last battle. When he comes to, he finds that his gun is gone and there is blood on the floor. He is suspicious that Shirley found out his secret identity. He follows her to Narita with C.C.. C.C. asks what he plans to do if Shirley did know, but Lelouch doesn’t have an answer.

In Narita, Shirley meets a mysterious man named Mao. He seems to know what Shirley is thinking. He even knew that she had shot someone to protect Lelouch.

Mao is a Geass user. Shirley, manipulated by Mao, decides to kill Lelouch and herself to pay for the sins they’ve committed.

Against a Geass user who could read his mind, there was nothing Lelouch could do. Just then, C.C. comes to his aid and faces the man she gave the power to. Meanwhile, Lelouch decides to say goodbye forever to Shirley.

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