After Lelouch finds out about Suzakuís bloody past, he relates to him because he also killed his own brother. Around that time the Shiseiken members seek the help of the Black Knights. They need help rescuing Tohdoh, who had been caught by the Britannian Forces. Lelouch promises them that he would get Tohdoh back, and heads to the Chofu military base with the Black Knights.

They attack using their new and improved Knightmare Frames, the GEKKA. It had been improved with the help of Rakshata, an engineer who had recently joined the Black Knights. They break through the Britannian Forces and succeed in rescuing Tohdoh. Just then, Lancelot shows up. Lelouch, who had figured out Lancelotís moves, is finally able to run Lancelot down. But he finds out that Suzaku has been piloting Lancelot all along, and cannot strike the final blow. Euphemia, who has been watching the battle, orders Suzaku to become her knight.

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