Battle at Kyushu
Overnight, a man seizes control of the Fukuoka military base and declares the launch of the independent state of “Japan.” The man is Atsushi Sawazaki, a member of the former Kururugi regime. Backing Sawazaki is the Chinese Federation. Zero criticizes Sawazaki’s action claiming that it would only be a puppet government controlled by a foreign country. The Black Knights claim that they will launch a true independent state in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Suzaku, who was in custody of the Britannian Forces for his defiance at Shikine Island, tells Euphemia that he resigns his knighthood. It was so he wouldn’t cause Euphemia any more trouble.

Suzaku is released because Lancelot is needed to annihilate the Sawazaki group. Although his energy filler runs out, he still refuses to stop fighting. During the battle, Euphemia tells him her true feelings.

The Black Knights were also heading to Kyushu to stop the Sawazaki group. Zero and Suzaku collaborate to fight against a common enemy!
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