The Princess and the Witch
Zero showed himself to the Britannia Empire to save Suzaku. There, he claimed that he was the one to blame for Clovis’ death. The incident spread his name throughout Area 11, and the Britannian Forces start to move to find and capture Zero.

At the academy, Lelouch returns to his room at the clubhouse and is welcomed by his sister Nunnally and C.C.. C.C. was the girl who gave Lelouch the mysterious power of Geass. Lelouch is flustered by C.C.’s appearance, and even more so when she decides to stay with him. Meanwhile, Suzaku is released because of lack of evidence and meets a girl named Euphie. Although they’ve just met, Euphie asks Suzaku to show her Area 11. The two head to Shinjuku Ghetto, just when a battle between the purists of Britannian Forces erupts. Suzaku rushes in the middle of it, despite the danger. But it was Euphie who stopped the battle — it turns out that she is the third princess of Britannia Empire.

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