The Black Knights
Devastated by the power of organization Cornelia showed him in the last battle, Lelouch leads Kallen and her group to form the “Black Knights.” At the same time, the largest anti-Britannia organization in Japan, the Japan Liberaton Front, was taking hostages at a hotel by the lake. Among the hostages were members from the Ashford Academy student council and the third princess of Britannia Empire, Euphemia. Cornelia and the Britannian Forces plan a rescue mission, but cannot act because they are worried about Euphemia’s safety.

Lelouch comes forward as Zero and tells Cornelia that he will save Euphemia. Even if that means that he will fight against Elevens, he claims that the Black Knights are allies of the weak and “work for justice.” But when Lelouch faces Euphemia in the hotel, he points his gun at her. That is when Suzaku’s Lancelot charges in.

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