Guren Dances
A Britannian applies to join the Black Knights. His name is Diethard Ried, a TV producer. The members of the Black Knights think he is a spy for Britannia, but Lelouch uses the information Diethard brings and heads to the Narita mountains. According to the information, Cornelia is about to attack Narita where it is believed the headquarters of the Japan Liberation Front is located. Is it Diethard’s trap, or could he be for real?

Lelouch uses his Geass to infiltrate the Britannian Forces’ watch-house and is successful in manipulating information. Futhermore, he inspires the Black Knights who are terrified of fighting Cornelia by saying he would create a miracle. The Japan Liberation Front is crushed one by one by Cornelia’s troops. During that time Lieutenant-General Tohdoh, known as the Japanese soldier of miracle, prepares for battle too. Lelouch launches the first Japanese Knightmare, the Guren Mk-II.

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