Battle for Narita
Zero and the Black Knights were able to isolate Cornelia and her unit. Tohdoh launches his unit according to Zeroís plans. Zero was finally able to surround Cornelia, and orders her to surrender. But Cornelia refuses to throw away her pride as princess and is willing to fight until death. Thatís when Suzakuís Lancelot appears and changes the turn of events. The Black Knights have no other choice but to retreat. Lancelot chases after them to capture Zero. He succeeds without knowing that it is Lelouch under the mask. Just as Zero is about to be caught, C.C. appears and uses her mysterious powers to stop Suzaku. C.C.ís powers penetrate Suzakuís brain and countless images of horror go through his head. Lelouch touches C.C. and is also able to see inside of Suzakuís brain. Inside his mind, Suzaku was facing his late father...

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