Nunnally Held Hostage
While Lelouch was gone, Nunnally was kidnapped. It was Mao. He had escaped from the police to have revenge on Lelouch. Mao uses Nunnally’s life as a prize of a game and challenges Lelouch. The time limit is 5 hours. But Lelouch doesn’t even know where Nunnally and Mao are.

Suzaku finds out about the kidnapping, and tries to help Lelouch. Both think hard to come up with a plan, but Mao can read their thoughts as long as he is within 1/3 of a mile. They figure out that he must be within that range, and find Nunnally. However, a bomb had been set, about to detonate the instant someone moves it. Lelouch faces Mao and admits defeat, but that was part of his genius strategy. Mao is caught once again, and in the process he leaks a secret Suzaku has been hiding.

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