His Name is Zero
Kallen meets the mysterious man who saved her and her group at Shinjuku Ghetto. She doesn’t realize that this man who calls himself Zero is her classmate Lelouch. As Zero, Lelouch tells Kallen that terrorism would not change the world. If she really wants to change the world, she needs to start a war. And he states that he will show her his power to make the impossible possible.

Arrested with charges of assassinating Clovis, Suzaku was heading to military court, with hundreds of Britannians observing from the roadside. Zero claims that he will save Suzaku. Kallen and her group are in doubt, but agree to help anyway. Zero appears in front of the jeep that carries Suzaku, and states that he was the one who killed Clovis. And he succeeds in manipulating Jeremiah with his newly obtained power. However, Suzaku refuses Zero’s help and continues to head to court.

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