As Lelouch claimed, the Black Knights continue to operate as allies of the weak. They find more members and the organization grows. But Suzaku criticizes the action of the Black Knights as self-righteousness. He insists that they should not use power to attack the system from the outside, but to change the structure from the inside. Suzaku, who is an Eleven but affiliated with the Britannian Forces and Lelouch, who is a Britannian but vows to crush Britannia, has opposite visions.

Kallen is half Britannian and half Eleven, but her complicated family situation made her resent Britannia. She feels a pang of doubt towards the unidentified Zero, but also feels that he is necessary to change the world.

The Black Knights take on a new mission, to stop the illicit sales of a drug called “Refrain” that is popular among the Elevens. At the site, Kallen sees a person she knows.
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