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CAN2008 Competition Winner

We are proud to announce the winner of the ticket draw from CAN2008 and recipient of £1000 of shooting kit and camera hire is....Matthew Barker of Leicester. Matthew will be putting the money toward producing one of the multitude of short film ideas he has. Production is likely to start in January and we look forward to helping Matthew produce his film and screen it to the world at large. Congratulations!!

An Apology

LineOut would like to apologise for the recent disruption to our website and forum. This was due to an admin mix up during our recent office move. These services are now up and running again and we anticipate no further problems.


It seems fitting to steal the Alan partridge classic to sum up this year's festival in headline form as I think we can safely say we've never seen a festival like this before.
Thursday saw an intimate crowd enjoy a collection of films made on the Max Q course over the last 10 years. Classic moments were relived such as Biggles first flight, the return of Zero and Fender, Simon Dore kicking arse in 'Fingertips', Santiago going crazy with the Mask of Dominion, soul searching from George McCluskey. Claudia reducing Leicester City's squad by one, Summer York's ace 'Light Up & Die' and the Jonas Harris classic 2007: A Lounge Epic "My God. It's full of beans." Great work one and all and a running order to salivate at, all who were there enjoyed it and salute you!! More Max Q films on the way and a bar screening in December.

If you stage it, they will come and they did as we started the festival with an audience well in excess of last years figures. Films in competition began with Marc Withers excellent comedy 'My Dad Made A Seagull' kicking off the festival in fine form. 'Professor Pebbles', a claymation film from Australia got a rousing response and was widely acclaimed by the attending audience. Barney and Lucy Heywood joined us to watch the beautiful Janis Joplin inspired 'Back in Ten' and at half time they also led the Audience Choice Award. After half time oranges the audience adopted the position and opened their peepers for the second half. 'E Finita La Commedia' a comedy by Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet featuring a father and son discussing the murder of their mother and wife received rapturous applause and the performance of Lee Attwood and Mick Dyer got 'Count' in front at the end of the evening with the Audience Choice Award. CAN is a film festival that has always tried to bring a diverse programme and this was no more evident than with the film 'Most - The Bridge' focusing on a massacre on a bridge during the Balkan conflict. The silence of the audience during the film and the applause it received after displayed both the quality and substance of the film.

As Happy Days states "Saturday! What a day!". Jon Schwab joined us with his son, who worked the floor like a professional pushing their feature debut 'The Hide', to watch his two productions 'The Applicant' and 'Out Of Nowhere'. The Gynaecologist had people cringing at the thought of the ending and laughing at the great dialogue. Seasoned campaigners joined us in the shape of Joel Henderson and Stuart Sharp with their latest film 'Abduction'. As the wind swept and the rain poured we continued into the second half in great anticipation of the films to come. The very funny 'Nightwalking' by Daniel Cormack snuck up on the inside rail and claimed the Audience Choice lead. This was followed by two stunning Leicester films 'A Vicinity Code' by Thomas Whitworth and 'Choice' by Richard Bailey both were greatly received and touted as potential award winners. Attack of the Robots from Nebula 5 stuck a note with everybody and became one of the most talked about films of the weekend. Then it happened. As the credits of 'Sudstadt' were rolling there was a sudden sensation of water all over our backs, we turned to see water gushing through into the projection booth. We ran to block the water unaware that water was also coming into the bar area. The elements it seems had got the better of the Phoenix gutters. As the situation cleared it became apparent that the rest of the screening would be called off and Sunday would also be in doubt. After evacuating the building we set about assessing the situation regarding Sunday, would it still be on? You know it, we ran over to the kind people at Firebug and asked for the use of their room. Fortunately for all concerned it was and the job of moving the festival had begun.

The day started early with the moving of the kit to the Firebug. It took most of the day but by 7pm we had the vision mixer, monitors, cameras, microphones, awards, screens and the room layout sorted. We were ready to go for CAN2008 @ Firebug. Conditions were a little cramped but everyone joined in with the 'never say die' attitude and pitched in making seats spare for others and offering up space so we could fit everyone in. 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' left the audience thinking while Michael P Sexton showed what's possible and what you will encounter if you decide to travel and experience the world in 'Barefoot'. The superb one shot, 12 minute French film 'For Real' wowed the crowd and we were in to the final section with 'Nightwalking' still leading the Audience Choice. Ryan Man's 'Supermarket Spirits' took us into the eery underworld of Leicester's supernatural forces at the Co-Op. The guys from 'How We Do' threw down 'Sexy Thing' for the masses but did they have enough to win Audience Choice and the whole festival was brought to an end with the fabulous playground western 'For A Few Marbles More'. I have to say that this was probably the most stressful festival we have staged but we got there in the end and it left us with the awards, so who won what and did 'Sexy Thing' catch 'Nightwalking'.....well yes it did beating it by one solitary decibel. Ladies and Gentlemen here are your CAN2008 Award Winners:

Best Sound: Richard Bailey (Choice)

Best Performance: Will Tristram (Hour After Hour)

Best Cinematography: Dylan Doyle (Lisa)

Best Animation: Simon Tofield (Cat-man-do)

Best Screenplay: Rob Gee & Steve Friendship (World's Worst Chat Up Line)

Best Editing: Thomas Whitworth (A Vicinity Code)

Best Direction: Haris Bilajbegovic (MOST - The Bridge)

Audience Choice: 'Sexy Thing'

Best in Festival: 'For Real' dir. Blandine Lenoir (Local Films)

Contribution to Filmmaking: David Lathrope


The judging process has been completed and the films have been selected. Firstly allow us to apologise for the delay in contacting all filmmakers and for announcing the line up but this year’s films have been incredibly difficult to judge due to the superb quality of all those who entered.
This year we received films from as far a field as Mozambique to Iraq to Canada and Japan as well the usual excellent crop of films from Leicester and the rest of the UK. We feel the selections this year fairly reflect the ethos of our festival ‘giving the filmmaking community of Leicester the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside the best in the world’.
We are also pleased to announce the Golden Monkey Awards have now been decided with winners coming from all over the world including Leicester. If you have not heard if you have won yet, don’t worry we are keeping them secret until the Award Ceremony.
This year’s festival will feature three evenings of films in competition on Friday 7 Nov, Saturday 8 Nov and Sunday 9 Nov climaxing in the Golden Monkey Awards on Sunday. This year will also feature a screening on Thursday 6 Nov featuring a retrospective of material created by filmmakers over the last 27 years of LineOut, this will include films, photos and scripts.
We will also be announcing the biggest film competition Leicester has seen…but if you want to take part you have to attend the festival or you will not be registered.
For more information on the festival please call 0116 262 1265 or email info@lineout.org 

The highly recommended films are being chosen now, here are the films in competition in running order:

Friday 7 November

My Dad Made A Seagull
Dir. Mark Withers
King Ponce

Dir. Sam Donovan
Tomorrow's Forecast
Dir. David Hewitt
Blood Actually
Dir. Paul Hardy
Petzold's Pfeifen (Petzold's Whistle)
Dir. Olaf Held (Germany)
Professor Pebbles

Dir. Pierce Davison (Australia)
Dir. Robin Whenary
Back In Ten
Dir. Barney and Lucy Heywood

Dir. Sebastian Natto/Denis Truembach/Bastian Casper (Ger)
My Darling Wife
Dir. Matt Loudon
E Finita La Commedia
Dir. Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet (Belgium)
Dir. Keith Allott
Dir. Adam Young
The World's Worst Chat Up Line
Dir. Steve Friendship
Dir. Alex Barrett
Most (The Bridge)
Dir. Haris Bilajbegovic (Austria)
The Problem With Pets
Dir. Catriona Craig

Saturday 8 November

The Applicant
Dir. John Schwab
Cry and Laugh
Dir. Robbert-Jan Vos (Holland)
L'Oro Rosso (The Red Gold)
Dir. Cesare Fragnelli (Italy)
The Gynaecologist
Dir. Alfonso Camarero (Spain)
The Silent Massacre
Dir. James Yan
Circus Noir
Dir. Abi McKenzie
Out of Nowhere
Dir. Gary Fannin
Who Want's Robert Santini's Guts?
Dir. Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet (Belgium)
Dir. Joel Henderson

Fitzmary 3
Dir. Daniel Cormack
A Vicinity Code
Dir. Thomas Whitworth
Dir. Richard Bailey
Attack of the Robots From Nebula 5
Dir. Chema Garcia Ibarra (Spain)
Dir. Malte Jehmlich / Nicolai Skopalik / Nils Voges (Ger)
Violeta, La Pescadora del Mar Negro
Dir. Marc Riba & Anna Solanas (Spain)
Dir. Simon Tofield
Dir. Mehul Desai
Dir. Lorenzo Recio (France)

Sunday 9 November

Dir. Huseyin Tabak (Austria)
Dir. Justin Olstein (Australia)
I Don't Feel Like Dancing
Dir. Joachim Dollhopf / Evi Goldbrunner (Germany)
Dir. Michael P Sexton (Mozambique)
A Man of Letters
Dir. Tom Turley
Hour After Hour
Dir. Mike Dawson
Dir. Anne Zinn-Justin (France)
For Real
Dir. Blandine Lenoir (France)

Dir. Rupert Bryan
Supermarket Spirits
Dir. Alan Harding / Dane Smith / Ryan Man
Dir. Zulman Zeki Supardi (Malaysia)
Dir. Trevor Hardy
Dir. Matt Soden
Sexy Thing
Dir. Rhys Davies
Dir. Piers Hill
Knock em Dead
Dir. Andrew Baxter
For A Few Marbles More
Dir. Jelmar Hufen (Holland)

Here it is....

Thanks to Phill Berry LineOut now has a forum. However in order to make it work we need YOU to start using it. So what are you waiting for get registered!


To celebrate all the filmmakers who have entered CAN: Leicester International Short Film Festival and to promote the upcoming festival taking place at the Phoenix from 6-9 November we are showcasing films never previously seen that have been submitted to CAN from all over the world.

visit or Screening room

CAN2008 Selection has begun!

Deadline here! Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions for Can2008. Thank you and good luck to all those who have submitted their films in on time, the judging process has begun, and hopefully in a few weeks, we will have the festival program ready for you.

The judging process will take approximately take 2-3 weeks, once completed, we will  contact you to let you know whether your film has been chosen to be  played in the competition, or 'highly recommended', in which case, your film could be shown in the theatre lobby.

Please keep on checking the website for updates regarding the progress, film selections, dates, running orders etc. etc.  As always, feel free contact us for any queries.

And again, GOOD LUCK!


The new deadline for all Can2008 short film entrants has been extended to August 14th, however we will allow an extra week after the 14th for anyone with extenuating circumstances, get in touch if you have any issues.

Don't forget, entries are FREE!

We've already received many great films from almost every corner of the globe, but we want more! Send us your entries and have it shown on a big screen, alongside filmmakers from all across the world. 

To enter your film, please download the submission form below, and please remember to read the terms and conditions. GOOD LUCK!





Last years event saw the submission of over 600 films from  over 40 different countries with a greater genre and stylistic diversity than ever before. This year the judging panel and audiences would like to see this excellence continue and develop.


With the development of the new Digital Media Centre in the city centre we would like what will probably be the last CAN Film Festival to be held at the Phoenix to go out on a crescendo. In order to do this we need you, the filmmakers of the world, to enter your films or take up your cameras and
produce the finest short films the world has ever seen.

Submissions close on August 14th 2008 so if you have made a film you would like to see on the big screen click on the submission form below. We will accept films of any genre, from any age, anywhere in the world but please make sure to thoroughly read the rules and regulations attached to the
submission form below. There are also links to previous year’s festival documentaries, award ceremonies and intro sequences.


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