Full Episodes : Season 5

  • Frame Toby - Producer's Cut Play

    Ep. 5091: Frame Toby - Producer's Cut

    Toby is back and Pam causes drama in the kitchen. Now with never-before-seen additional footage!

    Original Airdate: 11/25/08

    Available Until: 01/23/09

  • Moroccan Christmas Play

    Ep. 511: Moroccan Christmas

    The annual Christmas party gets derailed when Meredith sets herself on fire.

    Original Airdate: 12/12/08

    Available Until: 02/06/09

  • The Surplus Play

    Ep. 510: The Surplus

    A budget surplus divides the office on how to spend the windfall.

    Original Airdate: 12/05/08

    Available Until: 02/01/09

  • Frame Toby Play

    Ep. 509: Frame Toby

    Toby is back and not everybody is thrilled by it, especially Michael.

    Original Airdate: 11/20/08

    Available Until: 01/23/09

  • Business Trip Play

    Ep. 508: Business Trip

    Michael, Oscar, and Andy head to Canada for a business trip.

    Original Airdate: 11/13/08

    Available Until: 01/23/09

  • Customer Survey Play

    Ep. 507: Customer Survey

    Dwight and Jim team up to find out why their customer surveys were so bad.

    Original Airdate: 11/06/08

    Available Until: 01/16/09

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