Re-Up Gang - We Got It 4 Cheap Vol.3

Album Review by: Michael Ivey
Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Re-Up-GangPusha T nips in the bud inevitable criticism afforded he and his Re-Up Gang upon release of the foursomes’ third installment of ‘We Got It For Cheap’.

“I rhyme for me and my niggas on the corner!” -a loud response from Pusher to “tree-hugging-ass-bitches” who dig the gang’s carefully penned coke tales but frown on glorification of the hustlers’ ambition.

The Clipse, Sandman and Ab-Liva go in best over tracks like “Emotionless,” “Rainy Dayz,” and “Fuck You,” when a humbler reality sets in and their stories go beyond major shipments. Sandman levels the subtle keys and dark bass in “Emotionless” with a visceral chorus.

The gang’s most impressive beat-jack is “Good Morning;” it smartly keeps Kanye West’s chorus as Pusha T laments the stagnant state of hip hop penmanship and Sandman lays bare the real. “Pulling 400 months, some got forever/ trade everything you treasure for some nice weather/ a kiss from a whore, a trip to the store/ wake up young bauw!”

The gang’s “Roc Boys” remix is no “ah ha” moment-all four emcees go through the motions with precision.

“Scenario 2008” would be nice if the gang actually used the original “Scenario” track, but Ab-Liva sets the table right lyrically and Sandman follows up like a true homie’s supposed to.

“20K Money Making Brothers on The Corner” is a standout, stomping music fit for a victorious armies’ homecoming parade. But how can Malice say “I’m not apart of your coke-rap genre?” He bookends the line with “big chain around my neck like I’m fresh off the Amistad” and “we won’t stop till you give us free like Jena 6-” foolishness from such a high caliber writer.

The coke tales may all be true: the Paddy Cake Man and his Twin Pusher may indeed be stuck on the street grind. If so, there’s no wonder why The Clipse’s musical creativity seems stuck in 2002 (“Grindin”). ‘We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3’ is no spectacular mix; the Re-Up Gang avoids back and forth lyrical exchanges within verses. And, while there’s no shortage of nice cadences and hustlers’ broken language, the project as a whole is stale.

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I thing this is very fair the clips need to step it up we all know they can rhyme but there are just not handling it the way they should and those 2 new members or what ever are making it worse for them
Posted by sargon
I thought the mixtape was dope, but this was the only mixtape i have listened to from them.
Posted by Nat Turner
Are u crazy,this is the hottest mixtape so far in 08
Posted by Pockets
Clipse are bad az fuuuck
Posted by EMSsk8r
I defitnely have to say negative to this review....we got it for cheap vol. 3 is ill.......the choice of beats........the lyrics.....all of it good sh*t you buggin for this review
Posted by BeastTheSkitzo
I don't agree with the review, but i do understand what they are saying as far as them not growing as artists. We know they can spit, now it's like where are the new concepts and different scenarios and approaches? i mean its four members that make up the re-up gang, so where the use of eachother to bounce words off of like how jadakiss and styles do or cnn? i would like to see more versatility as well, but in any case i'm really diggin' the mixtape still, i just understand what the critics are trying to say.
Posted by KingJames313
I feel what king james said. Couldnt of said it better.
Posted by john
This mixtape hard is hell no lie F*ck what anybody eles say bout that
Posted by Reese
Yep yep
Posted by teddy riley
I have to disagree with this one homie. This is one of the hottest mixtape i've heard in a long time. You can listen from front to end. It's got the feeling of a tru album. How many mixtapes can do that? indeed they got it 4 cheap.
Posted by AkDmKs
I also have to disagree with the review. Ths is definately the mixtape of the year (so far). Also, the last 2 mixtapes only the clipse did well lyrically. But now ab-liva and sandman did excellent in the mixtape. Listen to sandman's verse on "re-up intro". He actually came out on top on that track. I wanna hear more from these guys!!
Posted by thebigbadgrim
Maybe some new deliveries or concepts...maybe i mean they are good at what they do but it just gets repetitive. I don't know. Call me a tree huggin ass n*gga i guess.
Posted by crazy88
Yeah, the clipse are the sh*t, but their marketing career is over. What up do king david (scb).
Posted by Kenny G 722
I was hoping 4 better. Maybe next time...not a bad effort though its tolerable
Posted by
This mixtape iz dope!..they nice on the mic..all 4 of them. And so what, the majority of there work speaks on yeyo here and there..thats what i wanna here from them..thats what i expect from them...they do it well...for instance..m.o.p. , they have been spittin that head banga, shoot cha sh*t since day 1. And why are they one of the illest?, cuz they do it well! i suggest u turn this up with the windows down ya heard!
Posted by AO Hamlin
This is one of favourite mixtapes of all time. Coke rap drama!
Posted by aGenius
Sandman is the only one that raps out of the coke box in the re-up gang...his hooks are crazy & his verse is always a visual! i wanna hear more from him as a soloist
Posted by MARK
Who ever wrote this must be buying coke from clipse and re-up because thats the hottest mix tape of the year. This guy need to stay off the dope the re-up is he best thing to happen in hip hop in a long time.
Posted by DonzAmin
It's good as far as mixtapes go, but it doesn't even compare to we got it 4 cheap vol. 2. Vol 2 had sicker beats and sicker rhymes. 3 sounds like it was mixed poorly, and i am not a fan of the new tone of pusha's voice. A solid mixtape, but get the 2nd one. It's better.
Posted by cory

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