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They're under fire, but the Detroit Three have slowly been planting the seeds for a turnaround. Here's a look at the strategies that could bring salvation.

Industry Outlook

Strategies for survival

They're under fire, but the Detroit Three have slowly been planting the seeds for a turnaround. Here's a look at the strategies that could bring salvation.

'The best feature is the seats; they fold down completely flat and they fold up and they do all these different configurations.' -- Simon Whitfield

My Car

A great Fit for the golden boy

Efficiency is the main trait this triathlete requires — in his performance as well as his car. "Somebody in North America needs to steal this design. And the price is great, too." -- Simon Whitfield


Canada a bright spot for Toyota — for now

Michael Vaughan speaks to Yoichi Tomihara, President of Toyota Canada, about opening the first new auto assembly plant in Canada in 20 years, and where he sees the industry going.

Auto Theft

Honda Civics the most stolen vehicles in Canada

Aging Neons, luxury Audis both make the top ten list, but Honda takes the top spot again in 2008


Sex and the showroom

Yes, female car buyers care about safety and fuel economy, but guess what — they also wanna have fun

Driving It Home

Jeremy Cato

$73 per hour? Not exactly

Jeremy Cato debunks the myth that all auto workers are overpaid


2009 Porsche Cayman

Pure driving magic

It might all cost extra, but you can no longer accuse Porsche of outdated interiors.


2009 Nissan 370Z

No longer a bucking bronco

The new Z-car is rigid without being punishing — a big improvement for cowboys who like a bit of comfort


Chrysler needs a little more magic like this

They were never the hottest vehicle on the road, but the way minivans boosted Chrysler's profits 25 years ago was very sexy.




Feature Cars 

THE HOCKEY MOM: A piece of home on wheels

The Hyundai Veracruz Limited is a friend to the vertically challenged

MAZDA CX-7: A lively crossover, but it's no sports car

Isn't describing a sport-ute as a GT kind of an oxymoron?

INFINITI G37: Handsome as ever and even livelier

The G37's VQ series V-6 engine gets 328 horsepower — part of a facelift and performance upgrade for '09

PONTIAC VIBE: Picking up good vibrations

Nice handling, torque and design makes the 2009 Vibe a good place to spend some time

MAZDA TRIBUTE GX: A thrifty choice

This compact SUV is all about practicality, and it's affordable, effortless to drive and features a decent amount of cargo space

LEXUS IS250 AWD: Nestled in luxury

The IS250's design is still conservative compared with German rivals

2010 AUDI S4: A reprieve from mindless commitment to muscle

With fewer cylinders, the Audi S4 is a brave move in a different direction for a luxury sports sedan

2010 MERCEDES-BENZ GLK: Merc has young buyers in its headlights

"We're trying to pull up fully loaded (Toyota) RAV4 and Highlander customers"


U.S. unveils $17.4-billion in emergency auto rescue package

White House expects GM, Chrysler to tap loans immediately • Loans give car makers three months to restructure • Limits on executive pay

Auto plan casts Chrysler's fate in doubt

Car maker not expected to survive a U.S. proposal to put Detroit Three into bankruptcy; may leave 'Canada on the outside looking in'

Canadian aid could reach more than $4-billion

Harper, McGuinty to announce package Saturday to help subsidiaries of Detroit Three

Bush's statement on auto bailout

Organized crime increasingly involved in car theft

Though the number of stolen vehicles has dropped since last year, the rate of recovery is also down

Bush considering 'orderly' auto bankruptcy

White House is very close to a decision, spokeswoman says

GM, Chrysler reopen talks on merger: report

Newspaper says new talks began after Cerberus Capital Management signalled its willingness to give away part of its ownership in Chrysler

Awaiting bailouts, Chrysler, Ford halt output

Chrysler to shut for a month; Ford extends closing

Auto Buzz: BMW unveils new Z4 with folding hard-top

Replacing both the Z4 Coupe and Roadster, the new Z4 will be the first two-seater Bimmer to sport a folding hard-top; Alfa Romeo 8C lands in U.S.; Fiat to tie up with French auto makers?; The habits of U.S. car thieves

Santa gets parking ticket while delivering toys

Santa Claus has added a New York City traffic agent to his naughty list after she gave him a ticket while delivering gifts to children.

Luxury Wheels 

FERRARI CALIFORNIA: A few Ferrari firsts

For $200,000, you can get iPod connectors and heated seats, but still no cup holders.

First Glance: New Porsche unveiled

The German auto maker spent over 1 billion euros developing their four-door grand touring sports car

Driving Green 

In Europe: Cheap, reliable, popular

Romania's auto industry offers a lesson for Detroit

Earlier discussion: Zenn electrical car founder Ian Clifford

Zenn and the art of electric car maintenance

The breakdown of his beloved 1959 French electric car led to Toronto auto maker's 'aha! moment' and a $5-million investment in a small U.S. battery company

YOU & YOUR CAR: Making big rigs run cleaner

QUESTION: Why are we are required to submit our personal vehicles for a smog check and all those big trucks are out there belching out copious amounts of obviously harmful black smoke and soot?

BEST NEW GREEN TECHNOLGY: In the running for the green ribbon

Canadian car journalists' choice of top new technology will be announced at Montreal Auto Show

Canadians still picking small cars

Toyota books 85 per cent September sales gain in its subcompact Yaris division; GM sales slide 7 per cent

Branding: Subaru looks to green for its identity

There are too many brands out there. I find it hard to tell the difference between a Subaru and a Saab or a Saturn and a Suzuki — and I'm supposed be paying attention to this stuff.


The heyday of Can-Am

Film captures the speed, power and personalities of the series

Car Enthusiast 

Dave Lawrence had only seen pictures of his 1972 Triumph Stag when he bought it six years ago, but wasn’t disappointed when it finally arrived at his Scarborough home.

TRIUMPH STAG: "They had quite a terrible reputation"

"In fact, in North America, they were a complete disaster," admits Stag enthusiast Dave Lawrence. But that didn't deter him from falling under the spell of the elegant Italian styling and luxury accoutrements of these upscale British grand touring cars.

A touch of Gallic muscle

The Citroën SM, introduced at the 1970 Geneva auto show, has unique features and a top speed of about 225 kilometres an hour

Tuned to a T

The quest for low-buck automotive performance began about 100 years ago, not long after the first 1908 Model T Fords became used cars. The Slee family takes a page from last century's T-racers and other early hot-rodders with their car, dubbed the "Slee Speedster"

Motorcycles, etc. 

SANTA'S HELPER: For the biker on your list

Want to get something special for the motorcycle enthusiast on your shopping list, but don't know where to start? Our bike expert is here to help!

Two shows for those already longing for spring

Newest touring bikes, vintage machines and scooters are all on display — plus you can watch Jason Britton pop a wheelie

SCOOTERS: Plug in, turn on, ride out

What the world's crowded, polluted streets need now is a seriously good electric scooter. Enter the Vectrix — an engineering marvel that is far kinder to cities, lungs and ears than a conventional scooter.

Winter storage: How to store your bike for the winter

Get both wheels off the ground so the tires won't flatten and there's no weight on them. Our expert Ted Laturnus suggests storing it in your house if there is no alternative.

Cars and Drivers 

Skid schools let you lose control - safely

One reader would like some advice on advanced driving courses, while another reader wants to know why his front tires always look softer than the back tires. Shouldn't they be inflated to a higher PSI to compensate?

Reader wants to buy Canadian-built models

Wondering exactly which vehicles are made here at home? This list might surprise you. Our auto expert also answers a question for a Land Rover owner who wants to know if he needs winter tires.

Santa's watching, so buckle up

Short jaunts and a merry atmosphere may mean people forget to use seat belts and child seats Ten deadly driver mistakes

This is the time of year when people tend to get behind the wheel after one drink too many, but inattention and fatigue are dangerous as well.

HOW IT WORKS: Third-generation airbag could save more lives

Honda has developed what could be called a third-generation airbag, one that extends the period of protection by approximately 50 per cent by opening sooner with less impact and staying deployed longer.

YOU & YOUR CAR: Choosing between winter tires or all-seasons

An elderly reader wants to know if he should buy winter tires or all-weather tires; another reader wants to know if his new car's dead battery is his fault; An answer to a reader's question about putting an expiry date on tires.

Buying Used 

2004 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: Cruising in one of the big boys

This premium mid-size came with a high trim level

2005 TOYOTA MATRIX: If it ain't broke, don't fix it

One of the best-selling vehicles in Canada, the Matrix is versatile and ergonomically sensible, with competitive fuel consumption

BUYING USED: A decent minivan

On paper, the Freestar was a decent minivan: roomy, powerful, comfortable and very user-friendly. But its refinement and fit and finish weren't up to the standards of many of its rivals — particularly those from Japan.

2003 MERCEDES SL500: Will this luxury sports coupe age well?

Redesigned for 2003, the SL500 had all the attributes of a sports car, yet was undeniably a luxury-mobile. It gets mixed reviews as a used-car choice

2005 MAZDA6 STATION WAGON: Best new station wagon in '05 still a good buy

The upscale Mazda6 handles like a sportster, carries like a wagon

2004 LAND ROVER FREELANDER: A compact sport-ute for the true off-roader

When Ford was in the driver's seat, the '04 Freelander got an interior makeover

More Reviews 

NISSAN MAXIMA: A good back-road ride

A legal speeds, of course, you'll find "whoominess" with the CVT. Try it, you might like it.

BMW 128i: Take the cash and still get the zip

The BMW 128i coupe gives almost as good as the 135i — for $7,800 less

SATURN AURA: Zoom past the gas station in comfort

Being a little more eco-friendly doesn't have to be a sacrifice

2009 MAZDA6: Good things come in 6

Mazda has kicked things up a notch in the fit-and-finish department

2010 MAZDA3: All grown up

A good, hot-selling car just got a little bit better

VW CITY GOLF: The fun factor

The City Golf has a high 'driveability' factor, even with the six-speed automatic, which has Tiptronic manual gear shifting

CHRYSLER ASPEN HYBRID: Two-mode hybrid doesn't sacrifice power

Brawny, super-sized SUV handles well but is a chore to park

FORD FLEX: A 21st century station wagon

A tidy package and arguably the nicest SUV/CUV design Ford has ever put forward

NISSAN MURANO: Solid crash-test performer

Tall wagon is clearly a leader in its class, but its price is a challenge for Nissan

TOYOTA VENZA: Toyota gets hip to what boomers want

Coming in January, this is a crossover that feels like a sedan

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