Cake Mania

Poor Jill. Her grandparents lost the bakery and now it's up to her to save the family business.

Luckily for her, baking cakes on the DS is addictive for those of us who are "epicuriously" challenged. Cake Mania is the popular computer game that made a jump to the DS.

What is it?

The premise is simple, bake cakes, add frosting, occasionally decorate them, and serve them up fast. Occasionally, you have to prioritize customers who are divas, like the Easter bunny or a spring bride. You get four lives and you lose a life when you don't make enough money for the day. Customers storm off when not promptly served, but you can serve cupcakes to buy some time.

  • Addictive and fun gameplay.
  • It's incredibly easy to pick up and learn.
  • Makes good use of the DS touchscreen functionality.
  • Gameplay is monotonous and repetitive.
  • The DS screen's small size makes it difficult to make out some of the details on the screen.
  • You can play the game, or a million others like it, for free online, so it's hard to justify the price.

FINAL VERDICT: Cake Mania is one of those great timewasters that's fun to pick up and play in short bursts, but it's certainly didn't keep my attention for long. The gameplay is fun but quickly gets tiresome. It's also somewhat frustrating because the DS screen is a bit cramped and the stylus controls sometimes resulted in careless errors. This one might be good for the casual gamer but hardcore types should definitely look elsewhere.

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