Resident Evil 4 - Weapons of Mass Destruction Guide

Resident Evil 4 is packed with awesome weapons, but only certain tools can get the job done.

Resident Evil 4 is packed with awesome weapons, but only certain tools can get the job done. Here are six of the 12 top firearms in the game -- for the the remaining six, check out the November '05 issue of GamePro magazine - ON THE NEWSSTAND NOW!

RATINGS: Here's a ratings guide for the top weapons in the game.

= Average
= Good
= Excellent
= Beyond Excellent

A 9mm handgun with superior handling, the Blacktail is a decent weapon that serves its purpose until you graduate to something more powerful.

A very powerful .45 magnum revolverthis will make anyone's day. Only drawback is magnum ammo is in short supply, and re-loading takes some time.

A fully automatic machine-pistol that fires custom 9mm's. If you're surrounded by enemies equip this baby and clear a path to safety! An optional stock can be attached that absorbs and spreads out 80 percent of the recoil forces for increased shooting stability and comfort.

P.R.L. 412
The P.R.L. (Plagas Removal Laser) eradicates parasites from a hosts body. Shots can be charged in order to cover a wide range.

The ultimate rocket launcherfire away! This item can be purchased from the Merchant after you finish the game once, and then start a new game using the saved data.

Equipped with the advantages of wide-shot, it enables faster firing than the standard shotgun; however, re-loading can be a time-consuming process.

Where do you find these fine weapons? From the Merchant! Not only does he sell weapons and items, but he can also upgrade them...for a price. You can almost always spot a Merchant--just look for the blue flame pillars he usually stands near. One caveat--don't shoot the Merchant; if you do, he'll be gone from the location where he was killed for good.

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