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Island of Rejected Toys
Recalled Children's Christmas Gifts

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Labelled the worst toys of the holiday season, these toys have been banned for good reason. But despite the serious injury and or death associated with owning these toys, most of them will make your kids laugh or cry.

Horny Horny Hippos
Don't want a herd of hippos having a huge orgy on your living room floor? Then don't be a dumbass and bring home this stupid horny hippo game. Anyone who owns this game should probably have their carpet professionally cleaned several times per week.

Mr. Crackhead
Mr. Potato Head's lesser-known cousin, this little spud is hopelessly addicted to crack & coke. He can be quite useful around the house, doing various chores to earn money for his next fix. If he gives you any lip, cut him up and toss him in the deep fryer. His crispy remains will net you $200-$500 on the street.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder G.I.Joe
A real American Hero with haunting and permanent psychological scars of war. If you buy this shell-shocked action figure for your boys, they sure as hell won't running off to Iraq, Iran, or any of the "Stan" countries to catch bullets for the establishment.

Happy Hour Barbie
It's hard to tell your daughter that her doll is a dirty little skank... "Happy Hour Barbie" spends her alimony payments on skimpy outfits and booze. This party girl practically lives at the nightclub, and is known to wake up in bed with guys she doesn't even remember meeting. It's even rumored that this pint-sized princess has more toxins and chemicals in her body than Lindsay Lohan.

Homicidal Ken Doll
After a lengthy divorce battle that saw 90% of his life savings awarded to his ex-wife Barbie, Ken is homeless, cold & hungry with an appetite for revenge. That spoiled bitch is gonna pay...

(Homicidal Ken comes with binoculars, empty wallet and sniper rifle)

Defective Fire Truck

Child slaves in sweatshops don't have much experience with electrical wiring... As a result, this toy fire engine is prone to short-circuiting.

Little Sammy will never forget the Christmas when his little red firetruck bursts into flames. As the frenzy of blasting horns & sirens deafens your entire neighborhood, little Sammy gets to see real fire trucks up close as his house burns down.

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