Chris is Awesome (Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap)

"You know what they call me on the streets? They call me the mack daddy of the cravate. And that's for real. That's for real. Word up."
- Chris Hero to Robbie Mireno.

Name: Chris Hero



225 pounds

December 24th

Finishing Moves:

- Elbow Variations (Rolling, Loaded, Pass)
- Mafia Kick
- Hero's Welcome (inverted swinging facebreaker)
- Hero's Welcome Championship Edition (arm and head grip, twisting Michinoku Driver)
- Super-Hero's Welcome (jumping variation)
- Hammerlock Hero's Welcome
- Hangman's Clutch (step over toehold w/ inverted cravate facelock)
- Arm Capture Hangman's Clutch
- Standing Hangman's Clutch
- Rolling Elbow (numerous variations)
- Rivera Cloverleaf
- Rubix Cube
- Top Rope Double Stomp
- Standing Tuck Moonsault

Various Trainers:

- Les Thatcher - HWA Main Event Wrestling Camp, May to November '99
- Dory Funk, Jr. - Funkin Conservatories, Dec '99 and Feb '00
- Ian Rotten - July '00 to present
- Tracy Smothers - off and on from '01 to present
- "Squire" Dave Taylor, Dave "Fit" Finlay and William Regal - Bluebloods
Wrestling Camp, October '02
- "Skayde" Jorge Rivera - Toryumon Mexico Lucha Libre Clinics, July and September '03, July '04, February, May, June, August, September and October '05, February and March '06


- "Blue Chipper" Chris Kole
- "Double C" Claudio Castagnoli
- Ares of Swiss Money Holding
- Marc Roudin of Swiss Money Holding
- The "Tremendous" Emil Sitoci
- Adam Polak of the High Class Catch Club
- Bryce Remsburg, CHIKARA Senior Official
- Trik Davis
- "The King of Diamonds" Eddie Kingston
- Hallowicked
- Team F.I.S.T.: Icarus & Akuma
- "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney
- Jigsaw
- Hydra
- Vin Gerard
- Fire Ant
- Soldier Ant
- Worker Ant
- Drew Gulak
- Orange Cassidy
- Tim Donst
- Ophidian
- Amasis
- Lince Dorado
- Marty Fabz

Inactive Students:
- Aero
- Cuefa the Flyin' Hawaiian
- Black Jack Marciano
- Vries Kastelein of the High Class Catch Club
- Ravage

Professional Debut:

UCW - Unified Championship Wrestling
September 12, 1998 in Xenia, Ohio lost to "HeartThrob" Halsey

Entrance Music:

- ROH - Holding Out for a Hero/Requiem For a Dream mix by DJ Wayne
- wXw, IWA Mid South, PWG - "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
- Pro-Wrestling NOAH - "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top

- older themes -
"It's a Bird, It's a Plane" by Ralph Cardall
"Dead & Bloated" by Stone Temple Pilots
"We Are The Champions" by Queen
"My Hero" by Foo Fighers
"Smack My Bitch Up" by Prodigy
"Blind" by Korn
"Nobody's Real" by Powerman 5000
"Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down
"Certain Shade of Green" by Incubus
"Double Dutch Bus" by Frankie Smith
"Every Day I Love You Less & Less" by the Kaiser Chiefs
"Don't You Want Me" by Human League

Primary Influences:

- Dean Malenko
- Toshiaki Kawada
- Johnny Saint
- Tracy Smothers

Titles Held:

PWG World Champion (current)
- won from Human Tornado on July 6, 2008

ROH Tag Team Champion w/ Claudio Castagnoli (Kings of Wrestling)
- won from Austin Aries & Roderick Strong on September 16, 2006; lost to Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal on November 25, 2006

ROH Undisputed Intergender Heavyweight Tag Team Champion of the World w/ Sara Del Rey (Sweet & Sour Inc.) (current)
- awarded titles in January 2008

IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion (4 times)
- won from the Rugby Thug on October 21, 2001; lost to CM Punk on December 5th, 2001
- won from Colt Cabana on July 12th, 2002; lost to M Dogg 20 on October 5th, 2002
- won from CM Punk on February 7th, 2003; lost to Mark Wolf on June 7th, 2003
- beat Danny Daniels on July 12th, 03(title held up); lost to Danny Daniels on August 2nd, 2003

CZW Iron Man Champion
- won from Jimmy Rave on May 1st, 2004; lost to B-Boy on December 11, 2004

CZW Tag Team Champion w/ Claudio Castagnoli (Kings of Wrestling) (2 times)
- won from the Necro Butcher & Mr. Insanity on September 10, 2005; lost to Eddie Kingston and Joker on February 11, 2006
- won in a tournament final versus Justice Pain & Human Tornado on October 14, 2006; lost to BLK OUT on November 11, 2006

CZW World Champion
- won from Ruckus on May 13, 2006; lost to Eddie Kingston on September 9, 2006

CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas w/ Claudio Castagnoli (Kings of Wrestling)
- won in the finals of the Tag World Grand Prix versus Milano Collection AT & Skayde on February 26, 2006; lost to Team F.I.S.T (Icarus & Akuma) on September

IWA East-Coast Heavyweight Champion
- beat Mike Quackenbush on April 5th, 2005 to become the first champion; lost to Jerry Lynn on November 15, 2006

wXw Heavyweight Champion (Germany)
- won from Martin Nolte on March 1st, 2003; lost to Alex Shelley on November 8th, 2003

wXw Tag Team Championship w/ Marc Roudin (Swiss Money Heroes) (Germany)
- won from Team Ablas (Steve Douglas & Absolute Andy) on November 24, 2007; lost to Team Ablas (Steve Douglas & Absolute Andy) on June 22, 2008

GPW Heavyweight Champion (England)
- beat JC Thunder on March 6th, 2004 (title held up); to present

CCW Heavyweight Champion (3 times)
- won from Bart Sawyer on July 31st, 2003; lost to Lonestar on September 18th, 2003
- beat Tracy Smothers on April 22nd, 2004 (tournament final); lost to Tracy Smothers on May 6th, 2004
- won from Tracy Smothers on May 19th, 2004; lost to BJ Whitmer on from June 2nd, 2004

CCW Tag Team Title
- won from Damage Inc. (w/ John Caesar) February 5th, 2003; lost to Damage Inc. on Feb 19th, 2003

VCW Triple Threat Title (2 times)

VCW Tag Team Titles w/ Porno the Clown (2 times)

ACW Heavyweight Title,
- beat Suicide Kid & Adam Pearce on November 17th, 2000 (tournament final); Promotion folded

NSWA Heavyweight Title
- beat Amish Roadkill on September 30th, 2001 (title held up); Promotion folded

XICW Heavyweight Title,
- beat Frankie the Face and "Mr Insanity" Toby Klein on July 13th, 2003; lost to Truth Martini on September 14th, 2003

UCW Television Title


IWA Mid South:
Ted Petty Invitational (formerly known as the Sweet Science 16) - '00 *winner*, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07
Strong Style Tournament - '03, '05 *winner*

Race to the Top - '07
Survival of the Fittest - '07 *winner*

Best of the Best - '05
Ironman Title Tournament - '03
Xtreme Strong Style Tournament - '04
Tag Team Tournament - '06

Tag World Grand Prix Tournament - '03, '05, '06 *winner*
Young Lions Cup - '04
Torneo Cibernetico - '05, '06

Battle of Los Angeles - '06, '07
DDT4 Tag Title Tournament - '06

Heavyweight Title Tournament - '03, '04
Lightweight Title Tournament - '03

Jeff Peterson Cup - '04, '07 *winner*

IWC Super Indy Tournament - '02

IWW Clash of the Nations - '00

GWA Title Tournament - '03

ACW Title Tournament - '00

wXw 16 Carat Gold - '07 *winner*, '08

ROH Race to the Top - '07

PWA Queensland Rise of the Warriors - '07, '08

King of Europe Cup - '07

Current Promotions:

ACW/IWA Texas - Anarchy Championship Wrestling, San Antonio, TX
HWA - Heartland Wrestling Association, Cincinnati, OH
IWA Mid South - Independent Wrestling Association, IN
JAPW - Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Rahway, NJ
Kaiju Big Battel - Boston, MA
OVW - Ohio Valley Wrestling, Louisville, KY
Pro-Wrestling NOAH -  Tokyo, Japan
PWA Queensland - Brisbane, Australia
PWG - Professional Wrestling Guerrilla, Hollywood, CA
ROH - Ring of Honor, Philadelphia, PA
Velocity Pro - Philadelphia, PA
wXw - Westside eXtreme Wrestling, Essen, Germany

Other Promotions Worked For:

1PW - England
3PW - Pro-Pain Professional Wrestling, Philadelphia, PA
AAW - All American Wrestling, Berwyn, IL
ACW - Alternative Championship Wrestling, Inkster, MI
AIW - Absolute Intense Wrestling, Cleveland, OH
APW - All Pro Wrestling - San Francisco, CA
ASW - All Star Wrestling Promotions, England
AULL - Alianza Unidos de Lucha Libre, Mexico
AWA - American Wrestling Association, North Vernon, IN
Ballpark Brawl - Rochester, NY
BJW - Big Japan Wrestling, Japan
BBW - Bad to the Bone Wrestling, Kentucky
BCW - British Championship Wrestling, Scotland
BTW - Big Time Wrestling, Michigan
CAPW - Cleveland All Pro Wrestling, Cleveland, OH
CCW - Circle City Wrestling, Indianapolis, IN
CCW - Coliseum Championship Wrestling, Evansville, IN
CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
CWA - Crossroads Wrestling Association, Indianapolis, IN
CWE - Championship Wrestling Experience, Youngstown, OH
CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation, Monesson, PA
CWN - Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland, Germany
CZW - Combat Zone Wrestling, Philadelphia, PA
DCW - Dutch Championship Wrestling, Rotterdam, Netherlands
DCW - Delaware/Dynamite Championship Wrestling, DE
EPW - Elite Pro Wrestling, Oak Forest, IL
Enigma Pro - Bloomington, IN
EWA - European Wrestling Association, Austria
FCW - Freestyle Championship Wrestling, Netherlands
FCW - Future Championship Wrestling, England
FIST Wrestling - Futurestars In Superstar Training, Peoria, IL
FTW - Full Throttle Wrestling - Elkmont, AL
FSW - Future Shock Wrestling, England
Funkin Conservatory - December 1999, Ocala, FL
Funkin Conservatory - February 2000, Ocala, FL
FWA - Frontier Wrestling Alliance, England
FWA Academy - England
GBW - Ground Breaking Wrestling, Hanover, PA
GSW - German Stampede Wrestling, Germany
GPW - Garage Professional Wrestling, England
GWA - German Wrestling Alliance, Germany
HCW - Hard Core Wrestling, Cleveland, OH
ICW - Impact Championship Wrestling, Saint Louis, MO
ICW - Insane Championship Wrestling, Milwaukee, WI
ICW - Interstate Championship Wrestling, Indianapolis, IN
ICW - Italian Championship Wrestling, Milan, Italy
ICWA - International Catch Wrestling Alliance, France
IPW - Insanity Pro Wrestling, Indianapolis, IN
IPW: UK - International Pro Wrestling, Orpington, England
ISPW - Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling, New Jersey
IWA - Insane Wrestling Alliance, Indianapolis, IN
IWA - International Wrestling Alliance, Columbus, OH
IWA East Coast - Independent Wrestling Association, Dunbar, WV
IWA No Limits - Independent Wrestling Association No Limits, Muscatine, IA
IWA Switzerland - Independent Wrestling Association, Switzerland
IWC - International Wrestling Cartel, Pittsburgh, PA
IWF - Independent Wrestling Federation, Corydon, IN
IWF - Insane Wrestling Federation, Dearborn, MI
IWI - Intense Wrestling Inc., Cincinnati, OH
IWR - Independent Wrestling Revolution, Michigan
IWS - International Wrestling Syndicate, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
IWW - Independent Wrestling World, Hannover, Germany
IZW - Impact Zone Wrestling, Phoenix, AZ
JCW - Juggalo Championsh*t Wrestling
LSWO - Lake Shore Wrestling Organization, Climax, MI
MAPW - Mad Asylum Professional Wrestling, Milwaukee, WI
MAW - Mid American Wrestling, Milwaukee, WI
MBA - Maven Bentley Association, Philadelphia, PA
MCW - Mega Championship Wrestling, Cleveland, OH
MLW - Major League Wrestling, Orlando, FL
MMWA - Mid Michigan Wrestling Association
MEP - Main Event Promotions, Ohio
MPW - Midwest Professional Wrestling, Maple Grove, MN
MWF - Midwest Wrestling Federation, Toledo, OH
MXW - Albany, NY
NAW - New Age Wrestling, Indiana
NBW - New Blood Wrestling, Netherlands & Belgium
NCW - Nebraska Championship Wrestling, North Platte, NE
NEW - New Era Wrestling, Cincinnati, OH
Nightmare Wrestling - Sydney, Australia
NJPW-USA - New Japan Pro Wrestling USA, Los Angeles, CA
NEXT - Philadelphia, PA
NLW - No Limits Wrestling, Madrid, Spain
NWA - NWA 51st Anniversary, Charlotte, NC
NWA East/PWX - Pro Wrestling Xpress, Pittsburgh, PA
NWA Florida - National Wrestling Alliance Florida, St. Petersburg, FL
NWA NL - National Wrestling Alliance No Limits, Rock Island, IL
NWA TNA - National Wrestling Alliance Total Nonstop Action, Nashville, TN
NWA Upstate - Rochester, NY
NWA WV/OH - National Wrestling Alliance, Ohio, West Virginia
NWL - National Wrestling League, Hagerstown, MD
OCWA - Ohio Championship Wrestling Association
Premier Promotions - England
Pro-Wrestling SEM - Tokyo, Japan
PWE - Professional Wrestling Elite, Boonton, NJ
PWL - Pittsburgh Wrestling League, Pittsburgh, PA
PWF - Premier Wrestling Federation, Pottstown, PA
PWX - Pro Wrestling Xplosion, Philadelphia, PA
PXW - Professional Xcitement Wrestling, Allentown, PA
Rok'Um Sok'Um Hardcore and Midget Wrestling
RCW - Ron's Championship Wrestling, Knoxville, TN
SCW - Scott County Wrestling, Davenport, Iowa
STF - Stars of the Future, Philadelphia, PA
SWA - Showtime Wrerstling Alliance, Newcastle, Australia
SWF - Superstar Wrestling Federation,  Lucasville, OH
SWF - Swiss Wrestling Federation, Zurich, Switzerland
Toryumon Mexico - Mexico City, Mexico
TCW - TopRank Championship Wrestling, Cynthiana, KY
TLW - Twin Lakes Wrestling, Big Clifty, KY
TNT Pro Wrestling - VA
TTW - Totally Tool Wrestling, Round Lake, IL
UCW - Unified Championship Wrestling, Dayton, OH
UCW - , South Bend, IN
UPWA - Universal Professional Wrestling Association, Dayton, OH
URW - Ultimate Ring Wars, Somerset, MA
USA Championship Wrestling, Nashville, TN
UWA Hardcore - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
UWC - United Wrestling Coalition, New Jersey
VCW - Violent Championship Wrestling, Piqua, OH
WAPW - World All-Pro Wrestling - Wisconsin
WCWO - Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws, Indianapolis, IN
WLW - World Legion Wrestling, Pittsburgh, PA
WSW - Wild Side Wrestling, Frankfort, KY
WVWA - West Virginia Wrestling Association
WXW - World X-Treme Wrestling, Hazleton, PA
WZW - Wrestle Zone Wrestling, Scotland
XCW Mid West - New Albany, IN
XICW - Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling, Warren, MI
XPW - Xtreme Professional Wrestling


- 93+ minute singles match versus CM Punk, February 2003
- 20+ separate tours of Europe
- Three tours of Japan (Big Japan in '04, NOAH in '07, '08)
- Won the 2000 IWA MS Sweet Science Sixteen Tournament (now known as the TPI)
- Won the 2005 IWA MS Strong Style Tournament
- Won the 2007 wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament
- Won the 2007 Jeff Peterson Cup
- Won the 2007 ROH Survival of the Fittest
- 61 minute singles match versus CM Punk, June 2004
- 60 minute singles match, time limit draw versus CM Punk, December 2002
- 60 minute singles match versus Cash Flo, November 2001
- 60 minute Ironman match versus CM Punk, February 2004
- 59 minute singles match versus CM Punk, November 2004
- Wrestled 152 matches during 2003
- Wrestled 156 matches during 2004
- Wrestled 112 matches during 2005
- Wrestled 118 matches during 2006
- Wrestled in 30 different states (AL, AZ, CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NV, NJ, NC, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN, TX, VA, VT, WV, WI)
- Wrestled in 15 different countries (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, United States)
- Only wrestler to compete in all 8 IWA Mid South Sweet Science 16/Ted Petty Invitational Tournaments (2000-2007); record of 13 wins and 7 losses
- One of two wrestlers, along with Tank, to compete in IWA Mid South's TPI, Strong Style Tourney , and King of the Deathmatches ('01)
- Along w/ Claudio Castagnoli, as the Kings of Wrestling, held the ROH, CZW and CHIKARA tag titles simultaneously
- Internationally televised matches for Combat Zone Wrestling, IWA Mid South, Major League Wrestling, NWA Total Nonstop Action, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH
- Featured on worldwide home video release, Insane Clown Posse's JCW Vol. 2
- Featured card #22 on the 2004 Pacific NWA TNA Trading Card set
- Ranked in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's top 500 Wrestlers - 2003: #358, 2004: #340, 2006: #127, 2007: #49