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Ruminations of the Contrary Investor

Thoughtful, contrary comments in a survey of current economic events and trends in business, finance and public thinking. As herd passions are whipped up to fever pitch, there is a harvest time ahead for contrary thinkers. Public impulse and contagion are often wrong, and one profits from a look beneath the surface. A thought-provoking letter with a human and essentially fundamental approach, Ruminations of the Contrary Investor has been published continuously since 1962.

Ponders the stock market, passing on brain work in the field of investment and speculation. Lists specific securities with contrary speculative possibilities "most likely to succeed." Concentrates on value versus fashion, discovering unusual situations with superior profit potential. Investigates market areas away from the "mob-minded" investor. Market success based on contrary values. $125 for 12 issues; available in hard copy or pdf format.

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Browning Newsletter

Evelyn Browning Garriss, a working associate of her father Dr. Iben Browning, is also a climatologist with an academic background in quantitative history. Evelyn follows her father's forecasting methods saying that earth's climate has entered a period of sharp changes. The larger issue is that man is significantly influenced by the climate in which he lives. The continuing Browning calculations show climate to dramatically change social and economic patterns. Extensive studies of physical data and phenomena make for intriguing reading. Emphasis is on climate, behavior, commodities, along with original papers and historical perspectives. The Browning Newsletter has been published since 1976. Excellent background material for serious investors. $250 (per year) for either print or email or $270 (per year) for both. Available in hard copy or pdf format.

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