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Written by Kait Silva   
Tuesday, 25 November 2008

cassidyfreeman.jpgIn the beginning of the year, Cassidy Freeman was set to star in a new medical drama called Austin Golden Hour … until it fell through. However, it was because of this sudden change of plans that Freeman got a gig portraying bad businesswoman Tess “Mercy” Mercer on the CW’s hit series Smallville.

“I am having a great time at this time in my life.  The best thing so far has been getting to work,” she said. “Honestly, as an actress you never know what is going to be next and this is guaranteed to be like something new every week."

Freeman’s character Tess is the cutthroat CEO of LuthorCorp, the high-powered corporation that is slowly corrupting Metropolis. And even though her character has plotted murders and poisoned friends, Freeman insists that she is not destined to be evil like her boss, Lex Luthor.

“My character is a bit ambiguous,” she said. “I find sometimes it is hard to tell if she is good or bad.  I think she is a little aghast about being left behind but I don’t think she is totally evil.”

“I do think there will always be a seed of redemption in her,” Freeman continued. “I think a lot has happened in her life to force her to deal with pain and mistrust and I think it is up to the person on how long they hold the grudge and how far they take it.”

Though Tess’ potential intrigues Freeman, she is more interested in the mind of the former big boss of Smallville.

“My favorite character is Lionel Luthor. I am not sure why,” she said. “Watching John Glover is just incredible and I love all the twists and turns his character has taken. I like that he is this sort of father figure, this older energy that is built in so well with the story.”

Perhaps Freeman’s lack of a bias toward her own character just shows how much the series genuinely interests her. She’s been a fan of Clark Kent’s adventures since long before she was on the show.

“I have watched the older Superman movies, but I would not say I was a fan because now I know what being a fan means.” But she does have one element of being a fan down—she pays attention to all of the action going on in the Smallville universe.

“I absolutely watch the show,” Freeman confirmed.” I like that the series mixes Sci-Fi and fantasy and drama and makes it very accessible to people who may at heart not like just one genre over another. I like that anyone can watch the show and enjoy it and it doesn’t cut anybody out of the circle.”

And when a fandom spans long enough that nobody is cut out, it makes for a pretty hefty fan base.

“Young kids watch it because they are into Superman, the next generation up watches it … then you even have the middle-aged to older generation who watch it because it seems Superman is a story from mythology that everyone loves,” Freeman explained.

According to her, there are some particularly juicy episodes featuring Tess Mercer in season eight. “I am not in every single episode so they kind of come and go but there is a really great episode with Luthor and Me that I am pretty excited about.  I ask him to do some things for me and it does not turn out too well.”

She claims to being a chatterbox in between takes, so Freeman has formed a tight knit working family with the other cast members on set.

“It is a lot like being in a family of people who are really cool to be around. Back in New York when you are doing a movie you get to be around a small group of people for a short period, but in something like this it is fun and you can build relationships into friendships.”

So is the cast ready to take their television family to the big screen for a Smallville movie spectacular that will draw in Superman fans?

“As far as the series evolving along the lines of the movies I think it depends on how long it is out there,” Freeman guessed. “The original creators, whom I never met, wanted to show something different. Something that was before what people had already seen in the movies. Now I think with the fans having seen seven years of the story, they want to see the transition.”

When she’s not busy portraying her cunning television counterpart, Cassidy Freeman is enjoying her time out and about in the location where Smallville is filmed.

“I try to take advantage of Vancouver with the mountains and nature, which I don’t always get when I am in Los Angeles,” she said. “It is colder here than LA is, but I grew up in Chicago so I am pretty used to cold weather. These guys are throwing on their down jackets when it gets down to 55 degrees and I am like ‘Oh, come on guys! You wimps.’”

She doesn’t have any other job lined up at the moment, so she’ll just enjoy her life, her work, and the parallels between the two.

“My real brother in life is named Clark so there are many jokes about that.”

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snowballsweets  - Awesome!   |2008-11-30 00:59:19
What an awesome interview! She's a great actress.
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