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Today is Dec. 23, 2008 02:29 AM (GMT +0300) Moscow
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Sep. 03, 2008
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Flight Delays Continue Nationwide
The AiRUnion alliance of airlines continues to experience problems. About 1500 people were stranded without flights yesterday around Russia, including in Moscow. In spite of government promises to support AiRUnion, the crisis is spreading to other airlines and experts do not expect falling aviation fuel prices to remedy the situation. They note that the crisis has exposed the government’s poor management in the industry.
Ten Krasair flights did not take off yesterday because of shortages of fuel. In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, about 200 passengers have been stranded in the airport for several days now. In Nizhny Novgorod, 164 people have been waiting for a flight to Norilsk for five days. Three Domodedovo Airlines flights and two Samara Airlines flights were delays for 24 hours at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow and Krasair’s only flight to Vnukovo Airport in Moscow was also delayed a day.

AiRUnion is made up of the state-owned Krasair and Domodedovo Airlines and Samara, Sibaviatrans and Omskavia Airlines, which are owned by Krasnoyarsk businessman Boris Abramovich. Its press service yesterday blamed the delays on delays in aircraft arriving from other regions. It acknowledged that further delays are possible. Sources say that the intervention of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin from Tashkent saved the alliance from complete closure. He first provided the alliance with fuel from the state reserve on August 25.

The Khabarovsk-based state-owned Dalavia Airlines informed the airport in Tomsk yesterday that it was cancelling several flights and two of its flights to Sochi will be delayed by three days. The company blamed “uncontrollable price increases for aviation fuel” for the changes. Sky Express, owned by Boris Abramovich and his brother Alexander, announced the cancellation of three flights from Vnukovo Airport. The company said that the cancellations were due to scheduled maintenance of one aircraft. Passengers on those cancelled flights were found places with other airlines.

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