Sunday, July 09, 2006


It's finally complete. A month or so ago I asked for readers of this blog to suggest tracks for a compilation called C06 or CDR 2006 as a few of you wags have suggested! A big thanks to all those who made suggestions or entered the artwork contest. I have been making my way through the nominations and some had to be left out due to quality of the available mp3 or that they are no longer available. Where this was the case I substituted another track by the same artist. Well its been compiled, the tracks have been tagged & mp3 gained and the artwork competition was won by Ulla (who still needs to contact me for her goodies).

There are some great tracks here from bands I have not heard before. These include tracks by Cowboy X, Bubblegum Lemonade, Michael Knight and Goof. I was also torn between what tracks to suggest so maybe we should start compiling volume two!!!

The track listing is:

01 - The Love Letter Band - This World Is Not My Home
02 - Mon Fio - Alexis
03 - Apple Orchard - A Hiding Smile
04 - Celestial - Dream On
05 - Santa Dog - Rosa
06 - Umlaut - Lea Green
07 - A Place To Bury Strangers - Dont Think Lover
08 - Chuzzlewit - Verga
09 - Loveninjas - Keep Your Love
10 - Rocket Punch - Pink Cashmere
11 - Shrugged - Tattooed Heart
12 - Crumb - Follow Me Home
13 - Pelle Carlberg - Clever Girls
14 - Compute - Every Chance
15 - Bib - I Wanna Be A Better
16 - Bobby Baby - Lucky Moments
17 - Goof - Dancing Shoes
18 - Sarandon - Meet Warren
19 - Bubblegum Lemonade - Tyler
20 - Michael Knight - Waves To The Shore
21 - The Sweethearts - Into The Woods
22 - The Factory Owners - Elephants Mean Death
23 - Cowboy X - Gabbi
24 - Math And Physics Club - Movie Ending Romance

All tracks were made freely available by the artists when this compilation was put together.

Let me know what you think in the comments or via e-mail.

Download from here.

EDIT: People have mentioned that the CD Covers have printed too small. Sorry about that and creativity is not my strong point. I have enclosed the original image so you can make up your own covers. Note that Mono Fio (track two) should read Mon Fio!


lostmusic said...

Downloading this now. Looking forward to it! Bring on Volume 2. This is a great way to get new music heard. :-)

ourpeboritp!o!p! said...

Great stuff!
any chance you can re-post the artwork covers...I tried printing it but it's a bit wee small...not too sure how to adjust it to the correct size!

crayola said...

compilation looks good.
unfortunately i've never been able to download anything through the service you use.
can you please send me a copy by yousendit or somesuch?

wearesarandon at


Tom said...

The image used for the artwork is also in the zip file so you can make your own covers that way. I used CD Edit to make the covers - I see if I can find a word template or something!

rustycat said...

Looks promising, THX.


go vote

crayola said...

thought this might interest new blog:


fernando said...

thanks for the effort! I'm listening to it and it's pretty good, love the mon fio track, kinda orange juice-y

hhbtmike said...

please send a copy over to me via yousendit

hhbtmike (at)

thanks mike

Jon Mon Fio said...

Hello, glad you dig our song 'Alexis'. Have a look and listen at to more songs, including the hot-off-the-dat-tape 'Invisible Ink' and 'The Tonga'. These 2 make up 2 thirds of our forthcoming TRIPLE A-SIDE SINGLE, out sometime next week on 3-inch cd, and 'Invisible Ink' is available for free download, but not forever...

Cheers, keep up the good work.

:: said...

Yes! I'll admit, this is WAY better than I thought it was going to be. I'm a great jangle pop (&c.) fan, but have never been fully convinced by the 'founding document,' and I wasn't sure whether it needed a follow-up. There are some wonerful songs on C86, and some good songs by great bands, but how many times have I ever wanted to hear Stump's track again? Or the Shrubs'? I understand why. C86 wasn't a founding document at all; parts of it were. I can hardly imagine anyone liking the whole thing.

C06, though! I think there are going to be plenty of people out there who think this is better than C86. (Of course, many, if not most, people hate C86, point out the fact that they've never listened to it, & let us know that Primal Scream was the only good thing to come from that waste of a bit of tape.) Standouts are tracks by Santa Dog, Chuzzlewit, Loveninjas, Bib, Goof, Michael Knight, & Cowboy X. 'Dream On' by Celestial (a nod to Heavenly, we must suppose) could be a lost track by Harvey Williams or Robert Wratten.

A genuinely rewarding comp.

Louise said...

Are you going to do a c07, or am I going to have to wait another 20 years? I really enjoyed c06 and would love to hear a c07!

Matty said...

i enjoyed the rest of the compilation - good work. btw if your interested we have a video up here thanks, matt (formerly of umlaut)