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This year, the Lanctôt children – Sébastien, Stéphanie and Caroline – chatted with a call-centre Santa.

Ho ho hold the phone

Parents fed up with the lineups, photo fees and lacklustre experience of the mall are opting for other ways to hook their kids up with the man in red, Zosia Bielski reports

Guys: Save it for the game

A new study of college-aged women finds they look for prestige, not chest beating, when they are considering prospective long-term partners

4 (or more) Christmases

Do we go to your mom and partner's place, my dad and partner's place, my mom and partner's place or your dad and partner's place?

Love guru

Alec Greven's treatise on the battle of the sexes is being published in 17 countries and turned into a movie. He's nine years old

Sorry, kids, Santa's tightening his belt

As the economy tumbles, some parents are grappling with how to break the news that Saint Nick may be less generous this year. Sarah Boesveld reports

Fatherhood we need

Barack Obama is inspiring change on the home front, where fathers' groups are holding him up as the ideal when talking about how to be an engaged dad

Happiness is contagious

Forget six degrees of separation. How about three degrees of happiness?

Maternal Love

Monster-in-law or just misunderstood?

One of the oldest and longest-running battles – the tug of war between woman and mother-in-law

Group Therapy

Claudia Dey

My sister thinks I don't get it because I'm not a Christian

I just want to take my niece to the ballet but her church's youth group activities are shutting me out

Damage Control

Set aside petty differences

David Eddie

Your pal's fighting cancer and missed your wedding. Don't sulk – get over it

Sarah Hampson

Not a Brady Bunch Christmas

The issue of traditions is one of the most common conundrums facing parents who are divorced and single, or in a blended family situation with a new partner

Family Feud

How do I keep the peace this Christmas?

My mother and my mother-in-law hate each other and they're both coming to Christmas dinner. Help!


Don't give your horrible teen a lump of coal

Anthony E. Wolf

Your kid may have been naughtier than nice this year, but cutting off his gift supply sends the wrong message



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So, uh, mom ... we need to chat

With sexually transmitted infections on the rise among Canada's 50-plus population, many adult children are bringing their parents up to speed on the latest in sex ed

Dad, beware the 'casserole widows'

Bob Morris, the author of Assisted Loving: True Tales of Double Dating with My Dad, talks about giving his 80-year-old father dating advice

Coolest job on the block

As testers for the Canadian Toy Testing Council, these kids have the best gig known to child-kind

Parenting: The truth about single moms

Kids are not losing out, says new research into time mothers spend with their children

Family Feud: My parents constantly criticize my wayward sister

Ok, so her boyfriend may be unemployed and sometimes she doesn't pay her rent. But she's happy. Isn't that enough?

Facing forward and freaked out

Babies who face their caregiver in their strollers fall asleep more often, laugh more and have lower heart rates, says study

Bye-bye mush. So long, strained carrots

A growing number of parents are giving up on spoon feeding and letting the kids set the pace when it comes to introducing solids

Sunday sermon: Doing it daily is divine

Pastor Ed Young wants to help married couples improve their relationships. His solution: Make love – and do it daily

Mistress fund

Say goodbye to the private jet, honey

Hannah Montana schools Curious George

You may be surprised by which shows pass with flying colours and which flunk the educational test. Tralee Pearce reports

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