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Laid off and tongue-tied

Talk of fresh layoffs and shaky employment situations will inevitably slip into conversations this holiday week

Holiday Survival Guide

Merry Christmas, you're working

Young people, singles and employees without kids often feel an expectation to remain glued to their desk once the holidays roll around

Lessons from Iggy

If you want a promotion, be like Mike

Take some cues from the corporate-friendly tricks he used to march from the convention floor to the steps of Stornoway

The Intelligent Shopper: Secret Santa Gifts Under $20

A few gift ideas for the characters who keep your workplace humming through the holiday season

Work Culture

The Office

Craig Silverman

Times are tough. I'm taking this stapler

Work couture

Interview? Ditch the navy suit

Amy Verner

Employers want to see both professionalism and individuality

Get Suitable contest

The big reveal: Jennifer Moore

The big reveal: Jennifer Moore

When you've got it, why not flaunt it? A streamlined silhouette and strategic dashes of colour inject youth and vigour into this financial planner's look



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Survivor's syndrome

When co-workers are laid off and you're spared the axe, you can't help feeling guilty and relieved at the same time. Sarah Boesveld reports

Not Famous: The Poppy Man

Retired army captain Arthur Hughes is stationed at the corner of Robson and Hornby streets in downtown Vancouver collecting donations for poppies 10 hours a day, seven days a week

You have to be lucky to be good

Malcolm Gladwell argues that success is less innate ability than birth date and luck

Licensed to bend the rules

Like James Bond, office superstars often get special treatment from the boss – enough to make co-workers want to chuck a shoe-bomb

Don't bring a secret Santa gift – or your spouse

Scrounging to save cash since the market meltdown, companies are rethinking their holiday party plans

Workplace charity drives prepare for lean times

Global financial crisis forces Canadian charities to rethink how much they'll be able to raise this fall

Don't carry a cloth lunch bag to work? Tsk, tsk

New brand of sanctimonious shaming simmers below surface of modern workplace – eco-bullying

Boardroom faceoff

Will taking cues from politicians turn you into an office superstar? Before you invoke passion or shed a tear to win a workplace argument, there are a few tricks to figuring out what makes your audience tick

Get Suitable contest: The big reveal: Daryl Ross

Pinstripe suits and Italian shoes won't cut it in Canmore, Alta. Amy Verner shows our male Get Suitable winner how a few style basics will have him looking chic in his own backyard

Recruiting: Do personality tests work?

Psychologists from the University of Toronto develop a personality test that can predict who will excel in certain areas, even when respondents try to fake their answers

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