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If you have a site and need a free Website counter for Web site tracking, or you need to track your search engine promotion and other marketing efforts, Stats Sheet can accommodate you. We offer an all-in-one Website hit counter service and Website traffic stats tool hosted on our Web server for monitoring all your Web site's traffic stats. Best of all, it's completely FREE. Simply insert a few lines of counter code into your Web site design, and you'll be able to display a visible Web page counter, or you can even have it be an invisible hit counter. In a matter of minutes you will have a comprehensive Web counter service at your disposal to track all your Web site's traffic and see how your search engine promotion efforts are working for you. Monitor your Website stats in real time with this ultimate free Website counter, visitor tracking, and Website statistics tool.

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Quality Web stats are a Webmaster's best friend. Web site counters are useful for telling you the amount people that have visited your site, but having complete details on each visit can greatly enhance your online marketing.  Most free counters are just graphical counters with a number telling you the amount of visits your site has had or the number of times your Web pages have loaded.  StatsSheet provides much more than a normal Web page counter by giving you detailed information on every visit to your Web site. Our Web page counters provide information on Web site visitors, visitor countries, search terms used to find your site, and more. Sign up today for your free Web page counter and Website visitor statistics!

StatsSheet offers visible Web counters or invisible Web counters with features like Visitor Paths, which allows you to see when a person visited your site and the different pages they went to on their visit.  It even shows how long they spent on each page.  Visitor tracking data like this is priceless when it comes to making decisions about your layout and the effectiveness of your Web design and Web site promotions.  There are many Web stats services on the Internet, including the very basic hit counters offered with many Web hosting plans. Choosing the right Web counter is hard, but once you have used Stats Sheet, you will find that the data we provide you is extremely helpful to your Web site marketing research.

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Other important features of our free Website counters include country data, ISP/IP data, browsers, referring URLs, InLive visitors(people currently on your site) and search engine data including keywords, search engine referrals, and much more.  This data is crucial to any company's Web site promotion campaign.  It is also fun even for those who have personal Web sites and would like to know who is visiting their site. If you would like to learn more about our free Web counter, please check out our feature tour, which will give you more information on the different Web statistics that are provided through the Stats Sheet online service.

"I've tried other free Website counters, and Stats Sheet is by far the easiest Web page counter to use. Your site statistics give me a lot of information about my Web site traffic, and I like the fact that I can have either visible or invisible counters. Nice work!"Five Star Rating for StatsSheet Free Website Counter

Steven Zaragoza, Milwaukee, WI

Website Articles   In addition to our standard hit counter service, StatsSheet now offers Website articles in twenty five (25) different categories on a wide range of topics. These articles are provided as a resource to our ever-expanding community of hit counter users and to general site visitors. We have articles in the following categories:


Website Tools   StatsSheet also offers a selection of free Website tools including free search engine submission, banner tools, free guest books, free message boards, and online poll tools. Sign up today, and you can access these tools with your StatsSheet account. It's easy!

Register Today for Your Free Hit Counter   With Stats Sheet you get the information you need about your Web site traffic statistics at your finger tips. It takes about 30 seconds to sign up for your Web site hit counter. After signing up, just choose what type of Web counter you would like (visible counter or invisible counter), and then copy and paste the hit counter code into your Web site's pages. Then upload the pages to your server, and Stats Sheet will automatically start counting your Web page hits and site traffic stats. Why not get started today? Sign up for your free Website counter now!

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