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@nitweet *evilgrin* que sera sera, eh?
@nitweet but still, is that something that "Gets better?" or is it a permanent disability? Workspace wise, that is
@nitweet and is that something the "heals up"?
@nitweet how do you call in gay?
@nitweet you know.. everyone assumes that local TV is out of the loop.. too bad DISH doesn't get it.
Finally in my new office.. .preparing to do preliminary work for upgrading helpdesk software.
Good Morning World.
going to brunch
Good morning world !
good night world !
finally getting the hang of cryptic mogul phone
@studionashvegas Am I an employee if I'm held under a contract that 1) doesn't allow me to break it.. 2) doesn't pay me ANYTHING
anyone know of a twitter app for a HTC Mogul?
new cell w/web need twitter app for mtc
@UCBearcats Thanks for the follow.. hope I'm "relevant"
@magnumchaos so next we take it to the law.


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