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The 15 Greatest Flight Of The Conchords Songs Ever

manofest.com — Flight of the Conchords are the musical pimps of our generation, lyrically making love to the women of the world song after song. They're a sexually charged combination of the Bosom Buddies meets Hall & Oates and their pens are truly mightier then their swords. More… (Music)


Alexandra Burke becomes fastest-selling female solo artist

telegraph.co.uk — Alexandra Burke's recording of the Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah has set a new record by becoming the fastest-selling single by a female solo artist. The X Factor winner claimed the Christmas number one spot with her version of the song, selling 576,000 CDs and downloads.More… (Music)


The Worst, Strangest, Funniest Band Names of 2008

avclub.com — At any given moment, our editors are besieged by information on bands, most of whom we've never heard of. Sifting through all that info, we inevitably encounter questionable band names. Actually, you could argue any moniker is questionable, but we keep an ongoing list of the worst and funniest ones we see.More… (Music)


Keith Richards Reveals His Favorite Rolling Stones Songs

guitarworld.com — Richards talks about his favorite Stones songs. He gives us the inside scoop on his guitar riffs in them, as well as the stories and influences behind them. More… (Music)


Can I resell my MP3s?: the post-sale life of digital goods

arstechnica.com — What's the legal status of all that digital media the young people spend so much money on at iTunes and Amazon? Do they own it? Can they sell it? What about those Steam games? Can you resell that unopened copy of AutoCAD even though the EULA forbids it? Welcome to the murky "post-sale" world in the digital age. More… (Music)


Eminem Speaks Out on Comeback: Happier, but Still Very Angry

esquire.com — After a long hiatus, the rapper talks about coming to terms with anger, fatherhood, being single, being white... and his pink boxers.More… (Music)


Axl Rose Addresses GNR Turmoil in Open Letter to Fans

mtv.com — Reclusive singer has mixed it up with fans online several times in recent days.More… (Music)


Music Piracy in the Past is Even Worse Than Today

newstatesman.com — Throughout history, musicians and composers have battled rampant piracy, unscrupulous publishers and dubious employment practices. The problems of today's recording industry pale in comparisonMore… (Music)


Challenges remain for Amazon digital music service

reuters.com — After its first full year selling tracks from all four major labels, Amazon's digital music store has become the second-largest a la carte service, according to industry estimates. But it's a very distant second...More… (Music)


70-year-old Man Shoots 5 at Hip Hop Concert

abc.net.au — A Senegalese man in his 70s opened fire on a rap group, injuring four of them, during a live show because he thought they were making fun of him in their song titled "Angry Old Man."More… (Music)


A Voice in the Ear Proclaims Change

nytimes.com — WHAT do the New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre and the Tristan-singing tenor Peter Seiffert have in common? They both rely on electronic signals to get cues from coaches on the sidelines.More… (Music)


Music stars' digital strategies still in flux

reuters.com — It's been more than five years since Apple's iTunes store changed music retail by introducing single-track digital downloads. But it wasn't until 2008 that most musicians and labels started to wonder out loud...More… (Music)


Sir Paul McCartney: 'I politicised the Beatles'

telegraph.co.uk — In an interview, Sir Paul said that he persuaded Lennon to oppose the war in Vietnam. He claimed the group's politicisation began after he met the philosopher Bertrand Russell in London in the mid-1960s. But Sir Paul's critics see his comments as a further attempt to revise the history of the Beatles, casting himself in a better light. More… (Music)


12 Of The Most Offensive Christmas Tunes watch!

VIDEOkontraband.com — (Music) made popular 8 days ago

How The Illuminati Influenced Beethoven

slate.com — In 1779, a composer, writer, teacher, and dreamer named Christian Neefe arrived in Bonn, Germany, to work for the Electoral Court. Neefe (pronounced nay-fuh) was the definition of what Germans call a Schw√§rmer, a person swarming with rapturous enthusiasms.More… (Music)

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