Born in MAY 1928.  
Graduated from the "Military Academy" on the 2nd of Feb. 1949.  
Joined the "Air Academy" on the 2nd of Feb, 1949 and graduated as a pilot officer on the 13th of March 1950.  
President Mubarak served in the Air Force formations and units since graduation.  
Worked in Fighter Squadrons "SpeedFire" for two years then he became an instructor in the " Air Academy " till Jan. 1959.  
From Feb. 1959/ June 1961, he was sent in a mission to the Soviet 
union (USSR) to take qualified studies on LU-28/TU-16 aircraft 
The following years of his service, he was appointed as Squadron Leader.  
Air-Wing, Air Base Commander of different Formations.  
In Oct. 1966 President Mubarak held the position of the "West-Cairo Air - Base" commander, followed by "Bany Swaif Air 
Base" commander, then on- the seventh of November 1967 became the "Air Academy" commander.  
Three years later he held the position of "Air Marshal" and "Deputy Minister of Defense".  
For his distinguished contributions in the October War, he was granted the "Air Chief Marshal" rank in 1973.  
In 1975, he held the position of Vice President of the Republic.  
In October 1981,he became the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt  
President Mubarak received several medals and merits during his service.  
Throughout the years he served in a variety of command positions 
prior to assuming command of "Air Force Staff Commander" in the year 1969.  
" Honor Star Medal " twice. 
" Military Training " medal. 
" Military Honor Medal " Knight Rank from the President of Syria. 
" Honor Star Medal " from the PLO.  
" Decoration of King Abdul Aziz-Excellent Degree " from King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saoud.  
Hamayon Merit from Emperor Mohamed Reda Bahlawy.  
President Mubarak is married and has two sons, he likes to read and play squash frequently. 

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