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The Xbox 360's new Dashboard will be a worldwide launch, so no need to worry about it not reaching the UK. Altho...MORE

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Posted on: Nov 09, 2007

Call of Duty 4

WORDS BY: Ryan McCaffrey


We don’t want to spoil all of the amazing moments you’ll experience during the campaign, but we’re compelled to share a few more highlights. Other notable spots include blowing up cars in urban shootouts; taking out enemy tanks with the high-arching Javelin missile launcher; saving teammates as they wrestle with enemies; being mauled by dogs; running through smoke grenades and planting C4 explosives on moving tanks; leveling buildings and squads of baddies from above in an AC-130 gunship (see image at right); peppering people with high-caliber explosive rounds from an attack helicopter’s gunner seat; and even a major catastrophe that’s bound to shock you as much as the end of the opening credits. And that’s to say nothing of the game’s end run, which mixes against-the-clock pressure, a high-speed car chase, a gratifying “screw you” payback, and a truly emotional moment with an ally before the final credits roll — after which you’d best not put down the controller.

But we must give specific praise to “All Ghillied Up,” the final level of the second act. Armed with a silenced sniper rifle and decked out in a Ghillie suit (you’re basically a walking bush), you (in a flashback sequence as a young Captain Price) must make your way alongside Captain MacMillan to a distant building to try to snipe the game’s antagonist, Imran Zakhaev. Following your C.O., you can sneak by or silently shoot patrolling foes, all while avoiding detection. An Achievement awaits those who can make it through unnoticed, which requires you and MacMillan to snipe two chatty tangos simultaneously before the tensest moment in the game: having to lie still in a grassy field while a platoon of bad guys walking side-by-side — including a couple of tanks — stroll by just inches away from you. It’s not only a stellar stealth mission for a Call of Duty game and easily the best level in Modern Warfare; it’s also one of the finest stealth levels in any game we’ve ever played.

All told, the variety throughout Modern Warfare’s campaign brings the series back down to earth a bit. The ubiquitous chaos of the two previous iterations had grown a bit too comical and over-the-top. In Call of Duty 4, however, the wildly different flavors in pacing — and the fact that when characters die, you actually care — lend a welcome newfound narrative gravity to the franchise. The campaign is completely worthy of a 10 on its own, in fact; but it’s the multiplayer mode that solidifies the game’s instant-classic status and is one of the most compelling reasons you’ll be wired into Live for a long time to come.


Quality, quantity, and depth are the three primary and dominant reasons why Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode stands toe-to-toe with anything else on the 360 — including Halo 3. The core gameplay is, as fans of Call of Duty 2 would expect, top-notch. Weapons are balanced, grenades are useful but not overpowered, and lag is nonexistent. But Call of Duty 4 takes a series-changing leap in the peripherals. Party system à la Halo? Check. An onslaught of quality game modes, including standard deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Domination, one-on-one duel, a one-shot/one-kill hardcore mode, a higher-jumping/weapons-via-pickup-only old-school mode, and old favorite Headquarters? Check. Matchmaking playlists? Check. Plenty of fun maps to game on? Try 16 of them out of the box! Four-player split-screen? Yep. How about RPG-like perks that give your character latent bonuses like the ability to reload faster, absorb more damage, or detect claymore mines through walls? Why, yes! Underpinning it all, however, is Modern Warfare’s fantastic online leveling system. Everything you do on the battlefield — get kills, make assists, complete objectives, and so on — earns you experience points that lead to new ranks. And earning promotions nets you rewards that are both instant (temporary radar, call in air strikes and choppers) and perpetually tangible (new weapons, attachments, matchmaking playlists, and create-a-class). You’re not simply unlocking just-for-show armor permutations à la Halo 3. You max out at level 55, but the goodies come well before and even after that point. At level 4 you unlock the aforementioned ability to create your own class. Choose your primary and secondary weapons, grenade type, and three of the aforementioned perks. You’ll have five slots to work with, plus the ability to give custom names to each. Believe it or not, that’s still not all. A wealth of challenges also await you — even at level 55. Complete tasks such as knifing five enemies or killing a near-dead foe with the melee damage of a grenade hitting them, and you’ll earn new weapon attachments such as laser sights and silencers.


Simply put, Call of Duty 4 does everything right and nearly nothing wrong. But where it elevates itself above even the best 360 shooters is how all of the good stuff is ludicrously good. The campaign never lets up, while multiplayer is a triple-A affair in itself. Infinity Ward’s enthusiasm for being freed of World War II shines through in every moment of gameplay, and this swing for the fences has belted Call of Duty 4 way out of the park.

On Xbox 360
  • Awesome moments on literally every mission.
  • Great multiplayer quality, quantity, and depth.
  • A few frustratingly tough areas.
  • What's the story behind the epilogue level?

overall good game but multiplayer is a bit hard you die way too fast

This game is pretty sweet, way better than halo 3; both online and in single player. although I would like to see some co-op in the next game.

One of the best games ever made!
Great job Infinity Ward!

i love this game:)


The maps are getting boring. Why can't they make more? The game would never lose appeal if more maps were introduced....plus xbox would make lots more money

great online and offline.To bad the next game isn't a sequel.

craziest game ever online is sick

and when you beat the game wait around for the credits to finish you'll be glad u did. Make sure you're ready for action. Epilogue!

Awesome online multiplayer that's very much addictive and a must play experience.

To me personally C0D4 is 1 of da best games ever created for any system.Da single player campaign is supurb.I vote myself 4 da best graphics created and the multiplayer does not get borin,u just have 2 know how 2 use those guns and stop complainin.Storyline multiplayer both get a 10 cant wait for World At War.

It's a fantastic game, but the M-16 is way over powered and the party system is faulty, Not to mention you can't bring your custom classes to system link or split screen games and the annoying tendency for the winning team to always spawn next to the objective in Headquarters. Easily a 10/10, but not perfect and certainly not the second coming it's made out to be.

after months of non stop cod 4 online, i downloaded the bad company demo, after 30 minutes online i said screw this and popped cod 4 bak in haha.

I have never liked call of duty that much, I have played all 4, and the only one that seemed some what fun was Call of Duty 3. otherwise, I think they are pretty boreing.

call of duty 4 is the best FPS out there. it has good single player with a awesome sleath mission and multiplayer that BF: bad company cant compete 10/10. BUY IT NOW!!! WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?

cod4 has to be the best game out on market. its got the best single player and the best online play! it gets a 10 out of 10 in my book. but i don`t understand why now they decide to go back to WW11 after modern warfare?stupid if you ask me. and will there ever be another modern warfare game too stand up to COD4?

Disregard...now I understand UAV.

Lately I'm finding it difficult to put any other disc in the game tray but COD4. I play this game day and night. But now I'm completely frustrated by the fact I cannot initiate an Airstike after 3 kills. Either my D pad has given up (this is likely not the case because I have initiated it after 5 kills), or I just don't understand the instruction. Little help, please! Point me to a good tip source 4 the game. Thanks a mil!

This is the best game on the market.

i hated it

jk i loved it

the game of the decade

this is a perfct example of game of the year


ITs a great game and totally worth every 10 and GOTY award, but its missing one thing halo has on it; co op but still phenomenal game and the best multiplayer on 360

I dind't like this game at all the story was boring and not being able to play co op also the online play was mostly repetitve and a bit boring i really prefer rainbow six vegas games and halo 3 to this i would give this game a 4 out of 10

Easily the BEST game ever made so far in the world. with out a doubt the graphics and gameplay online are unimaginable. great stuff! xx

This game was very fun on campaign and Xbox Live was very good at first. But, in my opinion, after going into prestige it got extremely repetitive and boring so i quit playing it...I personally do not see any point in playing a game nonstop to get a little golden cross next to your name

Gamertag- H34DsHoT ftw

When they make call of duty 5, they need a few things, such as more than one person can play online on one console. They also need to take the time and get the shooting down, the messd up shots sometimes =can make you so mad!!!!!

this is the best game right now, no game will beat this one its has everything a game needs to have

despite my small issues, its prolly the best military shooter ever. i wish they had multiplayer campaign, and selectable rate of fire, but no big deal. i love military shooters, but its still not as good as bioshock. and yeh, whoever thinks they kill zakaev in the sniper mission isnt paying attention. why do u think hes missing an arm in the present time?

yo Mike you only shoot off his arm

I like that to but they only give us 30 sec's to finish mile high club on vetren

Good game. love the multiplayer. I just hate the fact that it seems damn near impossible to get passareas on veteran mode. I like the way they set up the acheivments because they all have to do with the Campaign and none of them are set up where you can only get them if you only have xbox live. i have xbox live but i rented Turok a while ago and it pissed me off because like 80% of their acheivments you had to have xbox live to get. Its unfair to those who dont have xbox live. So i love this game.

The best campain. The best multiplayer. The best game ever. Did I miss anything?

Good campain its better than Halo 3's campain. But Halo 3 has the best online.

i have to agree with every one but i have only one negative about the game when playing at home with my brothers the game will lag and almost freeze completely. this game otherwise is topnotch.

It deserves a 10,but BioShock is a far better game. Also,CoD4's MP is getting kind of old...

easily the best game ever made

i agree 100% all the way and only found acouple minor issues

Deserves every game of the year award!
I wish it had some multiplayer achievements, but other than that, great story, gameplay, graphics, sound, and the list goes.
This is a MUST own game.

It is hard to believe that COD4 did not win game of the year. This is one of the best shooters of all time.

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Gamertag: TheBlackFin

Dude...come on. Pay attention to the story. You DON'T kill Inram...you blow his arm off. That was the whole point of the flashback mission, man.
Don't use the spoon. Seriously.

Wow, this game is one of the greatest this decade. except for a few minor story problems(you just killed Inram 15 years ago and now he's selling nuclear weapons to terrorists,Whaaaa?). Gameplay is spectacular and so is the multiplayer. my review for this game, 97 out of 100

cod 4 leaves the rest of the series in the dust. the only complaint i have is not being able to mute other players in multiplayer. most of the time it's just a bunch of shit talk or annoying noises. why wouldn't there be an option to mute other teams like in halo? I've heard about the "patch" and you can individually mute players you find annoying, but while you do that you're a sitting duck once the game starts. This is also quite tedious. An upgrade should be made for this aspect, otherwise this game completely rules first person shooting.

i hate the way you cant play 2 player xbox live on the same console why would they do that

COD4 Rules Halo 3 even if Campaign isn't with a friend or not.If you played the game and saw the nice graphics?Wow it blows away every game i know.I have played COD4 when i got the game so far i have been playing the game about 25 days and 6 hours or so.What i notice about the game is once halo 3 came out for about few weeks most of the guys i know jump from Halo 3 to COD 4 now the amount of people playing COD4 is now about 2 million for both systems PS3 and xbox 360 which is very extreme.One thing i like about COD4 at first is that you will be ranking up faster.I believe that COD4 should always be game of the year.This game i will be playing everyday.i'll give it a 125% ratings.I would like to see CoD5 have Co op multiplayer for at least 6 players and maybe 50 player multiplayer maps.Now that would be awesome.And Huge Worlds!!!

This game is grate and smart your team actually does some thing.

At first I rented this game and I got pretty far in the campaign so I decided to buy it, then I beat the game, and I played online and it was amazing, I have played it for a very long time, and plus with prestige it is like starting over and you keep on going and going, and it is amazing!10 stars since that is what it got! amazing!!!

This is the best game I have ever played. I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I opened the shiny limited-edition package and played my first deathmatch game, I knew that I had found a truly awesome FPS. In my opinion, it beats halo 3, gears of war, COD2, COD3, Bioshock, all of them! I just love the modern warfare theme, and it has an overall feeling of uber-coolness.

this is the best game i have ever played. the campain is amazing you go from shooting taliban ass going in some kick ass aroeplane using a gernade launcher from a heli and so much more. the online multiplayer is so awsome!!! you can send in helicopter, air strikes customise all your weapons and prestige mode(restart your progress). thers only two kinda bad things about multiplayer one is like halo 3 i like how you could play with 2 people on your xbox online or at least play with two people online in a private match. Amazing game activision and infinity ward

Besides Grand Theft Auto, this has to be the BEST!!!!!! game i have ever played and owend I own it on XBOX 360 And i also have it for my PLAYSTATION 3. Its just got to be the best game yet and for a long time to come

ive played cod4 the campaian is AMAZING but the xbox live multiplayer is laking the nonstop playability that games like Halo 3 and Rock band have. But it is an amazing game and you should definetly try it if you can.

If you haven't bought this game yet then you need to get off your computer now and go get it. The game is by far one of the best games for 07' maybe even 08'. Not only is the campaign mode kick ass, but the online is fun too. You rank up and get better guns along the way. And if you want to go through the ranking system again to show how kick ass you really are YOU CAN!!!! It's call prestige mode and the symbols for the ranks are diffrent from the fist go around. So everyone knows that you are a bad ass. At times the levels can be very hard and if you are not patient like me you might have some broken controllers, but the game is fun and worth the price.

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